PrePay registrations and VOIP

The news that the NZ police want prepaid cell phones to be registered has canvased the local media in the past two days. I have yet to hear any compelling arguments either way.
The compulsory registration of pre pay cell phones will just make that small percentage of criminals utilise the available technology more. In the meantime that 70% of New Zealand who use pre pay will have to register their phones for the 5% of criminals.
Criminals will just begin to use other techniques which are commonly already available. In its most simplest form all one requires is a VOIP application and someone elses wireless Internet connection to  begin to make anonymous calls or even to forge someone elses phone number. Not to mention if there is a Telecom technician that has been paid off by a criminal fraternity then there is some real risks which can make any of us a victim … All this without using a physically stolen stolen cell phone.
Maybe we will see greater use of other Internet technologies on PDA’s so that criminals can co ordinate their activities. Perhaps a stealth rouge network piggy backing on unsuspecting wireless connections ?
The Telcos and the Police have not provided any statistics on how many people voluntarily register their cell phones to gain free credit, how many people purchase a new phone with a sim card and take out a warranty or HP etc nor how many of the pre pay population use cash only to purchase a sim card.
More issues will arise if your phone is temporarily misplaced or you Sim card is stolen and you do not notice for a while. This was my concern recently when i purchased a new SIM card in Australia after months of being away i had lost my SIM card and did not notice till i needed it.


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