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2/01/2016 21:18 SIS will struggle to recruit Maori as report reveals spy agencies are ‘old boys’ club’ that make racist jokes #maori
4/01/2016 21:06 Punched the head for speaking Te Reo #maori  Anyone has the right to speak #tereo
6/01/2016 7:19 All Maori MP’s need to voice in this.It is not about promoting alcohol but repealing a racist law #Maori
12/01/2016 22:03 NZ Spy agencies should have an ethnic relations strategy. But is there interest I wonder? #maori
12/01/2016 22:17 Waitara teenager Ella Lyon wants to be the first female Maori prime minister Kia kaha Ella. #maori
12/01/2016 23:58 RT @MaikiSherman: The iwi leaders say Govt language of banning “commercial fishing” hides behind the attempt to strip Māori Treaty rights. …
15/01/2016 22:18 My commentary about online fights being recorded on social media #maori
17/01/2016 3:34 RT @TeManuKorihi: Maori women viewed as ‘inferior’ by settlers
18/01/2016 3:14 @goultr It is all automated, I will manually make a change.
18/01/2016 22:44 Training course gives #Maori people a chance at entry level jobs in the health sector.
19/01/2016 0:02 Maori Policy: Challenging the Status Quo. A Call to Reengage in the Struggle. #maori
19/01/2016 23:09 RT @IndigenousXLtd: Subscribe to the IndigenousX Newsletter | #IndigenousX
19/01/2016 23:11 RT @SianChristinaK: One thing I think everyone in this country can do and I’m going to make a conscious effort to do is pronounce Maori pla…
20/01/2016 21:19 Expert papers on #TPPA & Treaty of Waitangi. #maori Hard to navigate site but lots of good info
23/01/2016 5:02 First Maori to represent NZ in Face of the Globe beauty pageant #maori #ataahua
23/01/2016 23:17 RT @Putatara: Kia tupato koutou – see how Sharon Armstrong was scammed into becoming a drug mule &…
24/01/2016 3:25 Jan 2016 .nz stats show still decreasing in numbers while the #Indigenous domains remain steady  #maori
24/01/2016 22:50 Trade Minister says nothing in TPP will prevent Crown from meeting obligations to Māori due to Treaty clause #maori
24/01/2016 22:52 Fact sheet by Trade Minister on how #TPP specifically recognises the Treaty of Waitangi #maori
24/01/2016 22:53 Key defends TPP as Ratana crowd boos #maori
25/01/2016 0:13 Why the Government’s ‘Fact sheet’ on how TPPA impacts Maori is ridiculous says Martyn Bradbury #maori
25/01/2016 2:03 “RT @TeKaeaOfficial: Requirements as listed by Troy Kingi:
– A Māori ( or Māori looking) male between the ages of 40 to 60
– The… https:/…”
25/01/2016 20:05 Google Doodle honor the stolen generation #Indigenous People for Australia day
26/01/2016 1:50 88 year old War veteran pension cut off by highly questionable law. Ngati Kahu has vowed to keep paying him #maori
26/01/2016 5:02 Students talk about racisim at University #maori I want to see other universities do similar projects.
26/01/2016 20:09 RT @AmericanIndian8: The Highway 16 Disappearences & Murders (Documentary) #MMIW #MMIWG #INDIGENOUS #TAIRP https://…
27/01/2016 1:08 NZ School oversight of Māori in the house system #maori
27/01/2016 7:06 RT @Mihi_Forbes: Human remains return to Whanganui
27/01/2016 7:17 RT @Te_Taipo: Privacy rights should be guaranteed by societal membership. Instead we depend on tech-punks, and platforms created by hyper-r…
27/01/2016 9:59 Digital Colonialisim alert #maori #indigenous
27/01/2016 21:09 Ngati Whatua won’t take part in powhiri for #TPP A powerful statement against the TPP #maori #indigenous
27/01/2016 23:05 Twitter: The latest digital Indigenous risk #maori #Indigenous
27/01/2016 23:49 Arghhh that shook the cob webs off #eqnz
28/01/2016 22:16 Ngai Tahu radio station TahuFm to celebrate 25 years. #maori
28/01/2016 22:52 “RT @TeKaeaOfficial: The Department of Internal Affairs has released a list of the most popular Māori baby names in 2015.
Topping the… ht…”
29/01/2016 0:25 Maori Council to injunct Government over TPP signing. #maori
29/01/2016 0:29 Iwi leaders meet with Trade Minister over TPP #maori
29/01/2016 1:15 RT @amyadamsMP: Today I’ve anncd that every school in NZ can now connect to fast, reliable broadband thanks to our #UFB & #RBI prgms – on t…
31/01/2016 22:19 @puawai_ He patai pai! Arahura always had wahine taiaha toa 4 wero. Pea it has to do with the wairua and atua in the carved waka?
31/01/2016 22:21 RT @ranginui: I’m pretty sure I am the only māori at #lca2016 a sadly far too common occurence at tech conferences in oceania
31/01/2016 22:34 NZ only #TPP partner to recognise its indigenous peoples by enshrining Treaty and exempting the WAI262 claim #maori
1/02/2016 19:20 #TPP deserves praise from Maori, not condemnation #maori
1/02/2016 19:23 Maori council drops #TPP court bid
1/02/2016 19:33 Six iwi refuse to perform TPP pōwhiri. Good to see non PC tikanga being applied. #maori
2/02/2016 6:23 RT @TeKaeaOfficial: Young Māori urge others to sign “We Do Not Consent” petition
8/02/2016 23:54 Government disregard for Waitangi Tribunal (Meka Whaitiri) #maori
9/02/2016 0:55 Consultation on Māori land law ‘nonsense’ (Minister Chris Finlayson) #maori′
9/02/2016 1:27 Good interview before with @PeataMelbz at @TeKarereTVNZ re sexisim and online fraud and how it impacts #maori and the lack of Maori support
9/02/2016 7:58 Great chat about Internet and #Indigenous representation this evening with @InternetNZ A long overdue attitude change thats welcomed #maori
10/02/2016 21:37 Council blocks ears to Maori naming: #maori
10/02/2016 23:04 RT @amscraig: Hi team – @ktaiuru @koreroauaha you expressed some interest in my thoughts about my māori heritage.
10/02/2016 23:23 @amscraig kia ora e hoa. Awesome and powerful story. Kaua e whakama (Don’t be shy) Ngā mihi nui.
15/02/2016 21:55 India stops Digital Colonialism by banning free. Double edged sword. Education could be better #Facebook #Indigenous
16/02/2016 20:15 Facebook didn’t understand culture of India. Digital Colonialism #maori #indigenous
16/02/2016 21:14 @ranginui Congrats on the NDF board appointment. Ka mau te wehi e hoa
16/02/2016 21:39 The Treaty of Waitangi to be translated into multiple languages #maori #Indigenous
18/02/2016 19:41 Online applications for the 2016 Hauora Māori Scholarships are now open  #maori
18/02/2016 21:02 Pehiaweri Marae’s Code Club for kids. Ka mau te wehi! #maori
19/02/2016 4:50 Why do i need to ask that you use my first name and not my 2nd or some short version as your staff can’t pronounce #maori names @KiwibankNZ
20/02/2016 4:16 RT @DrRimmer: Digital Disobedience Down Under #Copyright #Netflix #FairIT4Oz #Copdis
22/02/2016 21:16 Iwi radio told to get digital #maori
22/02/2016 21:19 Blackboard learning Management System to be in #tereo #Māori It will join Moodle that has been in #Maori for years.
22/02/2016 21:26 Danger of Ta Moko on the web. It is often stolen and used to mock others. #maori
23/02/2016 6:34 Another taonga to read. So far it is motivating, inspiring and sad. I highly recomend. #maori #indigenous
23/02/2016 22:03 Oral taonga locked away. #opengovt #maori
24/02/2016 6:36 @norbu09 looks like a great initiative and kaupapa.
28/02/2016 21:48 Moe mai ra e te rangatira Dr Ranginui Walker #maori
29/02/2016 8:15 Māori control of Māori things. Ngā Tamatoa. #maori
29/02/2016 19:43 @Ellipsister it could be done via a facebook page or web site?
1/03/2016 21:08 RT @Maori_Party: Great to hear Maori TV will livestream the tangihanga of Dr Ranginui Walker at Ōrākei Marae from 10.45am today https://t.c…
3/03/2016 21:37 Online tangihanga: we’ve evolved a lot in 6 years. Online social media managers for online tangi too. #maori
3/03/2016 21:54 @wepihatekanawa I had one more prediction 6 years ago. Virtual Reality tangihanga. The next logical step pea?
3/03/2016 22:02 @metiria you kōrero was inspirational, Watching and listening online Dr Ranginui Walker’s tangihanga #maori
3/03/2016 22:03 @kiaora4that @metiria #maori
3/03/2016 22:07 Dr Ranginui Walker live streaming tangihanga #maori
6/03/2016 4:08 An inspirational and motivating book about Māori leaders. Matua Tā Tipene O’Regan is memorable and humorous #maori
6/03/2016 4:15 RT @hinehou: @ktaiuru Hirini Moko Mead as well 🙌🏾
6/03/2016 6:49 RT @tereowainene: #TawhiaoTaiaha sold on ebay 15 Feb for USD$1869 (approx NZD$2700) listed on Trademe this month for $12k…
9/03/2016 23:52 If your image or voice is on web or TV then streaming tangi is fine Is live streaming tangi becoming the norm #maori
9/03/2016 23:54 Streaming Tangi is kapai if your image is on tv or web, voice on radio in terms of tikanga #maori @TeKarereTVNZ
10/03/2016 0:08 RT @davemosk: $100k of @InternetNZ grant funding goes to some really interesting NZ research initiatives
10/03/2016 0:50 Ngā mihi @InternetNZ mō te pūtea kāinga. #maori
10/03/2016 7:57 RT @TeManuKorihi: Mysterious taiaha withdrawn from TradeMe
14/03/2016 0:38 RT @NgaiTahu: Kai – from garden to plate at Koukourārata –
16/03/2016 2:53 RT @freitasm: Attention people of New Zealand: phishing email pretending to be Netflix asking to login and update your credit card. DO NOT.
16/03/2016 22:14 Whakapapa resources made available in Auckland libraries A future proof library? #maori @LIANZAPresident
22/03/2016 2:41 20 Māori ICT groups all operating independently of each. My research, thanks to @InternetNZ has only begun. More updates soon. #Maori
22/03/2016 2:43 Large numbers of racist domain names have been expiring in recent months. #maori Lets keep it that way.
22/03/2016 7:13 @N8TVAFFAIRSTV That is neglect, criminal and inhumane what that mother was subjected to. Disgusting @waikatodhb #maori
24/03/2016 1:23 As the moderator i just approved a new Iwi domain name Ka pai! #maori
24/03/2016 6:21 She is a member of your Maori race. I was just told that in a BOT hui. What century isn’t his? #maori
24/03/2016 6:36 Your people in reference to Maori and “she is one of yours so will understand” at BOT #maori 1840 this year.
31/03/2016 20:46 Taiuru quits spectrum trust #maori @waateanews #spectrum
31/03/2016 21:41 New Māori word invented for ‘selfie’ is ‘matatahi’ #reo #maori’
31/03/2016 22:59 Farewell Te Huarahi Tika Trust and Hautaki. My resignation. #maori #spectrum
1/04/2016 7:37 Got a job working with children? Time to learn Te Reo and diagnose rheumatic fever #maori kapai @AnneTolleyMP
2/04/2016 21:41 RT @TeKaeaOfficial: A leader of Māori broadcasting has passed away in Auckland this morning. Tanara Whairiri Ngata, also known as… https:…
2/04/2016 21:46 Another totara has fallen. Whai Ngata. Moe mai ra e te rangatira #maori
2/04/2016 22:50 It is a sad time in society when we have no respect for our returned servicemen. Politicians with short memories and no respect @maraetv
3/04/2016 7:29 RT @nonplasticmaori: Maori celebrating Captain Cook’s arrival and terming it “Te Ha” amounts to cultural stockholm syndrome.…
3/04/2016 23:18 Tuhoe’s Bloody Sunday #maori A Story gross breach of trust by the govt and Rua Kenana
7/04/2016 1:04 2 more Iwi domain names approved today and . Full list at #maori
7/04/2016 7:19 New look for my University IT cubicle #maori #tinorangatira
7/04/2016 8:17 “RT @cannibality: ‘we kōrero our brown words
through fibre-optic, satellite networks
of tukutuku DNA.’”
7/04/2016 21:01 Māori Data Sovereignty: A definition #maori
12/04/2016 6:50 Māori Data Sovereignty #maori
12/04/2016 8:08 Worlds fastest Māori on @N8TVAFFAIRSTV Inspirational young man. #maori
13/04/2016 21:37 Māori Data Sovereignty: Utopia or feasible? #maori
13/04/2016 23:04 Australian indigenous children 24 times more likely to be locked up #Indigenous
14/04/2016 21:41 RT @NZComCom: Warning to New Zealand trade mark holders about letters requesting payment |
14/04/2016 22:02 Māori Data Sovereignty: Utopia or feasible? #maori
17/04/2016 3:14 RT @wordsxJB: Is @Sci_Hub the sound of distant thunder at the picnic that is academic publishing? @ConversationEDU…
17/04/2016 21:08 “RT @NgaPaeotM: Today is the last day left to apply for @reomaori and @NgaPaeotM – ‘Kia Ita’ Masters Scholarship worth $10,000!…”
17/04/2016 21:51 Māori electorate candidates online details #maori
18/04/2016 1:02 New Zealand Maori Council big shakeup #maori
18/04/2016 8:00 RT @JBHoughton: One of the strongest influences on the academic performance of a young person is their family or whānau… #education #Māor…
18/04/2016 22:11 CYF ‘racist’ says Tariana Turia #maori
19/04/2016 6:39 RT @TeUruroaFlavell: Reminder, come chat with Marama and I tonight in ChCh.
