Te Rangikaiwhiria Kemara

Te Rangi Kaiwhiria Kemara

  1. Maybe we are antimatter and the universe only looks like its expanding because time is running in reverse.
  2. For those Maori now living in cars as homes, facts are clear, Treaty was an instrument of colonial acquisition & oppression not partnership. (Twitter)
  3. Te Taitokerau, Waikato/Maniapoto, Tuhoe et al were nations acting in self-defence against a naked aggressor who committed war upon us. (Twitter)
  4. The Crown called it a civil rebellion because the tide had turned & international law no longer supported imperial conquest. (Twitter)
  5. Some say that the TOW made Maori British subjects? Revisionism. No Maori who fought the Crown were hung for treason. (Twitter)
  6. It was inevitable that Maori would be & are subjected by the Crown to an unjust war – never ended & oppression/dispossession never sleeps. (Twitter)
  7. The Crown knew what they were doing. Treaty wasn’t for Maori, it was a document against every other would be coloniser. (Twitter)
  8. There was no conquest of Maori, no revolution, no legitimate seizure of power from us either, Maori were just murdered in resistance. (Twitter)
  9. Now that the Waitangi Tribunal has ruled that Maori did not cede sovereignty to the Crown, does the Parliament have the mandate of Maori? (Twitter)
  10. The clear remedy to be recommended to the Crown by the Tribunal is the re-invoking of the pre-emption clause in the Tiriti. (Twitter)
  11. In the Whare Wananga o Te Miringa Te Kakara, the technology of Maui was taught. (Twitter)
  12. Whakapapa is the means of storage of knowledge, Maori book of scientific discoveries is the stories passed in whare wananga, about Maui. (Twitter)
  13. Our Maori ancestor Maui was our first scientist. (Twitter)
  14. If Maori was a real official language, it’d be mandatory in schools at the very least. (Twitter)
  15. You cannot police the poverty out of a town. (Twitter)
  16. How many countries left in the world where the colonisers language is only mandatory language taught in schools? (Twitter)
  17. Think what you will about Hone Harawira, but I recall seeing him a number of times during Urewera trial out front of court flying the flag. (Twitter)
  18. Burial sites are internationally recognised proof of ongoing occupation. Systematic destruction is a feature of colonisation. (Twitter)
  19. In order for us to use Tino Rangatiratanga in this modern time it must become a dynamic term to describe our desire to determine our own futures but bringing with it many important tenets of our ancestors.
  20. One of the greatest acts of Tino Rangatiratanga anyone can do is to not perpetuate the oppression of the coloniser on to their children and also on to others. And that includes indoctrination.
  21. Let’s not forget that while people want swimmable drinkable water, streams and rivers have been the home of the tuna for 80 million years.
  22. Not voting is often a political action. If one views the govt as usurper of hapu rangatiratanga, participation is then legitimisation.
  23. The imagery of Maori with guns conjures this subliminal fear. It’s part of the colonial guilt, I suppose. NZ Herald October 15 2017
  24. I wasn’t the first Maori to go to prison and I won’t be the last. NZ Herald October 15 2017
  25. Speaking te reo was being too clever and cleverness was insurrection against adult superiority. (In regards to te reo Maori being banned at schools). NZ Herald October 15 2017
  26. Four of us were found guilty of being in possession of pakeha rifles while harbouring Maori thoughts. NZ Herald October 15 2017