Taame Iti

  1. No one can tell you that you are not important. TedEx Auckland
  2. We are not going away.  TedEx Auckland
  3. Mana of the people is equal to any authority. TedEx Auckland
  4. History has woven us together. We are the basket, the kete that holds the future.  TedEx Auckland
  5. Your mana comes from knowing who you are. Where you come from and your connection to your land.  TedEx Auckland
  6. Don’t be afraid to challenge someone trying to assert authority over you. Just because someone has authority does not mean they have more mana. TedEx Auckland
  7. Today we should remember that history CAN be repeated. Fear and ignorance is the opressor. Vigilance is the liberator. Know your destiny. October 15 2017 Twitter.

    IT is better to make new mistakes than it is to make old mistakes. Spetmeber 25 2017