19/04/2016 23:01 Split in leadership of NZ Māori Council leads to South Island delegation walking away #maori
20/04/2016 1:03 Taonga Collection no eating sign for libraries etc. Free. #maori @LIANZAPresident @LIANZAPresident @LincolnULibrary
20/04/2016 6:05 Let us not forget the 20,000 recent returned servicemen from Timor, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc etc. #rsa #anzac @TV3nz
20/04/2016 8:48 @TheHuiTV3 Outdated with Iwi authorities, Urban Maori groups and Iwi leaders Forum. Any group with such public issues is not goof for #maori
20/04/2016 21:05 ‘Snapchat’s Bob Marley look-alike feature sparks Twitter backlash’ has implications for ta moko and kauae #maori
20/04/2016 22:46 RT @SHaunui: NZ Maori Council chairman responds to claim of instability
21/04/2016 6:42 As a Māori member of the advisory group for online voting, I agree with @metiria re online voting #maori
21/04/2016 6:42 Chance to engage Maori voters online lost #maori
23/04/2016 21:50 The waka is beached re Maori Council. #thehui #maori
26/04/2016 22:20 domain has 960 registrations down 15 from last month has 98 up one registration #maori
27/04/2016 22:07 Returning Maori adzes to Ngai Tahu the “right thing to do” #maori #ngaitahu
27/04/2016 23:28 I thought free wifi would keep bored teens out of trouble, but not with Raetihi Library
29/04/2016 0:34 Mispronunciation of Taranaki te reo Maori words ‘not good enough’ #maori #tereo
29/04/2016 0:49 RT @TeKaeaOfficial: “If I could go back, I never would have gone to Vietnam” – former Māori SAS soldier
29/04/2016 1:55 Young Maori stats of technology used to access the internet #maori
29/04/2016 22:43 RT @usembassynz: “If we don’t use social media to tell our story we miss talking to an entire generation” @bing_lou #scnz2016…
1/05/2016 21:54 Māori youth digital access stats. Shows older Maori society needs to adapt more to the Internet #Maori
1/05/2016 23:17 Racist Tauranga councilors not happy with original Māori names being used. #maori
2/05/2016 1:04 @MatMullany I have been told that NSTA states a permanent manawhenua BOT seat is illegal though? Great article though.
2/05/2016 1:11 Is Māori representation Māori privilege? A great article but NZSTA advises Māori can’t have a permanent seat #Maori
2/05/2016 1:47 @MatMullany Do you have a link to more info? Ngā mihi bro.
2/05/2016 2:09 @NZSchoolTrustee Tomorrow schools’ allows for schools to decide if they have permanent Manawhenua BOT seat via @MatMullany. Do you agree?
2/05/2016 2:12 @MatMullany @NZSchoolTrustee sorry, trying to compress words. NZSTA response as to how this would impact a manawhenua seat?
2/05/2016 10:26 @HuhanaDuncan Tino mohio 🙂
2/05/2016 10:29 @FavMaoriGirl Digital Colonialism again. This time using tax payer money to breach article II taking taonga and holding #Maori to ransom
2/05/2016 22:59 RT @28MaoriBn: Ngarimu VC and 28th Maori Battalion scholarship applications are open!Closes Sept 30. Apply apply apply…
3/05/2016 1:33 Whanau concerns about the treatment of loved tūpāpaku. Make a submission to the Māori Select Committee #maori
3/05/2016 1:47 Inquiry into whanau access to and management of Tupapaku #maori
4/05/2016 9:34 @TheHuiTV3 Sounds like a very Pākehā question. You need whakapapa to be Māori and not reo.
5/05/2016 7:16 RT @TeManuKorihi: Waitangi Tribunal backs TPP treaty clause
5/05/2016 7:31 TPPA Treaty clause not a breach, Tribunal says #maori
9/05/2016 23:26 Cool te reo Māori initiative at Otago Uni #maori #tereo
12/05/2016 0:06 Digital superhero kids from Ngati Ruanui Trust  #maori
12/05/2016 1:11 UCOL plans to sack librarians and student helpers. What is the future of libraries?
12/05/2016 3:35 Protesters who wouldn’t move for elderly would have lost a lot of public support with their stupidity
12/05/2016 20:54 Group condemns Maori council posts #Maori
12/05/2016 21:31 Maori Party saves Race Relations + Equal Opportunities Commissioners roles. Kapai @FoxMarama @TeUruroaFlavell #maori
12/05/2016 23:33 Māori urged to put hand up for school boards while parliament and local councils have permanent seat options #maori
16/05/2016 0:01 Iwi Justice Panel #maori
16/05/2016 23:15 Court sides with Oil Company not Maori Rights and orders Heritage to pay  $120k #maori
16/05/2016 23:19 Maori population increases over 200,000 in 20 years Or if you are a numbers geek #maori
17/05/2016 21:54 Helen Clark #Indigenous support challenged to become the next United Nations secretary general #maori
17/05/2016 22:31 Tamariki geeks. South Taranaki technology programme shows students where IT can take them #maori
18/05/2016 21:52 Maori skull on its way back home after 130 years from a Scottish perspective #maori
19/05/2016 3:03 Iwi deal example for other councils #maori
19/05/2016 3:24 Maori economic hui.. young Maori in particular needed to know who they were and how to be digital citizens. #maori
19/05/2016 3:25 RT @nzosa: Nominations for the 2016 New Zealand Open Source Awards are now open: Put up awesome #foss people and pr…
19/05/2016 9:44 @Te_Taipo ?
19/05/2016 9:49 @Te_Taipo Oh, sounds colonial. yeah I heard those kōrero being a white Māori. Whakapapa makes us Māori and that is all that matters.
19/05/2016 9:52 @Te_Taipo ko wai e hoa?
19/05/2016 9:55 @Te_Taipo kapai, will check it out. Disturbing though
21/05/2016 22:50 Institutional racisim in Aotearoa by Moana Maniapoto #maori
22/05/2016 1:43 Digital TV needs to rethink its business model with 1000’s watching parker fight for free.
22/05/2016 23:36 Is it time for a modern Tama Toa group to be established to combat the many issues #maori have that govt can not assist with?
23/05/2016 1:10 Polynesian Panthers. Will ‘Ilolahia: Once a Panther, always a Panther. #maori
24/05/2016 1:49 New technology to monitor amount of te reo on Māori radio. This should be modified for text and tv as well. #maori
24/05/2016 1:55 Māori at the NZ Hi Tech awards #maori
24/05/2016 8:15 Māori, proud, tikanga aware, fit and educated. Dr Heke is a role model for all Maori @N8TVAFFAIRSTV #maori
24/05/2016 8:35 RT @wepihatekanawa: Tika Karaitiana, he was very inspirational too when I was interviewing him! @ktaiuru @N8TVAFFAIRSTV
24/05/2016 20:20 2nd largest repatriation since 1990  of Maori remains from the Smithsonian in America #maori
24/05/2016 21:06 10 Ngāi Tahu youth to visit Silicon Valley 4 a five-day science, technology, engineering and math boot camp. #maori
25/05/2016 6:33 Te Puea marae taking in homeless people. Aweaome! Come on other marae. Maybe Working poor pay small rent and others koha, vege patch #maori
25/05/2016 6:36 Maori lived off the land while living on marae. Why don’t marae adapt same principles and assist homeless? @N8TVAFFAIRSTV @tvOneNews #maori
25/05/2016 20:19 @BR3NDA @Te_Taipo @rhimona A lot of progress indeed. And a long road ahead.
25/05/2016 21:10 An insight into pre European fathers and children. Colonisation and brainwashing #maori
26/05/2016 3:08 Warning: Twitter spam targeting Māori #maori #tereo
26/05/2016 6:15 Twitter spam targeting Māori #maori #tereo
26/05/2016 6:29 #nativeaffairs is one of several Māori twitter hashtags being targeted with spam #maori #tereo Tupata whānau
26/05/2016 6:55 Marae could be a solution to nz homeless? #maori
26/05/2016 7:26 @thestorynz Maybe Sallies and Marae could work together as Marae may have better infrastructure as written at #maori
26/05/2016 22:42 Maori emoji keyboard comming mid July. About time for many of us #maori
27/05/2016 2:17 More racism in Taranaki council. Aue! #maori
27/05/2016 22:04 @Anahera6 It will further normalise te ao Maori in digital world. Always room for abuse tho like recent brown emojis. But more positive.
28/05/2016 2:49 RT @PeeniHenare: Donations pouring in at Te Puea Marae! Thank you to all the generous people and businesses #Manaaki #housingcrisis https:/…
29/05/2016 20:06 RT @papanahi: If you have spare blankets towels toiletries or time please donate to Te Puea Marae Mangere 2 help families in need https://t…
29/05/2016 21:45 Talofa! It is Samoan Language week #SLW2016
29/05/2016 21:51 Twitter #maori and other accounts being targeted by spammers again today. Block and Report whanau.
29/05/2016 22:57 #NativeAffairs hashtag being spammed in Twitter with naked pics via innocent tweets and various hashtags. Tupato #maori @N8TVAFFAIRSTV
29/05/2016 23:00 The spammers of #NativeAffairs hastag are also using spam in #teoreo with hashtags linked to nude pics. Block and Report #maori
30/05/2016 0:31 Kia neke atu ō rā ki te ora roa. Live a long and healthy life. #MāoriMonday
30/05/2016 22:46 Maori have a right to be represented #maori #representation
30/05/2016 22:53 Applicable to School Trustees who ignore Māori rights; Maori have a right to be represented #maori @NZSchoolTrustee
30/05/2016 23:07 Hi-Tech Trust Chair Wayne Norrie: Strong interest in the new Callaghan Innovation Maori Innovation category #maori
30/05/2016 23:29 New approach needed to get Maori voting #maori But this will not help our school BOT elections at least short term
31/05/2016 21:07 RT @2TAPU: Dear Mr Duff: My husband’s not Jake the Muss and nor are my sons
31/05/2016 21:31 RT @BR3NDA: Predictive modelling – the modern way to take our world’s racist sexist horrible past and apply to the future too.…
1/06/2016 1:59 Broadcasting Standards Authority find TV3 story lacked sensitivity #maori
1/06/2016 20:50 Maori language community and its failure to increase use of te reo Maori over the past 20 years. #maori #tautoko
1/06/2016 20:52 Mangling Maori place names should be a thing of the past, according to the Maori lawyers. #maori #tereo
1/06/2016 22:38 Whanau Tahi up for global Microsoft prize #maori
1/06/2016 22:49 “RT @whaeapower: Te Puea Marae in Mangere are helping a lot of ppl who are hurting right now.
Help them heal and feed hearts.…”
4/06/2016 4:48 Pilot whales beaching is watching a mass suicide in slow motion. Watching from marae in koukourarata. #maori
4/06/2016 6:42 @slambert360 in Lincoln now, but was happening still when i left.
6/06/2016 22:02 Willie Jackson speaks about Maori language elitists & exposes the truth that deters many of us from speaking #maori
6/06/2016 22:04 Manurewa Marae is to help Te Puea Marae with the overflow of people they aren’t able to take in #maori #tono
6/06/2016 22:17 Now gender balance is better, how about we get a/some Māori councilors on board @InternetNZ #maori
7/06/2016 0:15 @BR3NDA @InternetNZ Maori who are dedicated to Maori achievement and aspirations with a technical background would be great. Like @Te_Taipo
7/06/2016 0:42 Ngā mihi o Matariki ki a koutou. Happy Māori New Years everyone #maori #Matariki
7/06/2016 1:54 Maori leader Sir Graham Latimer dies #maori
7/06/2016 8:08 Govt agencies and social service providers need to work together and stop the homeless issue @N8TVAFFAIRSTV
7/06/2016 8:19 New imigrants learning #tereo Māori. Imagine NZ where more imigrants speak Māori than Māori. Reo revitalisation plan @N8TVAFFAIRSTV #maori
7/06/2016 21:52 Sir Graham Latimer the most influential Maori of his generation. A mighty totara has fallen. #maori
8/06/2016 1:25 Marae addressing the housing crisis a pointer to what can be achieved by Whanau Ora once fully operational. #Maori
8/06/2016 2:07 RT @whaeapower: Any trades ppl free to work on Manurewa Marae so that they can do what Te Puea Marae are doing?
8/06/2016 21:16 RT @IndigenousTweet: #Cree language gets 21st-century reboot from First Nation Canadians
8/06/2016 21:19 Data, leadership key to improving Māori achievement #maori
14/06/2016 0:05 More female Pacific and Māori youth needed for techno future #Maori
14/06/2016 8:10 Māori society could be blamed for wahine smokers not giving up, if stats are acurate. Don’t say taxes on ciggies are racist. #nativeaffairs
15/06/2016 22:30 Tackling Māori over-representation in the justice system #maori
17/06/2016 1:31 @TeUruroaFlavell calls for more Māori in tech sector #maori Ka pai!
17/06/2016 1:31 Whānau Tahi in Microsoft health awards #Maori
21/06/2016 8:49 Māori war heroes of vietnam @maoritv Proud to know and have known some of you. Lessons learnt, respect to them all and thier whanau #maori
21/06/2016 8:56 The Ghosts We Brought Home @maoritv Vietman vets. Do we treat our returning vets from peace keeping/missions an wars with due respect #anzac
21/06/2016 9:18 Kingi Taurua talks about Vietnam war PTSD. Skinned alive and ure cut off, just one story. Arohamai e te rangatira. #maori @maoritv
21/06/2016 9:28 The women are the ones who keep whanau together and protect everyone with war vets @maoritv #maori
22/06/2016 8:49 @N8TVAFFAIRSTV This is a common occurrence that all Indigenous Peoples need to consider. Safe not to do any digital images. Tikanga. #maori
23/06/2016 1:59 Ngāi Tahu assists with new coding initiative in te reo #maori
23/06/2016 3:13 My Food Bag advertising – stereotyped or smart?. Or just racist? #maori #Indigenous
5/07/2016 8:19 First time i have ever actually agreed with Willie Jackson. Aue! He is not too bad after all. @N8TVAFFAIRSTV
6/07/2016 0:34 How usable is the te reo Maori smartphone? #maori #tereo
8/07/2016 20:20 Ministry of Health and smokers killing our babies? #maori #pepipod
17/07/2016 20:23 Māori rangatahi head to Silicon Valley #maori
18/07/2016 6:51 Motivating listening and engaging with the very sharp @FoxMarama at Lincoln University this alvo. Good we are not too small to ignore #maori
19/07/2016 8:08 @N8TVAFFAIRSTV you are still advertising the wrong Twitter address to Tweet about your awesome show. Might explain the low tweets #maori
25/07/2016 22:03 Ngai Tahu youth going to Silicon Valley #maori
25/07/2016 23:02 Ruatāhuna gets broadband network #maori
26/07/2016 7:50 RT @N8TVAFFAIRSTV: Here’s the link to livestream #NativeAffairs tonight at 8pm whanau. Our first story up is Patrick Salmon’s… https://t.…
26/07/2016 8:10 Māori were known to quickly adapt to change. Pan/bi/homo/metro sexuals are a part of our society. Let moko adapt too @N8TVAFFAIRSTV #maori
27/07/2016 21:03 Māori household access to the Internet is 16% less than non Maori.3 years ago it was 18% less than non Māori #Maori
27/07/2016 22:51 @redtahr The report also states that lack of infrastructure is more of an issue for non access than with non Maori. Entertainment is king.
