Public submissions

A chronological list of significant public consultations written by Karaitiana Taiuru. These submissions saw significant development for Māori on the Internet and World Wide Web.

2002 application.
This is the third and final application which won the approval of InternetNZ to create . Unlike the first two applications, this is the only application that was written solely by an individual. This application lead the way for,, and applications. [view]

nz.soc.maori RFD and Charter.
This is the first and successful application for the USENET group nz.soc.maori . RFD [view].Charter  [view]


Policy Review – Registering, Managing and Cancelling Domain Names [view]  Submission – htmlpdf


Open letter – Bilingual Domain Name System for .nz
An open letter seeking co-operation for the .nz web space to be made bilingual. [view]


Application for a new 2LD – Details. Submission htmlpdf

DNCL Second Level Consultation and Submissions Details. Submission – htmlpdf


Broadcasting Standard Complaint. Taiuru and New Zealand Media and Entertainment – 2015-045 view


Inquiry into whanau access to and management of Tupapaku for Parliament. View