Te Ururoa Flavell MP

Te Ururoa FlavellWaiariki MP 2005-2017

  1. You can’t do much for the betterment of the kaupapa without forming relationships of trust. (Point of order Mr Speaker).
  2. There are times to compromise in order to reach an end goal. (Point of order Mr Speaker).
  3. You’ve got to do what’s right and go for it, because if it’s right in your heart, then stand by that feeling. Trust your instincts. (Point of order Mr Speaker).
  4. Exerting influence is the key to the future; our political , social, cultural well-being, and our whānau, are going to be better than might have been contemplated twenty years ago. (Point of order Mr Speaker).
  5. The Māori renaissance is about everyone, and everyone’s hands to the pump. (Point of order Mr Speaker).