Planet Māori


Name: Planet Maori
Also Known As:
Entity Type: Trust
Affiliations: Sector wide
Industry Sector: ICT, Telecominications
Web site:
Date Established: 2013
Membership Model: Private


1. Provide Strategic Leadership
2. Articulate Matakite / Vision and Values
3. Articulate the contribution to Māori and NZ society
4. Defend & extend the reputation of the Sector & Organisation
5. Consolidate communications / Share Sector & Organisation resources

Goals to be reached by 2020 are:

  1. Sustainable economic wealth and improved economic wellbeing.
  2. Billion dollar contribution to NZ GDP
  3. To grow a sustainable and generative asset base for the Sector
  4. Billion in Value Assets
  5. Data and Technology Centres
  6. Opportunities and Indicators for Maorifor Science, Innovation, and Technology Funding and Resourcing
  7. To build a strong and sustainable Sector with 20,000 Māori Working in the Sector adn 200 Māori Businesses supported
    within the Sector with Telco / Tier 1 Products, 1000s Products and Services
  8. Māori Technology and Innovation Sector recognised as Global Leader
  9. Significant economic growth of Sector / Organisation
  10. Improved economic wellbeing for Māori (whānau, hapu, iwi, organisations)
  11. Benefits for New Zealand economy and communities

Sector Strategy / Organisational Support

  1. Achieve a global brand / international reach and scale
  2. Increase the Māori economy
  3. Improve Māori economic wellbeing / Ensure benefits are tangible
  4. Improve educational, social, cultural and environmental outcomes for Māori
  5. Provide Strategic Intelligence from Local to Global
  6. Build evaluative and learning culture to ensure success
  7. Co-develop meaningful measures (process and outcomes)
  8. Build excellent systems and support structures
  9. Tactical Opportunities

The group was perhaps the first and only independent Maori ICT group to date that managed to seek representatives from across the Maori ICT landscape to become involved and to work in co-operation together. The wide co-operation was to be short lived with some individual representatives no longer wanting to be a part of the organisation and preferring to concentrate on their own organisations.


Key People

  • Karaitiana Taiuru
  • Tania Wolfgramm
  • Te Aroha Morehu
  • Quinn Nahi
  • Warren Williams
  • Wikuki Kingi

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