Te Kahui Manu Hokai – Māori GIS Association


Name: Te Kahui Manu Hokai
Also Known As: Maori GIS Association, TKMH
Entity Type: Non-profit organisation
Industry Sector: GIS
Web site: http://www.tekahuimanuhokai.org.nz/
Date Established: 2009


Te Kahui Manu Hokai is incorporated as a non-profit organisation comprised of Maori GIS practitioners and users based in Aotearoa. The inaugural meeting of the association was held at Wairoa Marae, Ngāti Kahu in Tauranga on 7 December 2010. The name of the organisation reflects how GIS can act as a bird that soars through the skies accumulating spatial references and knowledge.

TKMH was been set up to promote the use of Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) and associated information technologies for the benefit and advancement of iwi Maori in Aotearoa. TKMH aims to provide a centralised role for the sharing of technical expertise, support and generally increasing awareness of Geo-spatial technologies and functions.

The organisation also expects to advocate for and improve Maori participation in the Geospatial Industry at all levels. TKMH hopes to identify opportunities for whanau, hapu and iwi to gain experience or contracts with local and central government authorities or organisations, for the provision or development of activities or resources that are useful for our members.


Key People

  • Bernadette Papa
  • Dennis Peters
  • Des Heke
  • Des Kahotea
  • Duane Wilkins
  • Gina Mohi
  • Huia Pacey
  • Jon Procter
  • Makere Rika-Heke
  • Moka Apiti
  • Rikihana Hancock
  • Roland Pomana
  • Takerei Norton
  • Te Rangikauhoe Heke
  • Tony Elson
  • Waitangi Wood


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