Pitcairn Islands worlds worst spammers

I would label this humor if the results were not published in an industry publication.

SOPOHS a well known Anti Virus vendor published a scathing report about the Pacific Islands, namely Pitcairn Islands being the worst offending country in the world to relay spam
If we briefly analyse Pitcairn Islands. There are 50 inhabitants from 9 different families on the island with only one (yes 1) form of Internet connection – a government sponsored satellite.

Even if every individual had a computer with Internet access and their computers were infected with a spam bot, and assuming their are not power cuts and the government didn’t notice anything with their satellite this would still not make a difference in the spam the world has.

The top ten countries are:
1. The Pitcairn Islands
2. Niue
3. Tokelau
4. Anguilla
5. The Faroe Islands
6. Monaco
7. Bermuda
8. Falkland Islands
9. Andorra
10. Aruba

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