Māori youth digital access stats and ICT

Māori youth digital access stats and ICT

Careers New Zealand via Project Kāmehameha, dedicated a chapter to Rangitahi and Digital Channels Survey. Speaking to rangatahi from Years 7 to 13 including focus groups with teachers and family/whānau examined their roles, and a quantitative survey of 1,300 rangatahi investigated how Māori use digital channels.

Key findings include:

Type of technology used to access the internet:

73% have smart phones
33% have tablets
64% have laptop computers
32% have desktop computers


Use of the internet:
61% search for information that will help them make decisions
45% use the internet for gaming
32% use the internet for communicating with family/friends
Use of social media:
73% use Facebook
59% use instant messenger services
38% use email and video chat

The summary of research to improve the design and delivery of career resources for Māori can be downlaoded from https://www.careers.govt.nz/assets/pages/project-kamehameha/Project-Kamehameha-summary-report-for-print-6.89MB.pdf

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