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A chronological archive of media articles of Karaitiana Taiuru . Traditional print articles are referenced as opposed to being scanned and uploaded here. Radio interviews are not included. A collection of interviews on YouTube here.

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Māori teens receive more nude images – study [view] RadioNZ. January

Māori teens will receive more unsolicited naked images than other teen ethnicities [view] Māori Television. January

Maori teens pressured for nude pix. [view] Radio Waatea. January

Maori Teens and Sexting in NZ. [view] Scoop. January


Online post on funding stop for diabetes blood strip tests wrong. [view] Te Karere. January

Emotiki app cultural analysis. [view] Scoop. January

Emotiki app causes cultural stir. [view] Māori Television. January

Maori emojis ‘culturally insensitive’. [view] NewsHub. January

Emotiki disagrees app is inappropriate. [view] Māori Television. January

Emotiki app concerns. Radio Waatea [Listen] – Claudette Hauiti. January

Emotiki  ‘culturally insensitive’. NewsTalkZB – Chris Lynch. January

Te Puia defends popular Emotiki. Rotorua Daily Post. [view] January

Māori activism & hidden achievements online. Scoop. [view] February

Maori internet history told. Radio Waatea. [view] February

Ngāi Tahu education and reo online resource created. [view] August

Ngai Tahu marae knowledge shared. Radio Waatea. [view]  August



A new social media and ICT Maori dictionary [view] 95bFM. October

Te reo Maori moves into social media [view] Radio Waatea. October.

Free te reo Māori resource [view] Scoop. October

Disney pulls its controversial Moana costume from the shelves [view] Yahoo UK Movies. September

Disney’s Moana costume is called out for cultural appropriation [view] Yahoo UK Movies. September

Pasifika advocates call out Disney for appropriating Moana costume [view] Fairfax Media. September

Govt $32 million towards cyber security [view 7.13] Te Kaea Maori Television. May

Taiuru quits spectrum Trust. [View] Radio Waatea. March

Is live streaming tangihanga becoming the norm? [View] Te Karere. March 10

Concerns over sexting becoming ‘the norm’. [View] Te Karere. February 15

Facebook fight pages continue to emerge. [View] Te Karere. January 15


Te Wānanga o Aotearoa founder weighs in on email scam. [View] Te Karere. December 22

Maori missing out on ICT fund. [Read/Listen] Radio Waatea. September 10

Delays to $30m Maori ICT Development Fund cause frustration. [Read] Stuff. September 07

Taiuru and New Zealand Media and Entertainment  [Read] Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) August 26

Advisory Group for Open Government Partnership appointed. Transparency Times. October 2015 [Read]

Advisory Group for Open Government Partnership appointed. [Read] State Services Commission. August 4

Māori IT experts critical of digital divide [Read] [audio] Radio New Zealand. July 16

Commons licence translated into te reo [Read] Radio Waatea. July 15

Creative Commons licences translated into te reo Māori [Read] Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand. July 14

New Translations: CC 4.0 licences now available in te reo Māori and Japanese. [Read] Creative Commons. July 15

Digital dominance the new colonialism. [Audio and Read] Radio Waatea. July 09

Māori discuss whether tikanga crosses over to internet at annual NetHui. [view] MāoriTV. July 08

Māori urged to take up careers in IT. [view] Radio New Zeal and. July 07

New and Emerging Māori Digital leaders converge in Auckland.  [view] Scoop. July 02

Govt sites reject macronised addresses. [view] Radio New Zealand. June 29

Macrons too tough for government sites. [view] Radio Watteau. June 26

Macrons not recognised in email by Government systems. [view] Scoop. June 25

Maori urged to take advantage of ICT. [view] Radio New Zealand. May 11

Notable leaders appointed to Māori Spectrum Trust. [view] Māori Television. April 7

