Te Ngutu Kura

Te Ngutu Kura

Te Ngutu Kura Free Māori Spell Checker
Version 3

Whakapapa and Archive

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Enterprise and Professional support

Na Te Ngutu Kura ka pupuke te Mahara, Na te Mahara ko te hinengaro, Na te hinengaro ko te wananga, Na te wananga ka tu te tikanga, He taonga nui te wareware.


Te Ngutu Kura Māori Spell Checker – version 3 is a major upgrade from the original version ten years ago. The previous versions has over 58,000 words, including a separate New Zealand Place Names spell checker and an option to spell check double vowel words.

Te Ngutu Kura truly brings te reo Māori into the new age era of ICT by being available for most systems and applications, including:


The word list is freely available to all software developers further ensuring that te reo Māori is no longer hindered by commercial constraints and gate keepers.

As te reo is a living language, Te Ngutu Kura Māori spell checker is as well. The word lists are constantly being reviewed and added to; individual users also have the option to edit and modify Te Ngutu Kura on their own desktops.

Minor releases will be distributed on a regular basis to those on the email list. Then it is likely that version 4 of Te Ngutu Kura will be released when the Papakupu project is completed.

As with any spell checker, common sense and caution should be paid to word suggestions. The original word list consisted of 125,000 words from historical and contemporary sources: then cross checked with te reo Māori word frequency lists. Eventually the list was culled down to just over 58,000 words.  Such a diverse list of words may contain some minor discrepancies based on your own reo. Equally, this is a time of revolution for te reo Māori, enabling word variations and frequently used words to be analysed on a public scale.

For enterprise organisations and professionals who require high level support, customisations and dedicated access to monthly updates the optional Enterprise Option is available.



In previous years Te Ngutu Kura was sponsored by Māori Education Trust and Net Mania Ltd, while I worked on a voluntary basis ensuring Te Ngutu Kura could be kept free.

The introduction of the Enterprise Option for Māori language organisations has made it possible for Te Ngutu Kura to be still offered freely for the majority of the users who only require a spell checker.


Whakapapa and Archive

Ngā mihimihi nui ki te whānau o Te Ngutu Kura ō tautoko, whakaaro, moemoeā, me te kaha.

Over a decade ago when I first proposed a free Māori spell checker, Doug Hauraki and his former board at the Māori Education Trust supported the idea and were the original sponsors of Te Ngutu Kura. More importantly, these people had the faith when no one else did for the development of Te Ngutu Kura. Without their initial support, Te Ngutu Kura would not have been created.

The whakatauki for Te Ngutu Kura was conceived by Waho Tibble.  As was his original request, the whakatauki has never been translated nor edited with macrons.

The tauira was created by Turumakina Duleyz a Māori artist who incorporated the whakatauki into Te Ngutu Kura tauira.

The former Dr Mark Laws provided advice and support prior to version 2.

Professor Kevin Scannell the author of Aspell has been the major force behind the creation of the Māori Aspell file, Open Office and for offering invaluable information of common words used online by Māori speakers.