27/07/2016 22:51 “Māori rights” removed from unitary plan #maori
27/07/2016 23:39 @redtahr A part of the Urewera has broadband this week. But yes re other settlements which often have fibre on rd not into settlements tho
28/07/2016 1:06 “RT @Ohheykenny: Radio “”How Racky””? How tacky. It’s 2016.
“”The real reason Radio Hauraki refuses to pronounce its own name right.””
28/07/2016 22:09 Māori are most likely to use the Internet for social media, music, networking and education information #maori
30/07/2016 21:30 RT @Idle_No_More: 13 year old Aboriginal girl is locked up in the men’s prison in Alice Springs. She is terrified she may be raped…. http…
30/07/2016 21:42 More CYFS incompetence being exposed on #thehui Looking forward to Dame Tariana Turia and her korero #maori
30/07/2016 22:13 Radio Hauraki to correctly pronounce its own name after all of these years of saying Howraki #maori
30/07/2016 22:18 Ironic how Maori were called savages, yet it was gentleman like to keep and pose with human heads #maori #Indigenous
31/07/2016 8:27 RT @TeManuKorihi: Mana, Maori Party want seats ‘back in Maori hands’’
1/08/2016 7:07 Kia orana! It’s Cook Islands Language Week! Rarotonga national greeting is Kia orana (Key-ah Or-Ra-Na) #CookIslandsLanguageWeek
1/08/2016 7:20 Digital colonialism and the hidden issues for Māori today #maori
2/08/2016 3:33 Maori Party won’t support Helen Clark despite UN declaration empty rhetoric as it not in any NZ legislation #maori
2/08/2016 22:00 Digital colonialism and the hidden tikanga issues for Maori today with intro of Internet to rural areas #maori
2/08/2016 22:33 Aue! Professor Sir Ngatata Love on trial for defrauding his iwi Time for the other side of the story pls? #maori
4/08/2016 5:53 @KiwibankNZ 1st your staff don’t use my first name now they refuse to listen to a 13 year old trying to unlock their account. Time to move.
4/08/2016 20:47 Iwi sign vow of respect for ‘nation’s kids’ #maori
5/08/2016 3:28 Next time I hear Poi e movie being referred to as ‘poi a’ Im going to say something not too nice. #maori #MaoriIssues #tereo
5/08/2016 4:55 @FiNZ63 well said. Tautoko!
5/08/2016 8:46 Quoting @1stanwalker and @TaikaWaititi from Poi e movie “everyone knows the song, but nobody knows the words” lol but true. Awesome movie!
7/08/2016 7:35 @ranginui kia kaha bro! Still plenty of them around sadly.
7/08/2016 22:55 RT @TeKaeaOfficial: Labour MP Nanaia Mahuta is believed to be the first Member of Parliament to receive a facial moko while in office. http…
7/08/2016 23:06 @fuck_lupus many govt web sites don’t recognise macrons. I did some research last year on it. Too much money to fix for govt.
7/08/2016 23:44 An Innocent Warrior. Am Aljazeera doco of the injustices of the Tuhoe raids #maori #indigenous
9/08/2016 2:04 Is it tapu to have Pokemon and Gyms on your marae, Urupa and other wahi tapu? Options and korereo #maori
9/08/2016 8:07 No Māori MP for @labour on #nativeaffairs debate on homeless??? @NgatiBird @RinoTirikatene @PeeniHenare te mea te mea???
9/08/2016 8:08 RT @PeeniHenare: @ktaiuru @labour @NgatiBird @RinoTirikatene didn’t get an invite from @N8TVAFFAIRSTV #ThingsThatMakeYouGohmm
9/08/2016 8:10 @PeeniHenare @labour @NgatiBird @RinoTirikatene @N8TVAFFAIRSTV that is pouri. It is a Māori audience. Kia kaha! #maori
9/08/2016 8:30 Tautoko your mortgage korero and policy changes @FoxMarama on #nativeaffairs
9/08/2016 8:58 @billbennettnz would be great to see more analysis of support costs, training n changing peoples perceptions of OS. But a great start.
9/08/2016 23:28 NZ Post has issued a warning about a scam email l that tells people they have a parcel waiting for them #warning #nz
9/08/2016 23:29 @amscraig The hidden dark side of being Maori in today’s society. Kia kaha and hope a future generation may not know this way.
9/08/2016 23:48 @amscraig Not just urban, but more so yes. Very common.
10/08/2016 22:25 Māori names being Trademarked in China while NZ government does nothing to protect our taonga #maori #tereo
11/08/2016 8:41 Māori no longer need Tinder. Finding Aroha on @maoritv inianei. Aue, whaea and cuz checking out a wahine for their tama 🙂 #maori
11/08/2016 9:08 RT @28MaoriBn: Can you help identify a soldier in this photo? And a final call for photos for publication https://t…
11/08/2016 20:33 Recognition of Treaty in Oaths and Declarations Amendment Bill lacks support and understanding @FoxMarama #Maori
11/08/2016 21:01 Indigenous innovation is on the agenda at Hi Tech Youth Network hui. Ka pai more digital Māori. #Maori
11/08/2016 22:56 Women, Māori, Asians still under-represented on boards #maori
14/08/2016 22:10 60,000 Māori and Pacific youth targeted for ICT jobs by 2020
14/08/2016 23:35 @TeUruroaFlavell Looks like @waikato has the same issue.
15/08/2016 23:35 Indigenous Innovation Hui bringing #maori
15/08/2016 23:35 Too few Maori aiming for tech jobs #maori
17/08/2016 1:09 Free #tereo Māori teaching resources in the digital classroom #maori
17/08/2016 7:41 Te anuanu hoki! Ooh that is gross! How disguisting! #maori #kiwaha #tereo
17/08/2016 20:58 Wehi na = OMG. #kiwaha #tereo #maori
18/08/2016 0:19 Māori translation automated system claims it can be accurate #maori
18/08/2016 1:06 @CmmdrZed not sure what you are trying to say?
18/08/2016 1:28 @CmmdrZed tautoko 100%. I thought your reply was about the kiwaha tweet lol.
19/08/2016 0:07 Ka mutu te toa ko koe! = You’re  da  bomb! #maori #kiawha #tereo
19/08/2016 3:06 Maori who speak likely to be targeted for surveillance under a new bill covering the New Zealand spy agencies #maori
19/08/2016 3:17 Māori Party cautiously support intelligence and security bill #maori
20/08/2016 0:06 RT @RBlaikie: Great interview of @otago Prof Ruru @SaturdayRNZ — informative & challenging — Māori law is part of NZ law…
20/08/2016 7:22 RT @NZinUK: Team @NZinUK are weeding the #BulfordKiwi today. Carved by NZ #WWI soldiers in the UK. It’s still there!
23/08/2016 6:06 Great initiative offering online education. Good to see some of our MP’s understand technology and digital natives @hekiaparata
23/08/2016 8:24 Strong beautiful wahine who survived weak men and their abuse on @N8TVAFFAIRSTV Lets all break the cycle. It’s not Maori culture #maori
24/08/2016 1:22 Kua oti te ao! That says it all! #maori #kiwaha #tereo
24/08/2016 6:13 Voted online for Ngāti Pāhauwera Development Trust elections. Inclusive of all and easy. Good to whakapapa to a modern Iwi. #maori
24/08/2016 7:40 @ruwanijourno @jcolemanmp umm was that pic before or after eating?
24/08/2016 8:53 Iwi give education starter packs to kids. The best way to ensure we have more educated Maori kids. #maori
24/08/2016 9:00 RT @nzpxm: Diceware is a great way to come up with an extremely secure password. And fun. Better still, try the Māori version…
25/08/2016 0:41 Young Maori woman brings cultural perspective to dairy farming @LincolnUniNZ #maori
25/08/2016 8:33 Sisterly love for her brother on @FindingAroha Good luck ladies. #maori
25/08/2016 8:50 Handcuffs, kissing strangers and some funny honest korero with a tv show you can safely watch with your mum and aunties @FindingAroha #maori
25/08/2016 9:01 @grb090423 @FindingAroha ae lol. The whole whanau too lol
25/08/2016 9:29 Maori culture/cyber punk/ modern dance. Ka mau te wehi! Just awesomeness on Haka Fusion with Te Hononga @maoritv #maori
25/08/2016 9:40 Fav part of #findingaroha was “free food” comment and then “…she doesn’t eat salad like other females” 🙂 Aesome show btw
25/08/2016 22:31 Old fashioned views like this will see the demise of libraries
25/08/2016 23:17 No Pakeha Rights were harmed in the making of this video. Law parody on race relations in NZ #maori
26/08/2016 0:03 Iwi need to reconsider their investments in technology industry where Maori are under represented #maori
28/08/2016 20:46 ‘There’s just not enough speakers of Maori’ (at least in the South) #maori
29/08/2016 1:18 Business course for Pasifika, Maori in Timaru #maori
30/08/2016 2:05 RT @HuhanaDuncan: I would love to benefit from listening to these amazing Māori women but the cost is insane #leadership #summit
30/08/2016 8:07 War hero Lance Corporal Rory Malone deserves a medal ceremony for giving his life in our NZ’s name. Moemoea e te rangatira @N8TVAFFAIRSTV
30/08/2016 8:15 @matairangismith @N8TVAFFAIRSTV kapai for bringing this story back into public view.
30/08/2016 8:30 @ManiaClarke @maoritv @NanaiaMahuta Ka pai! Very motivating and a good role model.
3/09/2016 8:33 RT @TeKaeaOfficial: The final two members of the Te Mātāwai team have been announced. On Friday the Minister of Māori development… https:…
3/09/2016 22:42 Ancient Moriori taonga being vandalised on the Chathams. Thankfully we have Te Papa to protect, but not ideal @TheHuiTV3 #maori
4/09/2016 1:14 @ngahupotaka @TheHuiTV3 I would like to see a political party full of our Iwi/Biz leaders from all over the motu
5/09/2016 1:58 Warning over Māori Land Act changes #maori
5/09/2016 8:11 The Invisible Digital Divide In Libraries
6/09/2016 7:53 New Zealand Software and Data Carpentry Instructor Training 2017 seeking more Maori and PI involvement #maori
6/09/2016 22:31 Who owns the copyright to your Tāmoko? #maori
6/09/2016 22:32 Hopefully we have no Maori Ta Moko experts questioning this. My moko is my whakapapa. #maori
7/09/2016 5:12 @N8TVAFFAIRSTV Congratulations and great to see.
8/09/2016 5:58 Free Te Reo resource:1300+ Christian, Mormon and non religious Māori names with equivalent English #maori #tereo
8/09/2016 5:59 @2020TrustNZ @DesignDem @EdNZ not very good if you live outside of the three cities? Will it expand?
8/09/2016 9:01 Will there be a follow up on how the couples got along after the show @FindingAroha ? Curiosity and all 🙂
8/09/2016 21:57 Low level torture device used at Christchurch library to deter youth loitering and not a youth worker
8/09/2016 22:16 Sign the open letter to the NZ Rugby Union: #LoveRugbyRespectWomen via @NZHumanRights
9/09/2016 1:13 The Lasting Impact of Mispronouncing Students’ Names. Applicable to Maori as well #maori #indigenous
9/09/2016 3:08 Law change needed for ta moko #maori
11/09/2016 23:10 Why Maori shouldn’t trust the GCSB? #maori Seems to lack substance.
12/09/2016 3:08 Brown people get everything they want #maori Sad but reflective of NZ society.
12/09/2016 8:50 @BR3NDA He patai pai! @temihinga is the Twitter reo/kupu hou expert 🙂
12/09/2016 8:59 Christ’s College rugby player found guilty of racial abuse. I hope this encourages more complaints
12/09/2016 20:48 Word list and analysis of te reo Moriori and free ebook here #maori #Indigenous
13/09/2016 4:53 Longish but great read. 10 things I wish my friends knew about being Māori #maori
14/09/2016 3:48 @humuana Glad it is of some use to you. Please share and do anything you want with the list.
16/09/2016 10:03 Kauamatua threatened with arrest for speaking Māori. My opinion. #maori
17/09/2016 3:31 @mwehipeihana @ceejayjoe A traffic light issue was mentioned but denied according to media
17/09/2016 21:54 You have more influence being in the inner circle of power than being in opposition, despite differences. #thehui kapai @FoxMarama
18/09/2016 8:20 RT @saveihumatao: The land in question was confiscated and then given to descendants of the current owners. No money has ever changed hands…
18/09/2016 21:36 RT @TeOhuKaimoana: the #kermadec sanctuary is worse than Foreshore Seabed because it expropriates an existing right, says Dion Tuuta https:…
18/09/2016 21:50 Disney releases Polynesian skin kids outfit. Racist? #maori #Indigenous
18/09/2016 22:21 Digital Whakapapa for Ngāi Te Rangi #maori
19/09/2016 9:12 Media reports censorship of moko images on social media, but some misunderstand which organisation can assist #maori
19/09/2016 9:19 Brown syndrome. Just because a person is Maori does not mean they speak Maori and now everything about Maori #maori
19/09/2016 20:37 Brown syndrome. Just because a person is Maori does not mean they speak Maori and know everything about Maori #maori
19/09/2016 20:39 Media reports censorship of moko images on social media #maori
20/09/2016 0:23 Te Tai Hauauru Maori Party candidate Debbie Ngarewa Packer interview #maori
20/09/2016 7:28 Pasifika advocates call out Disney for appropriating Moana costume #maori
20/09/2016 7:53 NZ First lets down iwi and regions with bizarre behavior and no word from NZ First? Thoughts to individulas #maori
20/09/2016 23:23 10% of the total kiwifruit crop is produced on Māori land Chairman of Zespri Peter McBride says #maori
21/09/2016 0:59 RT @winstonpeters: Common sense reply to Gerry’s latest rant:
21/09/2016 1:01 RT @winstonpeters: Why are the Treaty settlement bills not going ahead under urgency in the House on Friday? Here’s why:…
21/09/2016 20:46 “RT @pm4gis: Join our Mātauranga Māori GIS Wānanga 17 Oct, learn Google Earth Pro 3D, online mapping! @earthoutreach”
22/09/2016 1:21 Disney pulls Maui costume. #maori #indigenous Glad that i was one of many out spoken people.
