New domain name and no web site yet ?

Once you have registered a new domain name, often the company you made the purchase from will place their own advertising on the landing page, until you upload a web page or site.

If you have only made the purchase for your own email, many companies still leave their advertising there. With email being popular to brand organisations, it is common for a person to read your email address and take the part after the @, then go to see what your web site is about.


What can you do to promote yourself or your future web site?

By adding an html file to your server with your own advertising material will increase your investment. Some ideas include:

  • Contact details such as Twitter, FaceBook, Phone
  • A brief bio of who you are.
  • Email sign up form to your newsletter
  • Integrate your WordPress or Google blog
  • A message stating when your web site will be accessible.


I am not a web designer

A simple landing page does not require that you be a web developer. If you use a word processor such as Microsoft Word or Open Office, you can design a document to your requirements, save it as an html file and upload that.

If you are not sure how to upload a file speak to the company where you purchased your domain name from or shop around other domain name resellers. The Domain Name Commissioner has a list of all authorised New Zealand companies.

I just came across this great initiative from the experts at which would be perfect for those of you who do not have the technical skills to add a page.


WordPress site

There are a number of free plugins that will create a custom landing page. Simply search New plugins from the admin panel. One example is the “Coming Soon Page” which is certainly a lot nicer than a plain boring text page.

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