Maori Spectrum Trust brings on heavy hitters. [view] Scoop. April 7

Spectrum trust airbrushes shrinking shareholding. [view] Radio Waate.a March 26

Ngatiwai deal like ‘selling off the foreshore’ [view] Radio New Zealand. March 11

Karaitiana Taiuru: Te Reo and the mainstream. [view] Radio New Zealand (Kim Hill). February 21

Sharing licence translated. [view] Radio Waatea. February 20

TV3 weather reporter Kanoa Lloyd hits back at Te Reo critics. [view] NZ Herald. February 18

Creative Commons Licences Translated into Te Reo Māori. [view] Scoop. February

Weather reporter hits back at Te Reo critics. [view] Otago Daily Times. February

 Kanoa Lloyd’s Te Reo stance wins plaudits. [view] Radio New Zealand. February

Maori ICT fund ‘wide-ranging’. [view] Stuff. January


Internet Society backs Te Mangai Paho. [view] [audio] Radio New Zealand. August 15

Māori Internet Society Welcome Online Voting Recommendations. [view] Scoop. August

Plea to push ICT grad schools to Maori. [view] Te Manu Korihi. P June 04

Mana-Dotcom alliance attracts dissention. [view] Te Karere Maori News.  April 14

MPs push for online voting. [view] Te Karere Maori News. March 10

Online voting: mixed benefits for Maori. [view] Radio New Zealand News. March 10

InternetNZ byelection: Rochelle Furneaux wins, Alastair Thompson second. National Business Review. January 31. [view]

Te Reo Māori Spam. Radio Waatea:Te Wahanga Parakuihi. January 21


A beginner’s guide to Māori interests in the 4G spectrum. [view] TV 1 Marae Investigations.  November 10

Koha trademark would breach treaty, says internet group. [viewaudio] Radio New Zealand – Te Manu Korihi.  November 06

 Internet name choice widened. [view] Radio Waatea. 18 November

Online Māori urged to be proactive with new changes in .nz. [view] Scoop. 14 October

Hacking and Spam. Te Karere. September

Hui hears young Maori should embrace the web. [view] Radio New Zealand.  9 July

Two new InternetNZ councillors, two exits, one new fellow. [view] National Business Review. 9 July

Leaders need to embrace internet.  [view] Radio Waatea.  9 July

Attracting Maori to ICT. [view] Radio New Zealand – Nine to Noon.  Tuesday 9 July

Māori aim to navigate through on-line world. [view] Te Karere. 8 July

10th AGM of The New Zealand Maori Internet Society. [view] Scoop. 8 July

News bulletin.  [view] Radio New Zealand – Te Manu Korihi. 8 July

Outrage over Facebook pages depicting fake Māori family. [view] Te Karere.  27 July

Maori ICT meet-up at NetHui. [view] Scoop.  27 July.

Māori aim to navigate through online world. [view] Te Karere. Jul 7

Internet NZ Council 2013 Elections – Voting [view] Scoop. 24 June – 6 July

Why the government proposed 30 million ICT fund in lieu of 4G spectrum allocation would not be as beneficial for Maori [listen] Radio New Zealand – Te Manu Korihi

Poor social media use for Ikaroa-Rawhiti candidates – society. [view] Radio New Zealand – Te Manu Korihi.

Maori web use to be researched. [view] Radio New Zealand – Te Manu Korihi.  March 20 1013.

Maori usage of web and email addresses to be researched. [view] Scoop.  May 17.

Use of Māori domains studies. [view]  Radio Waatea. May 15.

Implications for Māori should a 30 million dollar ICT fund be accepted instead of spectrum allocation. [view – audio] Radio New Zealand – Te ahi kaa. May 12 2013.

Maori internet expert backs treaty claim. [view] Radio Waatea. May 01 2013.

Cash or spectrum? Maori remains undecided. [view] Tech Day. May 01 2013.

Exposing Maori web address hijackers. [view] The New Zealand Maori Internet Society.  March 01 2013.

