Organisations are vulnerable to ID and Brand theft

Organisations who scoughed at the fact that Twitter is for kids or not a business tool should consider registering thier organisation and brand names in Twitter. Even if your organisation has no short term plans to utilise the benefits of Twitter.

I am reminded of the mid 1990’s when the Web was new to everyone and these funny things called “domain names” that ended in .com were the new way to find and access information on the web. Organisations and brand owners did not see the potential of domain names and largely were lethargic in their effort to registetr their domain names.

Many of these organisations and indivduals soon ended up paying hefty prices or endured lenghty court cases to gain back domain names or suffered the humiliation of thier competitors registerting prime names.

The increase in registered Twitter users in the past few months has been phenoninal. Also the ever increasing popularity of registering usernames in socialmedia with the intention to monetise in them from the real owners. Not to mention that your competitors are in the same situation as you, now is the time to act and register your names and maybe even use social media.

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