Te Mana Raraunga/Māori Data Sovereignty


Name: Te Mana Raraunga
Also Known As: Maori Data Sovereignty Network
Industry Sector: Academic, Data
Web site: http://www.tmr.maori.nz/
Date Established: 2015
Membership Model: Open membership


A group who is concerned with Indigenous (in particular Maori) Data and the inherent rights that Māori have by virtue of thier inalienable relationships with the land, water and the natural world.

The group beleives that data needs and advocacy challenges concerning the measurement of social, cultural, economic and environmental outcomes for iwi and Māori.

Maori Data includes but is not limited to:

  • Data from organisations and businesses
  • Data about Māori that is used to describe or compare Māori collectives
  • Data about Te Ao Māori that emerges from research
  • Māori data is subject to the rights articulated in the Treaty of Waitangi and the UN’s Declaration on the rights of Indigenous Peoples, to which Aotearoa New Zealand is a signatory.
  • Data Sovereignty typically refers to the understanding that data is subject to the laws of the nation within which it is stored.Indigenous
  • Data Sovereignty perceives data as subject to the laws of the nation from which it is collected.
  • Māori Data Sovereignty recognises that Māori data should be subject to Māori governance.
  • Māori Data Sovereignty supports tribal sovereignty and the realisation of Maori and Iwi aspirations.



Key People

  • Andrew Sporle
  • David Jansen
  • James Hudson
  • Kirikowhai Mikaere
  • Maui Hudson
  • Tahu Kukutai

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