Ratana ICT Hub / Marton ICT Hub


Name: Marton ICT Hub
Also Known As: Marton and Surrounds ICT Hub Charitable Trust Board
Entity Type: Trust
Affiliations: Marton ICT Hub, 2020 Communications Trust
Industry Sector: ICT
Web site: http://www.icthub.org.nz/
Date Established: 2010
Membership Model:


The Marton ICT Hub is the primary group with a subsidiary hub called the Ratana ICT Hub.

Their collective aims are to to address ‘digital disadvantage’ by providing affordable and accessible services for adults and students without access to a computer or broadband internet at home, people who what to buy or do not have the skills to use their computer or the internet.

Their target audience are people who are rural and isolated, young, older, low income, Maori or Pacifica.

The Ratana Hub is located in the old Post Office next to the Marae in Ratana. In its role as a community computer
hub, the Ratana Hub is storing, preserving and disseminating information through:

  • Local radio station—Radio Morehu 88FM
  • Recording Studio
  • Graphic Designs Software
  • Green Room > video and still cameras
  • Smart TV
  • Community movie theatre
  • Archival digital content (1918-1940)

The Ratana ICT Hub are closely aligned with the Digital Māori Forum and often work in colaboration for public lobying and hui.

Key People

  • Arahi Hager
  • Puawai Hager

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