Taitokerau Fibre Networks Ltd

Name: Taitokerau Networks Limited Partnership
Also Known As:
Entity Type: Iwi owned company
Affiliations: Te Rūnanga o Whaingaroa, Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Whātua and Te Rūnanga o Te Rarawa , Datalight Limited
Industry Sector: Telecommunications
Date Established: 2011
Date Disestablished: 2016
Membership Model: Commercial partnerships


An Iwi based commercial project in partnership Datalight Ltd, Axin Ltd and Chinese State-owned China Telecom. The goal was to lay a $8.5 million, 200km fibre optic cable between Auckland and Whangarei to achieve tribal commitments to economic, social and environmental development and as an investment to achieve returns for the iwi and its investors.

The project was the first Iwi owned long-haul network in the country.

Further cable was laid connecting the Bay of Islands, Kaeo, Kaitaia, Hokianga, Dargaville, Awanui and Waitiki Landing, and an eastern route returning from Whangarei to Auckland to form a total network running more than 700km.

Key People

  • Haami Piripi
  • For others refer to companies office.

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