.maori.nz myths

In recent months i have heard manny myths and incorect infomration about .maori.nz . I hope these facts beow will assist anyone interested in a .maori.nz domain.

  • All .nz publicly available domain names retail for the same price and if your domain name partner pricing differs you could perhaps seek other quotes.
  • You do not need to apply for approval for .maori.nz. It is a public domain such as .co.nz and the other .nz domains.
  • .maori.nz is available with and with out a macron on the a by default. There is no need to make a second purchase.
  • If you desire a macron in the customised part of the name, i.e the name you choose, this is a separate registration.
  • You can have multiple domain names such as .iwi.nz , .co.nz and .maori.nz all arriving at the same web site.
  • Any .nz reseller should be able to resell a .maori.nz though some choose not to offer it from their sites as a possible personal objection to the domain or for financial reasons.
  • Any .nz address can be registered using a macron.

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