Torotoro Waea Partnership

Name: Torotoro Waea Partnership
Also Known As:
Entity Type: Commercial
Affiliations: Smartlinx3
Industry Sector: Telecommunications
Date Established: 2004
Membership Model: Commercial Partnerships


Torotoro Waea is/was a Limited Partnership, 100% owned by Māori which was formed to better improve outcomes Maori communities through the provision of significantly improved telecommunications infrastructure.

The commercial alliance that included 24 members, including various iwi, and industry partners made an unsuccessful bid for the government’s 700MHz spectrum. They were one of 3 shortlisted bidders.

In their own words, their bid was as an expression of kaitiakitanga by the tangata whenua and that it is not about the revenues to be gained from the rural sector it is all about providing cost effective communication roadways into rural communities to provide the connectedness and opportunity for communities to improve education and health, create sustainable jobs, and stimulate innovation and economic development. As well as providing for the connectivity of rural schools, health providers and rural communities; up to 1000 marae are planned to be connected during this rollout.

They also presented a submission on the Telecommunications (TSO, Broadband, and Other Matters) Amendment in 2011.


Key People

  • Antony Royal
  • Whatarangi Winiata
  • Others. Refer to the Companies Office.


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