New Zealand Māori Internet Society



Name: New Zealand Maori Internet Society
Also Known As: NZMIS
Entity Type: Incorporated Society
Affiliations: Aotearoa Maori Internet Society
Industry Sector: Internet
Web site:
Date Established: 2006
Date disestablished: 2008
Membership Model: online membership registration. Free to anyone.


Created by the same members of Aoteaora Maori Internet Society at a time it was perceived that The New Zealand Maori Internet Society had ceased to function and had let their Incorporated status expire.

The registration failed to use “The” in the name so created confusion in the industry.

This organisaiton assumed the online identity of The New Zealand Maori Internet Society and for the 2 years carried on operations as The New Zealand Maori Internet Society till it legally assumed the identity of The New Zealand Maori Internet Society.


Key People

  • Bernadette Murray
  • Karaitiana Taiuru
  • Ross Himona
  • Teanau Tuiono
  • Te Rangikaiwhiria Kemara


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