Music Industry

Again i profess to not downloading illegal copies of music.

This year i have heard two ridiculous proposals to stop illegal downloads of music.

The first is to prosecute ISP’s for allowing their customers to download music, hence, putting the emphasis on ISP’s to cease their customers practice of downloading music. I envisage this would be a legal and a technical nightmare, all for the sake of a music industry whom do not want to adapt to technology and a change in societies perceptions about purchasing music and new technology.

Secondly i heard about a site that is offering legal music downloads with adverts at the beginning and end of the song. The justification – that it is similar to listening to the radio. But why do we buy CD’s, download music and not listen to the radio ? – we don’t want to listen to the adverts.

I would like to see the music industry:

1. Reduce the cost of their CD’s so that is is not economical to pay for bandwidth. Considering the price of a CD appears about the same if not more than they did 10 years ago, regardless of new technology that has made CD production at minimal costs. This would create more income for the music industry as there would be no more piracy campaigns and employing cryptographers to encrypt CDs which the Internet community decrypt very quickly.

2. Restructure the traditional music store so that a customer can select which songs they want on a CD as opposed to being forced to purchase a complete CD of music with only one song they want.

3. Allow customers the right to purchase music to be played on any device they own. But make it illegal to sell or redistribute their music.

Alternatively if all the music bands petitioned ICANN for a new GTLD, say .music and had it moderated in a similar way as .mobi is but only allow music bands whom sell their music to register a .music domain, then the bands only sell their music via their own web sites, thus cutting out the middle man. I am sure this would make many of us feel compel ed to purchase the music knowing that our hard earned dollars are going directly to the musicians and not a middle man.

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  1. Bronson says:

    Tika tau, e whakaae ana au

  2. Bronson says:

    Tika tau, e whakaae ana au

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