Maori divided over money or spectrum. [view] Stuff.  April 30 2013.

Society Remain Neutral About Spectrum and ICT Fund. [view] Scoop.  April 30 2013.

Consultation over $30m spectrum fund. [view] Dominion Post. March 12. 

Māori Internet Society seeks fund feedback. [view] Radio Waatea.  March 12.

Maori quizzed on substitute. The Press pA10 March 12

Cyber Squatters grab Iwi names.  [view] [Interview audio] [News Bulletin] Radio Waatea. Friday 1 March.

Maori at odds over spectrum. [view] Computerworld.  Tuesday 12 February.

2 Degrees Mobile, a unique opportunity for Māori. [view] Te Huarahi Tika Trust.  Thursday 07 February.

Maori Internet Society rebooted – The geeks are back. [view] Radio Waatea.  Monday 21 January.

Opinion of Kim Dotcom and Mega. [view] Te Karere Māori News. Monday 21 January.

Online Maori have Internet representative group back.  [view] Scoop.  Friday 18 January.


Maori Culture Adapting to presence in online media. [view] Sunday Star Times. December 29

Te Reo Facebook on its way. [view] Crown Fibre Holdings. November 26

Cyber bullying and the Harmful Digital Communications Act. Maori Television Te Kaea. November 12

Social network site in te reo Maori now available on your rorohiko. Waikato Times, 25/09/2012, p04

Facebook in te reo Māori. [view] Scoop  Friday, 14 September

Facebook now available in Maori. [view] Waikato Times.  24 October

Unofficial te reo words getting ‘out of control’. [view] Te Waha Nui AUT Journalism Publication. October 13

Coining of new words for Facebook creates debate. [view] TV1 Te Karere Maori News.  November 01

Facebook in the Maori Language. Maori Television Te Kaea.  October 31

Maori words getting out of hand. [view text]  [ audio] Radio New Zealand Te Manu Korihi.

Social media helps to close the digital divide. October 04 2012. [view] Paper version, page 9 September 28 [view] Te Waha Nui AUT Journalism Publication.

Reo experts create chrome skin for Facebook. [view] Radio Waatea. September

.kiwi Letter of Support. [view] April 30

Facebook in te reo Maori. [view] September 14

Dot Kiwi Ltd named as sole contender for .kiwi domain [view] Scoop. 15 June

Hon Steven Joyce to speak at NetHui [view] Scoop.  2012. 14 June

Registrations open for NZ’s largest Internet conference. [view] Scoop.  14 March

Kiwi firms bid for new domain names [view] Stuff Technology. 15 June


Maori Google seeking more translators’ [view] Radio Waatea.


Registrar Launches Māori Macrons for Domains [view] Scoop News.


Maori have second try at internet lobby [view] Computerworld.

Making the most of young Maori minds [view] New Zealand Herald.

Regional Allocations. [view] IDN News.


Recommendation to create Māori predictive txt database [view] Scoop.

Maori bilingual Net call. The Dominion Post. Aug 27

Maori bilingual Net call. [view] Stuff.



Maori Internet wants macron ability [view] Radio Waatea.


Te Reo Māori electronic Library. Te Pānui Rūnaka.  February

Computerworld Excellence Awards 2005 Finalists. Computerworld New Zealand.  May 30

Kua eke kit e taumata. Kōkiri Paetae.  Issue 63

Computerworld Excellence Awards. Computerworld New Zealand. July 18


More domains may be on way [view]  Computerworld.

Letter to Editor “Internet comments have no substance. The Press. March 10

ADIP Selects Advisory Panel for ORDIG. UNDP.  December 08

Maori Web sites. August  Net Guide Issue 89

Iwi to use technology to educate members. Stuff.  July 20

Our-Global Village –Ngāi Tahu’s Response to Open (on-line) Learning. Te Pānui Rūnaka. August

Web site review. Te Karaka. Winter

Website via cell phone. Te Pānui Rūnaka. August


Scoop. [view]

Maori have internet representative/support body [view] Scoop.

