Society of Professional Māori Women in Information Technology – Te Waka Wahine Wā Hangarau


Name: Te Waka Wahine Wa-Hangarau
Also Known As: TWWWH
Industry Sector: ICT
Web site:
Date Established: 2003
Date closed: 2008


Te Waka Wahine Wa-Hangarau (TWWW) the Society for professional Maori women in information technology, was established in 2001. TWWW endeavored to provide an environment where wahine Maori can interface effectively to provide support both culturally and as IT professionals.

Wahine Maori are less likely to enter information technology fields than other groups in Aotearoa say TWWW members. This is a critical issue as we seek to improve conditions for our whanau, our people and ourselves. This is encompassed by the vision of Te Waka Wahine Wa-Hangarau. The central kaupapa of TWWW is to create an environment where wahine Maori can affect their potential as professionals in information technology.

Information technology fields supported by TWWW include information systems analysis and design, implementation and programming, IT networks, IT projects management, information systems administration, IT development, broadcasting, the IT multimedia industry and more.

TWWW from time to time has offered support to whanau, hapu, iwi or other groups with their IT projects. At the national level, the group has offered its views and advice on government information technology projects and strategies. Some members have worked as consultants in IT projects while others are academics, sharing their knowledge with upcoming IT students. Internationally, TWWW members have been involved in Indigenous Peoples activities.

TWWW’s objectives:

  1. To empower wahine Maori to act professionally and effectively within their roles as IT professionals.
  2. To promote, protect and support the development of matauranga Maori, tikanga Maori and kaupapa Maori.
  3. To proactively participate in organisations governing IT decisions regarding Maori information.
  4. To encourage Maori professional development in IT.
  5. To develop effective external relationships with Maori organisations and groups with an interest in IT.
  6. To expand into the International arena of IT for indigenous peoples.
  7. To develop and promote te reo me ona tikanga models when developing information systems.
  8. To consult with iwi in an attempt to meet iwi needs in terms of IT.
  9. To support, promote and facilitate resource development in the area of IT.
  10. To develop and encourage the support of the IT industry for Maori.
  11.  To provide support for Maori women currently working in the field of IT.
  12. To participate in research that is going to benefit Maori in IT
  13.  To develop and participate in liaison with similar IT bodies nationally and internationally.
  14. To promote and support any member establishing and carrying out mentoring roles.
  15.  To identify other potential Maori IT groups.

TWWW’s general objectives:

  1. To ensure the safety of whanau is paramount.
  2. To promote and encourage Maori cultural integrity.
  3. To identify other potential Maori women in IT.
  4. To promote privacy and other ethical issues for members and Maori information.
  5. To establish and maintain a database of members.
  6. To organise conferences for members as a forum for the discussion of current strategies and the development of further strategies.
  7. To promote and support members when applying for funding.
  8. To encourage all members to communicate any issues, problems, concerns about whanau, work, studies, and so on.

Key People

  • Janette Hamilton-Pearce
  • Robyn Kamira

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