Māori macrons in web addresses – IDNS

Disclaimer: Personal opinion only.

Tonight the DNC public submission period on implementing IDN’s in the .nz space closed. Public submissions can be read here http://www.dnc.org.nz/story/30294-29-1.html .

It concerns me that some organisations have such a closed mind of the Internet. The Internet and the DNS is not a New Zealand only technology, but an international technology. From my quick observations, the submissions against implementing IDN’s is in contrast to the rest of the world regarding implementing IDN’s.

My observations of the submissions are:
1. It appears as though the the main opposition against IDN implementation in .nz is phishing. Yet, in reality, most phisihing attacks on .nz domains occur with a .com address or other GTLD/TLD.
2. The DNC is asking for proposals on 1 Unicode character set, with only five characters. Yet, Several submissions discuss Cyrillic characters which are not applicable in the submission.
4. The use of double vowels is currently an option of which would not meet the DNC disputes resolution procedures if it were to incur.
5. Māori speakers will generally have the software/knowledge to create macrons, such as we would expect the Asian speaking community to be able to produce Asian characters for their own IDN’s. If Māori or Asians or any other non speaking culture do not have the ability to produce their character set, then who are we as non speakers or non community of interests to dictate what they out to or not be able to do with their language/culture ??.

Overall, i think there were a number of individuals and organisations with some common sense and acknowledge that New Zealand alone does not own an control the Internet. Moreover, that it is used by more than English speakers.

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