22/09/2016 3:11 Google Translate and NZ society’s stereotype of Māori people #maori #indigenous
22/09/2016 19:08 NZ society’s inherited stereotype of Māori and their tereo abilities and cultural knowledge ##Maori
22/09/2016 21:01 Which is New Zealand’s whitest region? No surprises for the South Island. Not sure saying ‘whitest’ is good #Maori
22/09/2016 21:54 More Māori women needed on governance table he pai korero  @TraciHoupapa #maori
24/09/2016 22:42 Disturbing #maori
25/09/2016 8:18 @ranginui I look forward to reading it if you get it written 🙂
26/09/2016 2:26 RT @NZTEnews: Minister @TeUruroaFlavell encourages more Māori to study the #agribusiness sector via @Rural_News | h…
28/09/2016 20:54 Māori advocate speaks out against proposed name change for historical racism against Māori #maori #indigenous
28/09/2016 21:03 RT @awkward_orchid: by Māori privilege does Brash mean having your land stolen, language beaten out of you, living in poverty, & police unc…
28/09/2016 22:52 Māori, female and I ❤ tech. A moving article @kamikazilady #maori
29/09/2016 6:00 ‘You’ll never undo the hurt.’ A Māori woman’s open letter to Don Brash via @TheSpinoffTV #maori
29/09/2016 7:03 RT @Mihi_Forbes: How Pākehā are you?
1/10/2016 0:21 Asians against Hobson’s Pledge and supporting Tino Rangatiratanga #maori #Indigenous
4/10/2016 20:20 Dictionary of Māori Computer and Social Media. #maori #tereo
5/10/2016 1:40 Māori Dictionary of Social Media and ICT kupu with over 374,000 headwords. To download   #maori #tereo
5/10/2016 1:47 @BR3NDA Retweet = kōanō or another one is tÄ«hau anō. Both in the papakupu 🙂 #tereo
5/10/2016 2:53 Major changes for Maori Land Court in Ministry of Justice overhaul #maori
5/10/2016 6:21 Te reo Maori moves into social media #maori Nga mihi @waateanews
5/10/2016 7:16 Mark Solomon courted by Maori Party?. If true a guaranteed a win. I predicted this months ago. #maori
5/10/2016 7:21 Part 2.Thoughts from August, why I think @Maori_Party talking to Mark Solomon is a good strategic decision #maori
5/10/2016 22:57 Māori Digital Technology Fund now open #maori #tereo
5/10/2016 23:42 Food for thought from Alan Duff: Not for us to retry crimes of past eras and #maori
5/10/2016 23:48 Background to Māori 30 mil fund thanks @PullarStrecker Fund details #maori
6/10/2016 23:36 Maori Party wouldn’t say no to New Plymouth mayor Andrew Judd joining ranks #maori
6/10/2016 23:37 Labour MP Meka Whaitiri questions rumored job cuts at Māori Land Court #maori
7/10/2016 2:15 Sir Ngatata Love jailed for two-and-a-half years for deceiving trust #maori
8/10/2016 5:20 Growing up Māori in NZ: Daily experience of racism at school, playing rugby, at University and at the shop #maori
8/10/2016 7:04 Māori politics overview discussing MāoriParty, Mana, Māori seats and Tuku Morgan. A great read. #maori
9/10/2016 20:30 Maori Council: FYI your web site is broken #maori
10/10/2016 22:10 A good use of govt scientists and academia to benefit Maori and Iwi #maori
11/10/2016 7:10 Thanks for tweeting tonights show details @N8TVAFFAIRSTV i had forgotten till i read it here.
11/10/2016 7:23 Good intelligent questions from Ward. Sadly the same courtesy was not shown with the answers @N8TVAFFAIRSTV
12/10/2016 1:16 RT @NgaiTahu: An amazing opportunity for Ngāi Tahu rangatahi to attend the SingularityU NZ Summit in Christchurch in November – https://t.c…
12/10/2016 7:40 Worker denied bereavement leave for his whangai brother. Sadly another part of law that lacks a Māori view #maori
13/10/2016 2:01 Returned Services Association appoint a Kaumatua. Hopefully this addresses some internal issues as well. #maori
16/10/2016 22:24 Educators tackle negative Maori stereotyping  #maori
17/10/2016 4:43 RT @TeKaeaOfficial: A new archaeological discovery at Ihumātao, known as Special Housing Area 62 (SHA 62), calls into question the… https…
17/10/2016 22:50 Experts employed by Fletchers failed to spot significant archaeological find, what else is there? #ihumatao #maori
19/10/2016 0:47 NGOs forced to join surveillance state
20/10/2016 2:07 No rangatiratanga while drugs scourge north. Ka pai Shane Jones. #maori Ka
22/10/2016 22:00 Nomalising te reo is normalising the culture brentmio8 on RnR. He pai whakaaro. #maori
24/10/2016 10:02 Bastion Point revisited – newly restored version of the documentary #maori
24/10/2016 21:08 RT @NDFNZ: Know people, groups/orgs bringing NZ’s digital culture & heritage to life? Nominate them for an NDF award by 4/11…
25/10/2016 4:45 Hosking’s controversial Maori comments cleared by BSA. Maori should boycott his shows to be more effective #Maori
30/10/2016 6:29 RT @FoxMarama: Howie Tamati is confirmed as Te Tai Hauauru candidate for the @Maori_Party – Debbie Packer was sensational -we would have lo…
30/10/2016 6:39 Social media status could win Māori seats. A growing factor + likelyhood but one that many Iwi and Māori leaders ignore @TheNationTV3 #maori
30/10/2016 6:43 @MaikiSherman points out Te Tai Tonga under achieving. I see voters ready to switch to general or new blood #maori
30/10/2016 6:52 How crucial will the Māori seats be in 2017? #maori
31/10/2016 2:50 Maori Party’s Te Tai Hauauru candidate says his challenge will be to turn out first time and irregular voters #maori
31/10/2016 20:18 RT @TheDailyBlogNZ: Why Labour need to lose the Maori electorates if a progressive Government is to have a chance« Daily Blog…
1/11/2016 7:40 First Māori gardens and their fate of new housing #maori # Otuataua
1/11/2016 19:57 Whanau Tahi adds smarts to digital health hui #maori
1/11/2016 21:56 Masterton’s new council attempt to remove voting rights from iwi appointees #maori
2/11/2016 19:50 Maori language dolls available to normalise te reo Māori #maori #tereo
2/11/2016 21:51 Time to end sexual abuse say says @NgatiBird Tēnā koe e te rangatira #maori
3/11/2016 20:05 @ranginui Te Paea?
3/11/2016 23:30 Seafood, honey, tourism, forestry, digital & social enterprise opportuntities for Maori economic development #maori
4/11/2016 1:55 Some Māori MP’s showing their support for Standing Rock. A pity not all are supporting #maori #StandingRock
5/11/2016 0:13 Countdown apologises, Racial profiling likely #maori I have seen this in The Palms Countdown too.
8/11/2016 1:11 Māori tech companies explore US market #maori
8/11/2016 8:44 Maori AB’s political message to stop? #maori
8/11/2016 21:15 RT @NZHumanRights: Lou Banks on being ‘half cast’ & why it meant it was difficult to fit into a Pakeha or Maori world…
8/11/2016 21:19 RT @ngar1mu: If MaoriAB Kane Hames can’t write Standing Rock on his arm band. Please stop all players writing God, drawing crosses, mum-dad…
8/11/2016 21:21 Spark partners with Nga Pumanawa e Waru to deliver subsidised broadband. Ka pai and @SparkNZ #maori
9/11/2016 0:02 RT @waateanews: Federation of Maori Authorities Chairman, Traci Houpapa #nzpol
9/11/2016 21:24 3 incidents pea with charter schools too? More than just auck too? @waateanews #maori
10/11/2016 2:35 RT @maoritv: Māori All Blacks aren’t underestimating Munster. Be sure to tune in this Saturday at 3.30pm for the game…
15/11/2016 0:10 RT @ChrisKeall: Wot no 2degrees?
15/11/2016 8:11 Mark Solomon rules out Māori Party Suspense as we only have a few worthy leaders in SI @Maori_Party #maori
15/11/2016 20:06 Navy to take strain off Kaikoura marae say Tā Mark Solomon Kā mihi @waateanews for the updates #maori #eqnz
16/11/2016 0:38 Ngai Tahu marae hubs for earthquake relief #maori @NgaiTahu @waateanews kapai korua
16/11/2016 1:24 RT @NgatiBird: Labour Party just voted to discharge the TPPA Bill. Maori Party just voted to keep it. #MaoriarmoftheNationalParty
16/11/2016 1:24 RT @NZHumanRights: If you’re interested in international reporting & the rights of #IndigenousPeoples then our free workshop is for you htt…
16/11/2016 5:35 RT @ranginui: I hope people lauding the work of iwi in the South Island at the moment remember it and put pressure on the govt for tino ran…
16/11/2016 8:51 Lincoln Uni proposes job losses, course changes with about 20% of Māori staff being looked at #maori
16/11/2016 22:24 RT @TurangaFM_News: “We have to think more smart about getting reo outcomes for the dollars we spend”. Larry Parr to iwi radio network.
18/11/2016 1:39 @Te_Taipo @TinyPirate Aunty Kaa no Rotorua. Not sure her pic should be used like this. I am in a room with her son atm.
18/11/2016 1:44 @Te_Taipo @TinyPirate we in a hui, so cant ask him directly at moment. But a personal decision to use it. I wouldn’t without permission.
18/11/2016 1:52 @TinyPirate @Te_Taipo never thought of this topic but now i am overthinking it.
18/11/2016 21:47 Geographical Indicators Bill Patronises Maori say @nz_first What about recognition of treaty and protection of names for all NZers? #maori
20/11/2016 3:28 Kia ora Mrs Taiuru nee Paringatai @FavMaoriGirl 🙂 #newlywed
20/11/2016 7:45 Digital whakapapa, where is it – Digital authorship and founders? #indigenous #maori
20/11/2016 7:57 Digital whakapapa, where is it – Digital authorship and founders? #maori
20/11/2016 23:09 Digital whakapapa, where is it Digital authorship and founders? #maori Result of another @InternetNZ funded project
22/11/2016 1:37 Digitizing #tereo research feedback #maori I suspect the respondents not aware of digitization #digitalcolonialisim
22/11/2016 8:01 Is digital whakapapa metadata? He patai pai! comments section #maori
22/11/2016 20:22 @PeataJade @IwiCollective Pea email Daphne Luke Chair of Te Huarahi Tika Trust and George Reedy Chair of Hautaki. Both orgs are our kaitiaki
22/11/2016 20:45 @Te_Taipo Tautoko especially Te Tai Tonga where we have no @Maori_Party candidate and a kehua in Labour and people wanting a political face
22/11/2016 20:51 RT @Te_Taipo: One of my long term concerns is how invisible Maori are in the political. Yes every now & then we are, but mostly, lately, we…
23/11/2016 19:49 Māori ICTgroups analysis, timeline and directory including people #maori Ngā mihi @InternetNZ mo te putea tautoko
23/11/2016 20:28 @ranginui Thanks, still some individuals to add for significant contributions to Maori ICT
24/11/2016 1:20 Coordination lacking in Maori language agencies. I have been saying this for years. #maori
24/11/2016 1:34 Who is who in the often anonymous Māori ICT world #maori
26/11/2016 6:00 RT @MelMarkShad: Maori Economy: Whakairo te whenua, whakairo te tangata: Data, data everywhere, nor any a datum to think………
27/11/2016 22:42 Quake-shelter marae faced communication breakdown @TeUruroaFlavell will will talk to ministers re improvement #maori
28/11/2016 0:18 10 Year online dispute resolution celebration, yet Māori and Indigenous Rights still ignored #maori #Indigenous
28/11/2016 6:31 RT @waikatoreo: Great to see @KiwibankNZ using Māori names in Featherston St. Don’t forget the tohutō on NÄ«kau. It’s important.  #tereo htt…
28/11/2016 19:57 Māori parties’ alliance could push Fox out of Parliament. This could be a deterrent to vote MP #maori
28/11/2016 21:39 Greens co-leader @metiria is planning to run in Te Tai Tonga against Labour’s Rino Tirakatene @RinoTirikatene #maori
28/11/2016 23:05 Metiria Turei to run against Rino Tirikatene in Te Tai Tonga. My initial thoughts #maori #tetaitonga
28/11/2016 23:24 Ae, not a good look for Labour doing dirty on own members. I question if this is reflective of Labour views of Maori?@RinoTirikatene #maori
29/11/2016 19:39 Behold, Māori politics’ great realignment. Or, don’t believe the hype #maori
30/11/2016 6:21 Aue, moe mai rā e te rangatira Awanuiārangi Black #maori
30/11/2016 8:02 RT @SinaWendtMoore: A dark piece of NZ history…in the 1870s, Pacific Island slaves worked in NZ flax mills and on the estates of… https…
30/11/2016 19:23 Metiria Turei says she doesn’t want anyone in Te Tai Tonga to vote for her, but she wants their party vote #maori
30/11/2016 21:17 CYF restructure may ‘breach Treaty’ say Maori Womens Welfare League’ #maori
1/12/2016 1:30 “RT @2TAPU: MPs who voted against marriage equality including our Deputy PM, Social Development Minister, even Women’s Minister
Pence no lon…”
1/12/2016 19:37 Racist Christchurch Santa Parade float OK says organizer #indigenous
1/12/2016 22:08 Sir Mark Solomon appointed to Canterbury District Health Board #maori
1/12/2016 22:17 Sadly not a new topic. There are also cultural issues re community work and stereotypes of the IT industry. A lack of role models etc #maori
1/12/2016 23:14 Would like to speak to someone re Māori translations of BlackBoard for inclusion in Maori ICT dictionary @BlackboardAPAC . #Maori
2/12/2016 2:12 Tā Tipene O’Regan: Is it time for senior Māori leaders to stand aside? #maori
2/12/2016 22:48 @BlackboardAPAC Thanks for the reply. I have emailed them and hopefully someone will reply.