Big change in Internet could see Maori names. [view]‎ Scoop. first moderated .nz domain [view] Scoop.

Maori establish presence in Usenet [view]‎ Scoop.

Maori language macron idea finds favour with Microsoft engineers [view] New Zealand Herald.

Maori have second try at internet lobby [view] Computerworld.

2LD review committee named [view] Computerworld.

Online Maori enter new domain. ABC News Online.  September 09 changes registrar. The Press.April 29

Cyber Māori. Te Arohi he rārangi kōrero, Isue 16.  July 28

2LD Review committee named. Computerworld. February 13

Web site review.Te Karaka.  Summer

Web site review. Te Karaka.  Spring

Kotahi Mano Kāika. Ko te whanau. Putanga 6, Nama 1 Raumati

And by the way. Net Guide, page 19.  July


Maori domain name goes live [view]‎ New Zealand Herald.

Maori get domain name on Internet. The Dominion Post. Jul 24

Online vote for separate Maori cyberzone in NZ [view] Legal Brief Today.

Maori domain name goes live [view] New Zealand Herald.

Every Iwi should have one. Raumati 2002 Ko te Whānau.

Landslide for “”. Infotech.  March 13

Maori have second try at internet lobby. Computerworld. November suffix wins InternetNZ approval. NZ Infotech, Issue N0 548. July

Landslide for “”. Infotech. March 14

Maori call.  Infotech. May 30

New second level domain name leaps first hurdle. PC World.  March 14

Web site review. Te Karaka. Autumn

Programme 29. Marae.  October 09


Second level domain ‘’ approved [view] Converge

New Secondary Internet Domain for Maori Sites Approved [view]

Indigenous New Zealanders call for new Net neighborhood. [view] ZDNet Asia.

Maori stake claim to their own dot in cyberspace [view] New Zealand Herald.

Maori Internet Society wants new zone in NZ Cuberspace. NZ Infotech Weekly, Issue No 484.  April 17

Māori stake claim to their own dot in cyberspace. New Zealand Herald. April 17

New Zealanders Called to Vote On New Net Neighbourhood. Newsbytes. December 17

Maori stake claim to their own dot in cyberspace. New Zealand Herald. April 17

Creation of aims to boost a need. Kōkiri Paetae.  January 2001

Technology hui decides .aa is for Aotearoa. Stuff.  July 19

Digital divide Maori survey commissioned. NZ InfotechWeekly

Maori Internet Society wants zone in NZ cyberspace. Stuff.  April 17

Web site review. Te Karaka. Winter

The NZ Maori Internet Society chairperson and Te Taura Whiri I Te Reo Dictionary project manager talks about his education and career. Culture shock. Jan/Feb 2001; p.18-19

Web site review.  Te Karaka. Autumn


On-line family tree stirs strife on marae. [view] New Zealand Herald.

Maoris seek independence. The Dominion Post.

Meet Karaitiana Taiuru. Te Karaka. Winter 2000

 Resource for Web Authors of The Māori Language. Pū Kaea. Dec-Jan

A beginners Guide to the Internet. Te Karaka. Summer

Te Reo Māori in Information Technology. He Manawa o te Reo. The Heart of the Language. 27 July

The New Zealand Maori Internet Society. Te Karaka.


New software making te reo Māori accessible in the electronic age. Kōkiri Paetae.  February 8

Te Reo Tupu electronic dictionary used by 3,500 -plus. Kōkiri Paetae. February 8

New Māori Language CD-Rom. University of Canterbury Library News. 18 September

Rorohiko CD-Rom. Salient.

Moana Kupu. Salient.


Nga Korero: Business August

Accessing Maori by CD-Rom. The Press.

Maori words on CD Rom. Dominion Post. 29 July