Online activism part 1

We are seeing the Internet being used as a new age tool for activism by ordinary mum and dad folks, common interest groups, general public who are disgusted at our laws and even by traditional activists whom are taking their protest from the streets to the Internet.

Soon after the terrorist attacks on September 11 patriotic American hackers organised a synchronised attack on various Middle Eastern countries.

A Maori hacker hacked Lego’s Bionicles web site as a protest about the use of Maori names. Then White power hackers begun hacking prominent Maori web sites in retaliation and a group of Maori tried to crash the parliament web site during the hikoi.

Of course the infamous CYFS Watch web site which keeps on appearing in different places.

Now, in the last month we have seen an email petition highlighting the horrific life of baby Ngatikaura and a Bebo site threatening an Mp for his hard stance on “boy racing”.

Out of all of the cyber protests outlined above, just how many were/are efficient.

I doubt the Bebo site and the email petition would have been too successful but they would make many individuals aware of their cause.

part 2 will be a semi tutorial on how to effectively use the Internet for cyber activism for legal issues to raise public awareness.

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