Popularity of e-

Perhaps this is a good indication that with the economic crisis occurring in the world and the global consideration for the environment, that people are more prepared to shop online for a discount and to shop from home to reduce emissions. Also to purchase e books as opposed to paper books.
Or are we in a sense of false security http://www.enn.com/business/article/39060  if this is to be believed. 

Electronic print media does make me question why the newspaper and magazines are still so popular. Sure it is nice to hold a book, inhale the aroma of a new paper book and to read by the candle light etc. But to be so popular that there is a myriad of magazines to choose from on various topics and the information is outdated so quickly and not able to be searched and copied for reference. This when compared to the Internet, up to the minute news through Twitter, IM and the news media.

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