3/12/2016 20:41 RT @TheHuiTV3: The Hui is on whānau!
3/12/2016 20:45 NZ land wars had more casualities than WWI @TheHuiTV3 #maori
3/12/2016 21:13 RT @FavMaoriGirl: Every secondary school in NZ gets copy of book “Great War for New Zealand” courtesy of Freemasons NZ #awesome #maori #the…
4/12/2016 1:57 @PeeniHenare is challenging his fellow MPs to show up for treaty settlement bills. Tautoko! #maori
4/12/2016 8:25 #indigenous #maori
4/12/2016 20:07 Māori loan words $300,000 research from the government’s Marsden Fund #maori  #tereo
6/12/2016 2:20 Indigenous Data Sovereignty book to download #maori #Indigenous
7/12/2016 22:51 No respect for Māori custodians, tribunal told #maori
9/12/2016 21:57 Tikanga missing from treaty settlements. Looks like an interesting book and reflects other leaders korero. #maori
9/12/2016 21:59 Lawyers could be the new muskets. In reference to settling raruraru without tikanga. Tā Tipene O’Regan. #maori
11/12/2016 9:42 New Ngai Tahu Rep for Kaikōura as Tā Mark Solomon steps down. Darren Kerei-Keepa kā mihi ki a koe #maori
12/12/2016 21:32 “RT @2TAPU: Anyone questioning how Maori @paulabennettmp is needs to take your colonising korero back where it belongs
Her whakapapa is her…”
13/12/2016 2:57 RT @erurerekura: “Don’t give Paula Bennett grief about her whakapapa, give her grief about her record on welfare reforms.” – Metiria Turei…
13/12/2016 7:20 @monsterlemon @MJWhitehead @metiria nice wee reminder for me to update my page on macrons
13/12/2016 19:20 You wouldn’t take the photo of your dead relation to the toilet, so why add it to social media where it will be viewed in all places? #maori



5/01/2015 7:31 #maori taboo online dating including. Looking forward to it @N8TVAFFAIRSTV
5/01/2015 7:37 Enviroment Canterbury (ECAN) see logic and changed rules of conflict #maori #Indigenous
5/01/2015 7:45 @Olivefarmer Not at all. Much like she didn’t understand spectrum issues and tikanga with 4G.
5/01/2015 7:48 Tinder is not sleazy. It is just the people who use it @N8TVAFFAIRSTV
5/01/2015 21:31 RT @temihinga: Kupu o te wā: namunamuā = delish! #tereo Namunamuā taku parakuihi. My bfast is yummo!
14/01/2015 5:59 First media interview of year. Māori ICT fund ‘wide-ranging’ #maori
20/01/2015 0:38 If we all thought like this. Why my Pakeha child goes to Kohanga Reo #maori
1/02/2015 5:21 reo to ipad generation  via animated graphic novellas #maori #tereo
2/02/2015 4:16 Wananga puts building pads on ipads #maori
2/02/2015 4:27 Free and online General Course on Intellectual Property (DL-101) with WIPO #maori
2/02/2015 18:30 Lincoln University Whenua Kura farming scholarships and 6 months paid work #maori
4/02/2015 5:09 Streaming Waitangi to web #maori
5/02/2015 0:25 Team denied entry into basketball tournament because coach isn’t Maori. WTH! #maori
5/02/2015 20:52 Maori Domain name registration stats: 1061 and 84.  #maori #indigenous
8/02/2015 21:34 Moe mai rā Uncle Api. A devastating blow to Māoridom. #maori
9/02/2015 8:45 RT @Ngati_Porou: We’ll be streaming live from Papa Api’s tangi beginning this evening over at Check back for more de…
9/02/2015 8:50 Up to date details about the man we lovingly refered to as Uncle/Papa Api, Dr Apirana Mahuika follow @Ngati_Porou #maori #totara
12/02/2015 6:33 Stats that back up the need for Marae and tikanga to adapt to technology and Internet to survive #maori
15/02/2015 3:06 Puna app for learning reo well #maori #tereo
16/02/2015 6:45 New domain just registered by Te Maru O Ruahine Trust #maori #iwi
17/02/2015 9:16 Proud we have a young female face and role model using #tereo place names on national TV @KanoaLloyd #maori @TV3nz
17/02/2015 9:45 @RichardHulse: OK folks, 66% of visitors to are now reading “3 News defends use of Te Reo:
17/02/2015 23:27 @KanoaLloyd ‘s Te Reo stance wins plaudits. So many uneducated people in NZ. #maori #reo #indigenous @TV3nz
17/02/2015 23:58 #TeReo trending on re @TV3nz stance to use original place names and #Maori greetings. Retweet original story
19/02/2015 3:00 Creative Commons Licences Translated into Te Reo Māori #TeReo #Maori #cc
19/02/2015 6:05 @Te_Taipo @SiskoBrown @singlemaltz @fuck_lupus Extraploating; 250-350k. I have a databse of 200k and many others in corpus to be sorted.
19/02/2015 6:15 @Taroaroa @Te_Taipo @SiskoBrown @singlemaltz @fuck_lupus My databse has yet to include Pataka Kupu too.
19/02/2015 6:33 Otago Daily Times Excellent that you are promoting Weather reporter hits back at Te Reo critics  #maori @odtnews
19/02/2015 6:44 First Indigenous language for Creative Commons to be translated into #Maori #Indigenous A major step for Maori IP
19/02/2015 9:20 Native Americans fight to keep family names on Facebook #Indigenous
19/02/2015 23:06 RT @RNZ_SatMorning: … Allan Ropper on neurological rabbitholes, @ktaiuru on Te Reo and the mainstream…
20/02/2015 20:37 RT @RNZ_SatMorning: Coming up, @ktaiuru on Te Reo, the mainstream, and the Internet
22/02/2015 7:26 Sharing licence translated #tereo #maori Kapai @waateanews
22/02/2015 7:32 Indigenous advocate for #TeReo, who has written on how Maori language could be better integrated in Aotearoa #maori
22/02/2015 7:33 @GrahamOliver8 @waateanews has a good explanation 🙂
22/02/2015 7:36 My @radionz kōrero with Kim HIll re #tereo #maori normalisation. More detailed thoughts in my web site this week
24/02/2015 9:22 @2TAPU I understand from a governance view, though i don’t agree and this needs to change. FIrst ethnicity is the only one counted.
24/02/2015 9:59 Te reo Maori experts are concerned a rewrite of the law protecting Maori language #Maori
24/02/2015 10:14 The first translation of the Creative Commons licences into an #indigenous language
24/02/2015 10:19 Te Matawai is questioned by #tereo experts, Pea #maori ICT experts should question the Maori ICT Fund? @DigitalMaori @nzmis @PlanetMaori
24/02/2015 20:44 RT @Te_Taipo: Maori Wordlist Diceware Password Generator POC v0.1 (example only, not for actual use) <-needs Tor bro…
25/02/2015 9:51 RT @amyadamsMP: Where the Digital Economy Is Moving the Fastest – HBR NZ one of worlds stand out countries for digital readiness  https://t…
26/02/2015 2:50 NZ #Indigenous domain name registrations for the end of January 2015 82 (-2) 1063 (+2)  #maori
26/02/2015 6:08 “Some #CreativeCommons licence in #tereo #maori
Attribution – Tautohu Matatiki
NonCommercial – Arumoni Kore
ShareAlike – Tiritiri Raihana”
27/02/2015 1:09 #Maori trust yesterday surrendered more than a quarter of its shareholding in 2degrees
27/02/2015 21:10 Māori ICT Fund update. Further engagement with key stakeholders towards the end of March #maori
8/03/2015 22:35 Creative Commons Advisory Panel seeking new candidate w/ experience or involvement in Māori knowledge #maori
9/03/2015 4:16 I just approved domain name. #iwi #maori  More details at
10/03/2015 18:28 Ngatiwai deal like ‘selling off the foreshore’’ #maori
11/03/2015 6:42 Ngatiwai deal like ‘selling off the foreshore UPDATED’ #maori
11/03/2015 8:06 RT @inghip: So critics say @Mihi_Forbes is too white to front Native Affairs & @KanoaLloyd is too Maori to present weather – what year r we…
11/03/2015 10:50 Quake effects compared to colonisation #maori
16/03/2015 4:38 Kura lack teaching technology #maori
16/03/2015 6:44 RT @TeKaeaOfficial: Make sure you catch Native Affairs tonight.. An Urban Tragedy – a story no parent should miss!
21/03/2015 0:50 Should #TeReo be compulsory in schools? Devoy says yes, Twitter racists say no #maori
22/03/2015 21:40 2Degrees Mobile buys Snap #Maori
22/03/2015 23:28 RT @waateanews: Two Degrees Snaps up internet company
25/03/2015 5:32 Te Huarahi Tika Trust celebrates a successful year #Maori #spectrum
26/03/2015 1:58 Spectrum trust airbrushes shrinking shareholding #maori #spectrum
26/03/2015 1:58 Spectrum trust happy with progress despite share shrink #maori #spectrum
26/03/2015 9:21 Te Huarahi Tika Trust on right path for commercial success #maori #spectrum
29/03/2015 8:33 Māori students join online protest against the closure of Aboriginal communities #maori
29/03/2015 18:11 Open Source: Impacts and Considerations for #Indigenous Populations #maori #osos2015
30/03/2015 18:15 RT @apsjournal: Book review of Being #Maori in the City: Indigenous Everyday Life in Auckland by Natacha Gagné.
30/03/2015 18:17 Ngati Toa sets Te Reo goals #maori
7/04/2015 4:09 Maori Spectrum Trust brings on heavy hitters #maori #spectrum
7/04/2015 7:28 RT @TeManuKorihi: Iwi back Aboriginal campaign in WA #Maori
8/04/2015 7:41 RT @waateanews: Kapa haka Facebook jape upsets Offensive-yes, illegal-doubtful. Just part of the digital age. #maori
8/04/2015 7:46 Kapahaka memes are offensive but legal and are typical of our digital lives, Media need to stop encouraging more memes.#aroha #maori
9/04/2015 5:46 Months of shoddy dial up speeds from national naked broadband providers and now we can actually stream video thanks @SparkNZ
11/04/2015 22:59 Phising attack targeting #maori using Kia ora at start of email from Delete the email. #spam
13/04/2015 8:33 Kapa Haka Meme – New digital age warning #maori
14/04/2015 21:33 Haka meme insults and now Returned Service men. #maori #anzac
16/04/2015 9:49 #OSOS2015 Indigenous view of open source and benefits 10.45-11.45 Renouf Foyer 1. #maori Tweet me questions to be answered at conf
16/04/2015 10:00 @anakegoodall Likely an added later. I will msg in morning if i get a def answer
16/04/2015 10:14 @anakegoodall just if more of our leaders thought/think like you. New generation are not so shy of change and have history to learn from
20/04/2015 8:07 Impacts and Considerations for #Indigenous Populations using Open Source. Presentation #OSOS2015 #maori
20/04/2015 9:58 @ranginui congrats and good luck on your appointment #maori
20/04/2015 21:37 Welcome Chris Cormack to the #CCANZ Panel #maori
21/04/2015 5:28 RT @CrownFibre: Bookings now open for free workshops in #Whanganui on using #UFB in your home, school or business: 1…
22/04/2015 23:49 Indigenous Domains not effected by new .nz domains #maori
27/04/2015 21:54 Marae-based digital project aims to close the gap #maori
4/05/2015 8:11 Learning or a #tereo #maori student
4/05/2015 8:25 RT @TeManuKorihi: Champion of Māori language dies
4/05/2015 8:45 Colonisation and IP theft hidden behind story of sympathy for Maori synthetic drugs, alcohol n nicotine! Wake up NZ  #maori @N8TVAFFAIRSTV
4/05/2015 9:11 Colonisation and IP theft hidden behind story of sympathy for Maori synthetic drugs, alcohol n nicotine! Wake up NZ #maori #nativeaffairs
5/05/2015 2:18 Te Reo Maori to prevent hackers #tereo #maori #Indigenous
5/05/2015 2:27 The unpublished version yes. Will put up soon.
5/05/2015 2:35 @ibeardslee that list is cut down to words of less than 10 ii think? @te_taipo
5/05/2015 7:39 RT @risingvoices: #Lakota Keyboard app for mobile devices to write emails, texts, and web content via @lakotalangua…
30/05/2015 6:12 RT @IndigenousTweet: The digital language divide: how does the language you speak shape your experience of the internet?…
3/06/2015 7:24 @RugbeNZ ? There is the automated media feed that included you??
