Music Industry creating more barriers

In this time and age when the Music industry is crying fowl over privacy and demanding that governments enforce piracy by forcing ISP’s to monitor traffic, they (the music Industry) create obstacles at every corner to ensure piracy will continue.

Even the good guys who try to make a legitimate business from digital music which would prevent a lot of privacy (as seen with itunes), the music industry makes it nearly impossible for these startups. Article here.

The music industry is demanding millions of dollars and equity in the companies before they agree to co operate with these new companies. Does it not make sense that this will only encourage more piracy and deter startups contemplating a digital music business ?.

I predict that we will see an end of the music industry as we know it. I predict that we will see music artists establish their own music producing companies online as part of their online profile. We are beginning to see artists create thier own online social networking sites so they can retain the IP in thier customers and content.

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