No Internet – What happended to the world

It is 2009 and i am in a well-developed town in the North Island with a large education institute. I am staying at a reasonably nice Hotel with Sky TV – but with one catch – there is no Internet access in the room.

 Of course you can plug the phone line in and be charged 15 cents a minute. But oh my gosh!. Give me a room with out a TV but not a room with out Internet.

 I feel like i have gone back in time and certainly would have asked the organisation who have provided me this accommodation if there was a possibility of a different hotel with Internet had I known in advance.

 I even had to look to see if my modern laptop had a modem. But it doesn’t matter; like most of the NZ population i use broadband at home and office. Then all airports i frequent in the world have free wireless Internet, as do all the offices and meetings I attend throughout the world.

 This article is being written offline. I could walk 4 properties down the road to another Hotel and ask if i could hire a few hours of their wireless Internet that they predominately advertise on the road. I see why now J.

 Had this trip been for more than one night i would have changed Hotel straight away. I am also thankful that it is a Sunday afternoon and that i have no urgent business to attend to (well that i know of). Had it been during the week it would have been in my best interest to change hotels.

No Internet has in convenienced me as my agenda and meeting details are all on the events web site. I didn’t copy them prior to leaving.

I don’t believe I am the exception of a traveller. Tourists like to keep in touch with email, families with children will use social networks, wireless gadgets such as PSP, online banking etc. So many of our daily tasks require an Internet connection. I almost feel like a prisoner or that my desire to use the Internet is illegal as it is not available.

This situation makes me think about the true benefits of broadband. When will small businesses begin to see broadband as an business necessity and an advantage to clients (if applicable) and not as an extra cost. This room costs the same as the other hotels in the town. In my opinion this is a nicer hotel from what i have see on the web. This hotel has a nice web site and booking can be made online. So why not make that small investment of broadband for a wireless connection. The investment would be $70 a month for broadband, wireless router $90, techo to secure it $100, $5 for printing details for the 10 rooms here. The cost represents 2 nights accommodation for one person in the cheaper room.

It is scary how much as a society most of us rely on the Internet and even more scarier that I a well established township Hotels still offer rooms with no Internet.

As a sign of fate, there was a car accident outside the hotel at 530am which took the power out and resulted in no hot water and a cold shower. So maybe i would prefer power to Internet.


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