4/06/2015 9:03 RT @TeManuKorihi: Māori employees feel ‘used’ for cultural knowledge
5/06/2015 3:13 RT @NetHuiNZ: Registrations for #NetHui 2015 are OPEN. #excite
10/06/2015 21:30 Maori urged to take advantage of ICT  #maori #nethui
11/06/2015 22:53 RT @InternetNZ: We’re focusing on increasing diversity at #NetHui 2015 – for better conversations, understanding and decision-making https:…
12/06/2015 3:39 Māori meetup day at #nethui are looking for papers and presentation ideas. Open invitation #maori
15/06/2015 8:46 Heartbreaking our tamariki education money was wasted on greed and high living adults. #nativeaffairs
15/06/2015 8:56 Unlawful actions are very different than unmoral actions #nativeaffairs
15/06/2015 22:07 Moe mai ra Richard Orzecki a digital leader. #maori
17/06/2015 10:10 Congtats/ ngā mihi on the new role @JodiIhaka  MaoriTv is certainly going into a new phase. #maori
24/06/2015 6:54 TAIHOA to #TPPA – application for urgent Treaty hearing #maori
24/06/2015 9:51 He and I have always identified as Māori – though other people have questioned this #maori
25/06/2015 0:57 Macrons not recognised in email by Government and Polytechnic web sites and systems #maori #indigenous
26/06/2015 2:37 RT @waateanews: Macrons too tough for government sites
28/06/2015 23:54 Govt sites reject macronised addresses #maori @radionz
29/06/2015 2:40 registrations down 36 and 128 renewals. A total of 1007 regos. Looks like most domains are down #maori
29/06/2015 10:36 Listen to and meet new digital #Maori experts incl @Ellipsister and hear about new govt research #nethui
29/06/2015 11:09 21st century tools and pedagogy: film and virtual reality for Māori, Pasifika and indigenous cultures #nethui #maori
29/06/2015 21:59 RT @AllBlacks: The 2015 Maori All Blacks squad will be named at 11am. Stay tuned for the live announcement. #MaoriABs #TeamAllBlacks
30/06/2015 0:20 RT @maraetv: The Māori All Blacks have just been named. Check out the squad!
1/07/2015 21:44 New and Emerging Māori Digital leaders converge in Auckland #maori #nethui
3/07/2015 19:19 RT @NetHuiNZ: Calling NZ Internet Researchers: meetup happening during #NetHui 630pm Thurs 9 July NetHui registratio…
7/07/2015 0:42 RT @NetHuiNZ: Today’s Top 5: 5 reasons to come along to NetHui
7/07/2015 0:43 “RT @CC_Aotearoa: For when you want to CC-license your work in te reo Māori:
Tautohu Matatiki = BY
Arumoni Kore = NC
Tiritiri Raihana = SA
7/07/2015 20:50 A gathering of who is who of Maoridom ICT here at #nethui Naumai Tautimai #maori
7/07/2015 20:55 @Te_Taipo will try not too lol. You should come down e hoa?
7/07/2015 21:08 Mihi whakatau at Nethui #maori #nethui. Ngā mihi Te Aroha Morehu no ngati whatua
7/07/2015 21:17 Where is the mauri in the Internet? #maori #nethui
7/07/2015 21:24 Waiata at #nethui #maori . Te Aroha Morehu
7/07/2015 21:36 @ngahupotaka i have heard lots of good things.
7/07/2015 21:42 Antony Royal: mihi to Richard Ozrecki a digital leader who was taken too soon after a quick illness #maori #nethui Moe mai ra
7/07/2015 21:59 Porirua East Students would rather be at school with Internet and devices as opposed to school holidays #maori #nethui
7/07/2015 22:02 Otaki has highest digital education and native reo speakers #maori #nethui
7/07/2015 22:12 New technology for translating te reo Maori from Network Society. Will we still need himan translators? #maori #nethui #tereo
7/07/2015 23:09 Panel with Ratana ict hub, te ropu whakahau and maori internet society #maori #nethui ka rawe
7/07/2015 23:10 Free Lunch if you have a sticker on your name tag. All participants and speakers welcome. Come see Hinu #maori #nethui
7/07/2015 23:14 Three wāhine Māori (Maori women) IC&T leaders speaking at a panel discussion. #maori  Does any other #nethui group make the same claim?
7/07/2015 23:17 We need to get our information out to the world. We don’t need the world to come to us: Ratana ICT Hub #maori #nethui
7/07/2015 23:26 Te RōpÅ« whakahau: Anahera Morehu. Inspiring kōrero about information as a taonga and international partnerships.  #maori #nethui
7/07/2015 23:27 @ariaporo22 āe, we need a major shift in our thinking of tikanga
7/07/2015 23:30 Technology does not replace kaumatua. You can’t plug a kaumatua into the power and a computer will not work without power #maori #nethui
7/07/2015 23:30 Traditional wifi was a purere talking to Tawhirimatea from a hill. Āe! #maori #nethui
7/07/2015 23:34 Creating solid global partnerships to protect Indigenous knowledge with Te Rōpū Whakahau and their tumuaki @FavMaoriGirl #maori #nethui
7/07/2015 23:38 Digital colonisation. Consult and ask before digitising information. Iwi and whanau rights. #maori #nethui Don’t be afraid of technology.
7/07/2015 23:40 RT @ariaporo22: @ktaiuru @netsafeNZ have some brilliant resources on their site too. Anyone not on Tīhau at #nethui? Pass this on: https://…
7/07/2015 23:43 Wairoa the it used to be.  We don’t have many expectations as we are always an after thought. Connectivity issues. #maori #nethui
7/07/2015 23:46 Wairoa lack of internet connectivity yet over 60% of population are #maori ?? #nethui
7/07/2015 23:51 Local governments who don’t understand technology: how can they advocate for internet connectivity? #maori #nethui
7/07/2015 23:54 Digital Divide is still alive and hurting rural people. People who don’t understand technology will not ask for it. #maori #nethui
7/07/2015 23:58 Question from floor. How do we unite Māori. I for one realise that is not via the Internet as we still have a digital divide. #maori #nethui
8/07/2015 1:09 A wahine maori who is a software engineer brought up bilingualy tells me how ahe is loosing her reo in the industry #maori #nethui Pouri!
8/07/2015 1:10 @lumengile yes. Everything in the Māori world has mauri
8/07/2015 1:21 21st century tools workshop for storytelling #maori #nethui what impact on our tikanga will that have?
8/07/2015 1:27 Our tamariki are more expert at ict than adults. We need to recognise this and grow this talent. #maori #nethui
8/07/2015 1:31 Oculus the virtual reality glasses. Pea virtual marae and wānanga is a real possibility. Will our tipuna be exploited? #maori #nethui
8/07/2015 1:34 Data soverignty and colonisation for information needs to be addressed before virtual reality has the dead and tangi issues #maori #nethui
8/07/2015 1:37 RT @stephen_tpk: Any #tereo questions? In the #SM space? Ask @temihinga – love the #tereo lessons via twitter #nethui
8/07/2015 1:39 Digital story telling: about us for us. As opposed to traditional media. #maori #nethui
8/07/2015 1:41 You can’t talk about virtual reality, you have to try it. Only at Maori meet up can you try it.  #maori #nethui
8/07/2015 1:46 Virual reality demo. If they dissapear i’m not sure what i will tweet. #maori #nethui
8/07/2015 1:57 Kids who play online games are our future virtual reality developers #maori #nethui
8/07/2015 2:15 RT @mr45144: 62000 famines with school age kids are not online. DI reminds us about inclusion #jumpstart #nethui
8/07/2015 2:19 Symbols and imagery on apps help break down language barriers #maori #nethui
8/07/2015 2:22 Caution. When creating apps for communities, make sure the community has Internet access and data plans. #maori #nethui
8/07/2015 2:33 @Anahera6 in short yes, but not so much in emails
8/07/2015 2:43 Govt research: it is all about costs to be connected. I say it is a lack of understanding about benefits and entertainment. #maori #nethui
8/07/2015 2:46 Maori loyal to isp but would change if Maori owned ISP such as @2degreesmobile #nethui #maori
8/07/2015 2:50 Would More Māori buy an internet connection and ditch digital tv if they knew of online tv, calls, naked broadband #maori #nethui
8/07/2015 2:53 RT @Te_Taipo: @ktaiuru Old copper cabling around most Maori housing areas with no plans to upgrade until after 2020 means this is only a fa…
8/07/2015 3:39 Time to listen to social media presentation from @Ellipsister #maori #nethui
8/07/2015 3:42 RT @2020TrustNZ: #NetHui followers, please RT so we can get a good crowd for our 5 by 5 Digital Inclusion Showcase – 5.05pm, Spark Room. 30…
8/07/2015 3:45 There is a clear need for a digital kaupapa to protect people, data and information. But who will take lead #maori #nethui
8/07/2015 3:53 Would tikanga maori help social media behaviours if there is no mauri or whakapapa? Kao! #maori #nethui
8/07/2015 3:57 Today’s speakers during a QnA session #maori #nethui
8/07/2015 4:06 RT @NetHuiNZ: Fun #NetHui fact: there’s a digital version of the programme, with details and links to collaborative notes, at…
8/07/2015 4:36 @RatuTibble that is the quick way out. Why not change online culture for the benefit of maoridom?
8/07/2015 4:42 RT @mldy: #nethui  Brain has gone into overload!  At Maori Meetup for the first day of Nethui.  Highlights?   Arrrggghhhhh!  All of it.
8/07/2015 21:14 Pōwhiri concluded with ceo doing a mihi and council and staff singing. Tumeke! #nethui
8/07/2015 21:53 RT @NetHuiNZ: Can’t get to #NetHui in person? There’s live streaming and chat for the sessions! Just click on the links at…
8/07/2015 23:19 Maori meetup discussion will be live streamed at 1130am #maori #nethui i will voice patai
8/07/2015 23:43 We are now live streaming Maori meetup #nethui #maori
8/07/2015 23:57 @ariaporo22 nz4 and online via #nethui
8/07/2015 23:58 Digital colonisation a real concern #maori #nethui
9/07/2015 0:01 Naumai tautimai peeps to the Maorimeetup hui in nz4. More great discussions #maori #nethui
9/07/2015 0:06 Ask yourself why you want to digitise information and if there is wide spread support for it. Then who will access and own it #maori #nethui
9/07/2015 0:08 Ask me a question and i will raise it for you till 1230 #maori #nethui
9/07/2015 0:14 Connectivity is it about costs or lack of knowledge about benefits of Internet such as comms, tv #nethui #maori
9/07/2015 0:16 Research about connectivity is missing a large amount of those who are not connected. #maori #nethui digital divide issues
9/07/2015 0:20 Ttp and Maori. Who will represent our voice? #nethui #maori
9/07/2015 0:31 Digital scams target indigenous peoples on a global sscale #maori #nethui
9/07/2015 1:20 RT @DigitalComms: Harmful Digital Communications Bill passes third reading – Māori Television #DigitalCommunications
9/07/2015 1:38 Maori domain names being discussed #maori #nethui
9/07/2015 1:50 Over 60% nz govt web sites will not recognise te reo Māori in an email address (IDN). #maori #nethui Likely not new domains (GTLD) either
9/07/2015 1:52 People find it hard to accept direct .nz emails and feel need to add .co etc. what will they do with the plethora of new GTLDs? #nethui
9/07/2015 2:06 Māori discuss whether tikanga crosses over to internet at annual NetHui #maori #nethui
9/07/2015 2:12 RT @LIANZAPresident: @ktaiuru Ooh, I like “But if you use the internet for the right purposes then it will have mauri.” #truefact
9/07/2015 2:15 Digital dominance the new colonialism #maori #nethui
9/07/2015 2:16 RT @waateanews: Digital dominance the new colonialism
9/07/2015 2:34 RT @Te_Taipo: @ktaiuru Heh. Feels like were in a time loop from 15 years ago #NZMIS
9/07/2015 3:21 RT @InternetNZ: Māori discuss whether tikanga crosses over to internet at the annual #NetHui event…
9/07/2015 5:32 @commonknow_nz @PIRegistry i’m not on the board any longer so not up to date. But good to see they are in nz
9/07/2015 7:16 @hywelm with all due respect, Those words are all common Maori words in NZ English language 🙂
9/07/2015 22:14 Tereo Māori is often used in social media by learners and speakers. It does create a new variance of spelling and txt lingo #nethui
12/07/2015 9:28 RT @reomaori: Māori Language Week 27July – 2 Aug. Free resources available #tereo #māori
12/07/2015 9:29 RT @Te_Taipo: It’d just be priceless if #HackingTeam got taken down by an attacker using Hacking Teams own malware.
15/07/2015 21:42 Commons licence translated into te reo #maori #tereo
15/07/2015 21:45 New Translations: CC 4.0 licences now available in te reo Māori and Japanese #maori #indigenous #tereo #cc
16/07/2015 20:37 Māori IT experts critical of digital divide #maori #nethui
19/07/2015 0:33 @standup2scams @radioARW @temihinga Te Reo Maori macrons in Samsung Galaxy #tereo #maori
20/07/2015 8:14 RT @eLearnNZ: Māori IT experts critical of digital divide
20/07/2015 9:04 TPPA = colonisation; Secrecy, commercial interests for a few, breach of the treaty, bigger more powerful govt leading it #nativeaffairs
20/07/2015 9:20 If everyone who typed #nativeaffairs and TPP, wrote to thier MP, we may have more accountabilty? Secrecy encourages abuse of all kinds.
21/07/2015 20:50 Year 11 Non Māori boy promoting te rei Māori pronunciation. A must watch. #tereo #maori
22/07/2015 3:16 RT @nzheraldvideo: ‘Pronouncing Maori words correctly’ speech goes viral via @nzherald
22/07/2015 20:14 RT @reomaori: Māori Language Week resources are now available online to order & download #tereo #maori…
22/07/2015 23:54 RT @PeataMelbz: Pronouncing Māori: Kāpiti College student talks to @TeKarereTVNZ today on this speech that went viral…
24/07/2015 1:35 “Digital Colonialisim – a definition #maori #indigenous”
24/07/2015 3:07 RT @reomaori: #WikiReoMāori 50 Phrases over 50 weeks. Download phrases & audio files #tereo #Māori…
27/07/2015 7:08 He wanted to make a statement about treasuring Te Reo on YouTube, 150,000 views later #tereo #Maori
27/07/2015 9:06 Māori Language week every week for over 80 years. Tēnā koe whāea Lucy Rata #tereo #maori @N8TVAFFAIRSTV
27/07/2015 9:16 15year old Pākehā boy from Kāpiti gains more than 250,000 views to promote #tereomaori A kiwi role model a rangatira #Maori @N8TVAFFAIRSTV
28/07/2015 5:44 New Zealand Government response to Te Reo Māori email addresses. #tereo #maori  #indigneous
29/07/2015 2:11 Bad taste for Lincoln University after the weekends Rugby racist incident or clever promotion? #maori #tereo
29/07/2015 2:11 Bad taste 2 for Lincoln University after the weekends Rugby or clever promotion? #maori #tereo
29/07/2015 21:04 Discussing Digital Colonialisim at Lincoln University before hangi at 1pm #maori #indigenous
30/07/2015 21:19 At #FoL15 as an invited guest of Te Rōpū whakahau.
