Movie industry and its piracy.

First i will admit to “not” being a pirate in any form. I am old fashioned and like the looks of covers and Cd’s.

I believe that the Movie industry is inviting pirates to flourish.
In NZ for example, a movie comes out to cinemas a period of time after they are released in America. Then a number of months later the movies are released for rental from the DVD store. Only then after a long period of time can people purchase the movie on DVD.

If the cinemas did not have a monopoly to exclusively offer movies and waited so long after the release and people could purchase movies on DVD immediately i believe this would remove a lot of the current desires to commit piracy. Then the Movie industry ought to re evaluate their costing structures. Surly new DVDs do not cost around $50 each in today’s technological era ?.

I am not familiar with any real data that accurately records the amount of movies illegally downloaded. I suspect that the movie industry may have us believe it is worse than it really is as a way of scaremongering.

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