30/07/2015 22:56 RT @PeterMurgatroyd: Join the NZ Future of Libraries Summit now. Plenty of room in the virtual chat room – #FoL15
31/07/2015 0:03 RT @greengecko29: One library card for all #fol15 One national library licence for stuff
31/07/2015 2:10 Want to be more responsive to Māori but don’t have frontline Māori staff? Make partnerships with Māori community and local Iwi #FoL15
31/07/2015 2:17 Iwi hold vast amounts of knowledge that soars 100’s of years, yet no partnerships with Libraries #FoL15 #maori
31/07/2015 2:52 NZ library summit does not look very reflective of NZ society. Might be part of the issue for lack of change.   #FoL15
31/07/2015 2:52 RT @FavMaoriGirl: #FoL15 revisiting issues raised in 2007. Maybe we are the issue? Need to diversify the profession. Disrupt, think, do thi…
31/07/2015 3:19 RT @ranginui: Don’t pay vendors to lock down your data #fol15  (im just gonna tweet random blurts )
31/07/2015 3:26 Shared govt library system that includes all libraries would save millions. Needs museum and archive included too #FoL15
31/07/2015 3:29 Why are library systems not in a NZ offical language #maori #FoL15 Why don’t librarians speak Māori?
31/07/2015 3:32 Why do libraries allow digital publishers to dictate terms and costs at individual levels and not a national level?  #FoL15
31/07/2015 3:34 Maybe local council CEO’s need to take control of a national library strategy to empower, distribute and represent more information #FoL15
31/07/2015 3:34 RT @BR3NDA: @ktaiuru they are in Te reo. Koha fosho
31/07/2015 3:35 @BR3NDA Ä€e tika, but only one system. All libraries need to follow suit. koha rocks btw 🙂
1/08/2015 22:49 Reo revitalisation kōrero and no strategy to for social media that is a daily part of younger generations and homes? @maraetv #maori
1/08/2015 22:58 RT @MelMarkShad: #WikiReoMaori seminar Digital Colonisation with @ktaiuru. Best seminar in a long time. Amazeballs KT.…
1/08/2015 22:58 RT @MelMarkShad: Ethnographers have Christiansted Maori traditions to the point that we have lost the real meaning. @ktaiuru
1/08/2015 22:58 RT @MelMarkShad: “Everything you put on your online accounts is under USA law/control” scary! Thanks @ktaiuru for the reminder. #Indigenous…
3/08/2015 2:26 #tereo Māori Heavy Metal song is evolution for Maori language #maori
3/08/2015 8:08 @Aotearoa666 Yep even better and I look forward to more and other genre doing the same.
3/08/2015 8:35 Shopkeepers who sell single cigarettes to youth should be named and shamed, then prosecuted and charged with manslaughter #nativeaffairs
3/08/2015 9:00 Activists/Leaders recall bad old days of the 70’s for Te Reo recognition #maori #tereo
3/08/2015 9:14 Three wahine toa on #nativeaffairs discussing politics and current affairs – Kapai! @MaikiSherman @MaramaDavidson #Maori
3/08/2015 9:18 Maybe #maori culture help Māori bridge the gap with home ownership with tatou tatou and starting out w/ whānau for first home #nativeaffairs
3/08/2015 9:28 Indigenous art suffers wide spread Intellectual Property Rights/Copyright abuse., A need for Indigenous IP law and protection #nativeaffairs
3/08/2015 11:12 RT @N8TVAFFAIRSTV: Here’s tonight’s full show if you missed it! #KeepItNative
4/08/2015 0:25 Worst advice i heard at #FoL15 was to ‘digitise and then apologise later’.
5/08/2015 5:59 Excellent initiative @TeRopuPounamu all #Maori MP’s in one Twitter account. Just if others would do the same it would be benefical.
5/08/2015 6:06 RT @NZFireService: Today we have sadly lost 4 New Zealanders to fire – something we try so hard to avoid. Please go check you have working …
5/08/2015 6:16 Iwi leader keen to work with new immigrants #maori @waateanews
5/08/2015 6:20 Kia ora @TeRopuPounamu I definitely encourage that and some thoughts on issues from a #maori perspective in the media too? 🙂
6/08/2015 1:56 Being Māori in the 21st Century video by Auckland Uni Students. Awesome!! #maori
6/08/2015 23:03 RT @Karere: 2015 Aotearoa Māori book awards finalists @MasseyUni
11/08/2015 7:05 Racist comments and any abuse is not wanted at any sports events and spectators should be banned. #egg #story
11/08/2015 7:34 @TheStoryNZ sampling food with no barcode is simply theft. Supermarkets should offer free samplea though, it could increase sales
11/08/2015 7:49 A great read regarding Operation 8 #maori Other parts and references in the article
11/08/2015 23:30 Prof Pitama director of the Maori/Indigenous Health Institute won the Prime Minister’s Supreme Award for tertiary teaching excellence #maori
12/08/2015 9:31 New Māori council warned not to compete with runanga. Tautoko. #maori
12/08/2015 9:33 Advisory Group for Open Government Partnership appointed in NZ/Aotearoa #maori, #pacific #opengov
12/08/2015 10:47 When an elder/kaumatua dies, it is like a library has bunt down. You can not replace it quickly and easily. It has gone  #indigneous  #maori
12/08/2015 21:44 Te Reo Māori meets digital literacy. Our future leaders. #maori
14/08/2015 8:19 RT @standup2scams: Scams on the rise #standup2scams
15/08/2015 0:11 When an elder/kaumatua dies, it is like a library has burnt down. You can not replace it . Think of the #TPPA  whanau #indigneous  #maori
15/08/2015 7:24 “RT @five15design: New leaks of #TPP & Key is looking to screw Māori – colour me surprised.”
16/08/2015 6:50 @PaepaeOfficial it saddens me that our future genertions need to protest for basic rights. Silver spoon or not, it is wrong. #maori
16/08/2015 6:57 @PaepaeOfficial kei hea te mahi moni ki te ao Māori? #maori #tereo Comercialisim/rangatiratanga/te ao Aotearoa hmmm
16/08/2015 8:11 RT @standup2scams: Victims of online dating scams on the rise #standup2scams
17/08/2015 3:22 @antonypelosi Are you on this page ?
17/08/2015 7:05 RT @TheStoryNZ: TONIGHT: It was Vietnam Vets Day yesterday; 37 Kiwis died during the conflict and many are buried over there. Should they b…
17/08/2015 7:45 Good to see a normal human side or some of our MPs and those dance moves @FoxMarama woohoo! @TheStoryNZ
17/08/2015 7:45 RT @xpert11: @TheStoryNZ Bring back our post war fallen soldiers. Money for flag referendum and not this. #Madashell #bringemhome
17/08/2015 9:18 Deceased ashes in ta mako, Aue! So many tikanga issues. Does it make your body tapu and what about their wairua etc? @N8TVAFFAIRSTV
17/08/2015 9:27 @vivster81 no conclusion, just more research. I think it will be on demand tomorrow?
17/08/2015 23:03 #TPPA claim expected to go back to Waitangi Tribunal among fear govt aren’t considering #maori Good for all NZ?
18/08/2015 7:19 I thought libraries were a thing of the past says Heather @TheStoryNZ Careful, there are a few on Twitter @LIANZAPresident @FavMaoriGirl
18/08/2015 21:47 We can’t let language die slow death #tereo #maori Perhaps our experts should adapt to technology to make reo cool?
18/08/2015 21:55 Shake-up for Māori language funding #tereo #maori
18/08/2015 23:23 Maori leaders to step down and let new generation take lead says Ta Tipene. . I totally agree #maori
20/08/2015 5:40 Uru Rangi – Māori Technology Scholarship launch #maori
20/08/2015 7:39 RT @TrendMicroANZ: Ever received a Facebook message saying you’ve breached copyright? Don’t click the link as it’s a phishing #scam! http:/…
20/08/2015 7:39 RT @netsafeNZ: Cold calling scammers now trying hard to ‘help you’ upgrade to Windows 10 – @MicrosoftNZ do not call you at home! http://t.c…
26/08/2015 22:26 Good to see online voting trial in Rotorua. As a working group member for DIA online voting, this is great #maori
26/08/2015 22:36 Indigenous .nz name stats for July 2015: has 984 down 14 with 5 new registrations; 92 with 4 new registrations. #maori
29/08/2015 5:42 Te Uru Rangi Māori web development scholarship Awesome work @devacademynz #maori
29/08/2015 22:55 RT @mokai77: .@maraetv Do we still need Maori boarding schools? Most Maori kids today go to mainstream schools – where half of them don’t a…
31/08/2015 22:36 Maori ICT Scholarships with Iei financial backing and private company #maori
1/09/2015 1:00 @MaikiSherman yep I was shocked at the ruling.
1/09/2015 8:42 Steve Jobs – The lost interview playing on MaoriTV #awesome
2/09/2015 1:50 Graduates who seek workplaces with an #indigenous value system are likely to become increasingly common #maori
2/09/2015 21:55 RT @CrownFibre: SMEs, check out new  #digitaljourney resources for businesses using #UFB
4/09/2015 9:12 RT @Te_Taipo: On that blatant symbol of US imperialism? Really?
4/09/2015 9:18 @Te_Taipo I wonder how many other NZ universities steal Ta Moko designs from famous Māori? @N8TVAFFAIRSTV  @TeManuKorihi #maori
5/09/2015 2:08 A generation of children beaten for speaking Maori at school. Now an apology is sought #maori #indigenous
5/09/2015 22:57 @ngatibird a diplomatic way of saying no to the koha from @FoxMarama LOL.Great to see MPs with a sence of humour. Nga mihi korua
6/09/2015 21:05 Is Indigeneity in whare taonga a myth? Colonial gate keepers of Indigenous knowledge. #maori #indigenous
6/09/2015 22:45 Digital Colonialism an updated definition #maori #indigenous
6/09/2015 23:23 RT @NgaiTahu: Ngāi Tahu offers new technology scholarship –
7/09/2015 5:17 RT @PullarStrecker: $30m Maori ICT Development Fund remains in limbo after apparent governance bungle, disagreements:
7/09/2015 8:22 Delays to $30m Maori ICT Development Fund cause frustration #maori
8/09/2015 21:37 What’s wrong with the Māori Innovation Challenge? Blatant tokenism and waste of money. #maori @DigitalMaori
8/09/2015 21:37 RT @PullarStrecker: Government confirms botch-up over Maori ICT Development Fund (update), adminstrative arrangements still unclear: http:/…
9/09/2015 3:53 @Mand1can3 Moodle admin will need to install language files, but this will change language for everyone
9/09/2015 21:50 Papakura Marae launches bilingual mobile app #maori
9/09/2015 23:54 RT @Karere: School hooks up neighbours with UFB
10/09/2015 0:54 Indigenous Data Sovereignty issues. Warnings, tips and information. #maori #indigenous
10/09/2015 22:02 Maori missing out on ICT fund. #maori Kia ora @waateanews
14/09/2015 6:12 RT @N8TVAFFAIRSTV: Did you know Women outnumber Men in every tribe in Aotearoa? What affect will this have on Maori Custom, we investigate …
14/09/2015 8:46 Not one more acre said Whina Cooper. 40 years on our leaders need to say, not one more Terabyte. Digital colonialisim @N8TVAFFAIRSTV #maori
16/09/2015 22:30 RT @RinoTirikatene: Don’t worry New Zealand, Iwi have a history of stoicism under intense mockery. We’ve saved things up for generations be…
17/09/2015 23:57 RT @DigitalMaori: Maori News & Views: What’s wrong with the Māori Innovation Challenge? A tauiwi perspective. #maori…
22/09/2015 21:37 Presentation “He Taonga te Digital Data: A tikanga perspective” to #maori Masters class @LincolnUniNZ this morning #Indigenous
23/09/2015 2:24 Māori Researcher slams MOTU report as flawed analysis #maori #indigenous
23/09/2015 22:52 RT @DavidNelsonNews: New nap desks allow employees to sleep at the office:
24/09/2015 23:03 Whānau speaks out about cyber-bullying following son’s sudden death #maori #digitalnative
24/09/2015 23:06 Update on the Indigenous Knowledge Notice. Koreromai #maori #indigenous
28/09/2015 2:29 domain registrations are down 11 this month but has the largest with a 464  #maori
28/09/2015 7:56 RT @FavMaoriGirl: Iwi & hapu – we so need to import West Papua #indigenous kumara. There’s a market here in NZ! Amazing! #nativeaffairs
28/09/2015 8:19 Maori speaking CYFS kids to Maori speaking whanau yes, but not maori kids only to Maori whanau. Arohanui to the kids #NativeAffairs
29/09/2015 21:42 RT @TeKaraka: Ngāi Tahu offers technology scholarship –
2/10/2015 4:20 Highly recomend this easy to read and inspiring book #maori
2/10/2015 9:50 Ngā mihi mō te taonga @GardinerWira
4/10/2015 21:57 RT @Putatara: Operation 8 & “Terrorism” in the Urewera – covert Police informant identified @Te_Taipo @tameiti
5/10/2015 2:25 New Post grad #tereo Māori scholarships now available. Applications close on November 2. #maori
5/10/2015 2:49 Iwi decrease number of regular smokers #maori
5/10/2015 5:57 RT @NgaiTahu: Intergenerational approach continues to deliver for the Ngāi Tahu iwi – view our latest Annual Report, now online –  http://t…
5/10/2015 8:21 Great to hear youth passionate about NZ wars. Their petition for a recognized holiday. #nativeaffairs #maori
11/10/2015 20:13 The Maori Land March 197 an interview with Vivian Hutchinson and @SaturdayRNZ #maori
12/10/2015 7:45 Good to see Māori medicine finally being recognised. We need to be careful of false Maori practitioners and the #tppa @nativeaffairs #maori
12/10/2015 21:53 TPP Waitangi clause falls short #tpp #maori
13/10/2015 8:24 RT @maoritv: The Price of Peace is on in 10mins. Follows Tame Iti during the arrest and trial as one of the Urewera Four #maoritv http://t.…
14/10/2015 21:03 $30 mil Maori ICT fund board appointments #maori
14/10/2015 21:23 Members appointed to Maori ICT Advisory Group #maori
19/10/2015 8:02 @NgatiBird Be great to hear your update and support of NZer’s in aussie detention centres. Good korero atm w/ @FoxMarama on @N8TVAFFAIRSTV
19/10/2015 8:21 @N8TVAFFAIRSTV colonialisim creates an issue with moko kauae on non kaimatua. Yet we accept tā moko on sports stars and celebrities. #maori
20/10/2015 21:09 Great debate tomorrow. Can’t let too much away before it @LincolnUni
20/10/2015 21:30 @FavMaoriGirl thanks to John 🙂
21/10/2015 23:19 Maori Language Bill amendment will see the Act in both English and Māori #maori
26/10/2015 7:53 If gangs respect rival head stones in urupa and Whakapapa first before gangs on a marae, then why not a marae tangi? @N8TVAFFAIRSTV #maori
27/10/2015 1:52 had 35 new registrations last month making it the 5th most registered domain name of 15 #maori
28/10/2015 4:10 Affordable internet is rolled out to homes on the East Coast adn no thanks to Govt #maori
28/10/2015 4:22 The Cloud is the next colonial ship in our harbour. Empty promises, confiscating laws and IP theft by govts n corporates #indigenous #maori
30/10/2015 0:08 Is the end near for Te Taura Whiri? Maybe a good thing to give back to Iwi and community? #maori
30/10/2015 19:05 RT @N8TVAFFAIRSTV: Who’s allowed to tell our stories? – E-Tangata.
31/10/2015 6:44 Digital Colonialisim taken to the extreme when AI is reality. #maori
1/11/2015 21:29 Ariana Tikao says criticism and noise complaints about her music is “racist” and shows “ignorance” #maori
2/11/2015 7:41 RT @kiwadigital: Breaking! We’re a finalist in 2015 Ngā Tohu Reo Māori . Congrats also @AklTransport and @callaghan…
3/11/2015 4:26 Snapchat the new Indigenous IP thief #maori #indigenous
9/11/2015 0:59 Scams like this have been popular since soon after Google translate had #Maori language. Spam filters wont spam it.
9/11/2015 6:20 A bilingual company should have bilingual receptionists. Common sence! @maoritv #maori
10/11/2015 7:07 Māori statistical data is another form of government and academic digital colonialisim. Ticking that you are Maori is not compulsory #maori
10/11/2015 7:47 From the womb to the tomb. Don’t forget where you came from. #randomtweet
11/11/2015 3:58 RT @Te_Taipo: A tool for generating strong Diceware pass phrases, now has the Maori language wordlist added to it.
11/11/2015 4:06 RT @Te_Taipo: @ktaiuru @Putatara @reomaori @DigitalMaori @SiskoBrown KT, whats Te Tu Matakuru up to these days, need a good translator.
11/11/2015 4:22 @Te_Taipo @Putatara @reomaori @DigitalMaori @SiskoBrown pitty taura whiri don’t have knowledge to do it
13/11/2015 8:13 “RT @EMERGENCYCALLNZ: The #111 + #Emergency contacts #App for you & your #utuafare in #Aotearoa @ktaiuru https://t.…”
17/11/2015 0:08 RT @PullarStrecker: Tex Edwards signals he’ll run for Auckland mayor – hits out at ‘monopoly club politics’:
18/11/2015 8:34 Leaders don’t learn from books and the Internet like bad managers do. #contemplation #leadership
20/11/2015 1:54 RT @moturesearch: @ktaiuru Pls RT Calling all Maori postgrad econ/socsci researchers! @moturesearch’s $10k Thesis Scholarship is open! http…
21/11/2015 1:24 RT @julianwilcox: We now have some of the best talent in Ngāi Tahu as part of our showcase! Join us! #TAHU2015 #MAR…
22/11/2015 7:55 RT @Ellipsister: Info for Te Pū Harakeke Fund for whānau, hapū, iwi and community groups (Matariki, Maara Kai, Sponsorship)…
24/11/2015 19:48 Share sales boost Te Huarahi Trust result #maori
24/11/2015 19:48 More Maori in tech a $30m priority #maori
25/11/2015 1:12 RT @misstahi: Normalising tikanga #Maori in the design class normalises our culture in design #helixwgn @johnsonwitehira #tautoko
29/11/2015 20:30 Te Reo #Maori has always had this issue with the Internet and txt’s. Social Media has just made it a bigger issue.
29/11/2015 20:56 Any other religious figure there would be outrage and or terrorism. #maori
1/12/2015 23:21 Disturbed local high school promoting manipulating ta moko with face of tipuna. #Māori #indigenous
5/12/2015 21:33 RT @TeManuKorihi: Collins wants ‘monster’ Maori board dumped
5/12/2015 21:42 RT @maraetv: All Black Joe Moody, “That’s how I learnt the haka (Kapa-o-Pango).. on You Tube.”
6/12/2015 5:11 RT @Maori_Party: @TeUruroaFlavell spoke to Iwi leaders recently saying “We are not the Treaty partner.You are.We’re the broker.”
7/12/2015 20:48 RT @Te_Taipo: Maori diceware list now on official diceware page. @ktaiuru @reomaori @Karere
8/12/2015 21:48 Dame Whina Cooper celebrated by Google #maori #Indigenous Suprised more media haven’t picked up the story.
9/12/2015 5:42 Google Doodles Dame Whina Cooper without help from Maori artist says Johnson Witehira. #maori  I disagree with him.
9/12/2015 5:50 Another sad story in NZ media.
9/12/2015 6:50 RT @RoihanaNuri: Cabinet paper shows up 2 “100 Māori Land Court regional staff” jobs at risk with #TeTureWhenua reforms @TeKarereTVNZ https…
9/12/2015 20:21 RT @N8TVAFFAIRSTV: Christchurch council considers greater Maori representation.
10/12/2015 0:32 Did @nzstuff make cultural faux pas re “commissioning a non Māori artist for Doodle of Dame Whina Cooper” #maori
14/12/2015 3:20 @temokoroa not sure as not@tested it. I Would be keen to hear?
14/12/2015 20:13 @temokoroa if you know how to add a custom dic file in Office, you can use Windows one
16/12/2015 1:13 New Internet security discriminates over 37 million people, many #Indigneous . #SHA-2 #maori Digital Colonialism
20/12/2015 22:04 Tech expert and publisher for Mangai Paho board. A good move for thw new era of new media. #maori
21/12/2015 21:10 RT @TeKaeaOfficial: Massey University to launch first Māori science academy
21/12/2015 22:19 Web address stats show Indigenous Domain Names maori and not effected by registrations directly at .nz #maori
22/12/2015 2:58 RT @TeKarereTVNZ: Te Karere news is on now, here’s the livestream link:
22/12/2015 7:03 @RoihanaNuri @twoa @TeKarereTVNZ @PereWihongi totally agree with this. A mixture of social engineering, technical n bank systems r to blame
26/12/2015 3:13 @TeKaeaOfficial Would be great to interview Maori Freemasons? There are a number and many now dead famous Maori were Freemasons.



12/01/2014 21:13 Spammers using Google Translate for #tereo spam #maori
13/01/2014 5:36 Resolving to pronounce Maori right. A role model journalist. Kia kaha! #maori #tereo
16/01/2014 0:45 #tereo #Māori Spam brings te reo Māori into 21st Century –  #maori #indigenous
20/01/2014 7:10 Thoughts and sympathy to everyone in the North Island quakes. From a Canterbury Quake Veteran – Kia Kaha!
20/01/2014 10:19 Looking forward to talking to Dale @waateanews re spam in #tereo #maori at 8.15am. Spam can be good for endangered languages #indigenous
21/01/2014 3:31 @PlanetMaori Ngā mihi nui ki a koutou! Good to see other #Maori ICT activists out here. It was getting lonely.
21/01/2014 4:06 RT @PlanetMaori: A leader of the online Maori renaissance! KT… Kia kaha e hoa. @ktaiuru
22/01/2014 1:10 Te Reo Māori Strategy lacks todays thinking #tereo #maori #indigenous
22/01/2014 2:04 Final 700 MHz spectrum block auctioned
22/01/2014 2:11 RT @dotKiwiTLD: Are you competing in your first triathlon this weekend at the Takapuna .kiwi Tri Series? Here is some good advice http://t.…
22/01/2014 7:28 Maori who work in ICT gather at Ratana Pa #maori @PlanetMaori
24/01/2014 1:24 Taura Whiri sets up #tereo #maori research centre They still miss the point of technology
29/01/2014 18:26 stats for the month ending Dec 2012: 1,140 . 85 #maori #indigenous #domains
8/02/2014 6:31 @PeterMcGlashan No worries, the automation shows that you shared not wrote it. Thanks for the share 🙂
12/02/2014 6:34 RT @NZMIS: More than a quarter of UFB project complete. #ufb #maori
25/02/2014 7:25 RT @NZMIS: We are having an exec hui with our many talented members. Check out thier profiles on #maori
25/02/2014 23:20 RT @PullarStrecker: $30m #Maori ICT fund likely to proceed regardless of ComCom spectrum ruling – minister:
27/02/2014 7:46 Māori Council not giving up on spectrum #maori #spectrum
1/03/2014 4:46 Māori council fight for spectrum rights #maori #spectrum
5/03/2014 5:37 Dismay at funding decision for Maori Research #maori #indigenous
5/03/2014 5:57 Taranaki dialect under threat #tereo #maori Make it cool and normal then it is achievable. @TeManuKorihi
6/03/2014 5:27 Callaghan Innovation accelerates Maori innovation with new GM #maori #indigenous
6/03/2014 5:47 RT @rukuwai: The Denial of #Maori Research Development | Te Wharepora Hou
7/03/2014 8:33 Many Māori Twitter accounts hacked tonight. Tau Henare, Bernie ODonnell et al. Whanau pls use anti virus and change pwrds regulary. #maori
7/03/2014 8:50 Any strange Tweets from whanau, give them them a ring. It is likley their Twitter has been hacked. 10 #Maori accounts and counting so far.
7/03/2014 20:47 Insults to # Maori taken off search engine Originaly published here now here @nzheraldnznews
10/03/2014 1:21 Online voting: mixed benefits for #Maori
10/03/2014 7:51 MPs push for online voting for #maori.
10/03/2014 7:56 Insults to # Maori taken off search engine Originaly published here now here @nzheraldnznews
10/03/2014 8:18 RT @ktaiuru: Insults to #Maori taken off search engine Originaly published here now here
13/03/2014 0:51 Lakota nation adopts MazaCoin crypto-currency as legal tender #Indigenous
20/03/2014 1:15 RT @NZMIS: Better broadband information for consumers goes live
22/03/2014 1:04 RT @TeKarereTVNZ: #TeReo app features at Festival of Education: #maori
25/03/2014 1:19 #Maori Party: No Internet Party link #hmmmm
27/03/2014 8:01 RT @TeManuKorihi: Funding for online Maori programmes
27/03/2014 8:01 RT @TeManuKorihi: Funding for online #Maori programmes #indigenous
27/03/2014 8:21 Just finished a productive board hui with Te Huarahi Tika Trust #spectrum #maori  More news to follow.
28/03/2014 0:39 627 domain names listed here. Let me know if your domain is not here #maori
28/03/2014 21:05 RT @FirstPeoples: “Knowing our language is so important, because it teaches us who we are.”
3/04/2014 6:22 Last night i spoke at the ChCh Computers in Homes graduation where there were a number of kaumatua, kura. Ka mau te wehi! #Maori
5/04/2014 5:12 Te Reo Māori Android apps overview #maori #tereo
5/04/2014 22:29 RT @maraetvnz: If you can find millions for a “bum” outfit like Novopay, must find cash for Vietnam vets – Winston Peters
9/04/2014 10:20 RT @MorganGodfery: Phone wanted to autocorrect tautoko to tautology. It likes shitting with me. #tereo Need app devs asap
10/04/2014 22:25 RT @odaminowin: #FirstNations, #Metis, #Inuit, and #Maori #writers invited to apply for Banff Centre residency by May 1! #Indigenous http:/…
10/04/2014 23:34 T18 career day is for it professionals to meet employers, network with peers  and listen to thought-leaders. #IT18
11/04/2014 21:29 Mana and Internet Party relationship a possibility #maori
11/04/2014 21:36 @IndigenousTweet @MorganGodfery @Adaptxt I have emailed you. Thanks again.
13/04/2014 5:32 Te Reo Māori online services #maori #tereo
13/04/2014 5:33 RT @Karere: Healing our dark heart: A historic and unique Treaty settlement with Ngai Tuhoe has laid out the bl…
15/04/2014 6:25 $5m investment in Māori-led science & innovation #maori
15/04/2014 6:33 My quick thoughts on @InternetPartyNZ and @ManaParty and other coverage #maori
17/04/2014 1:07 #TeReoMaori iphone apps overview #maori
22/04/2014 23:27 RT @Putatara: “Shane Jones is in the wrong Pakeha tribe if he wants to be prime minister. He would probably do better in National” Te Putat…
4/05/2014 19:39 RT @billbennettnz: How much mobile #spectrum do NZ carriers have? –
12/05/2014 19:59 Wired marae brings better connections to Whangarei community #maori
13/05/2014 0:32 Check out Te Waihora a #ngaitahu #taonga new, revamped, much-more-colourful website @TeWaihora #maori
3/06/2014 6:31 RT @revhirini: edited. Bowl cuts. Where you put a Kai bowl on your head an get a #Maori boy 2 front it.Seems @Vodafone needs cultural advice
4/06/2014 4:21 Plea to push ICT grad schools to Maori #maori
9/06/2014 5:42 The Meaning of the Internet Mana Party #maori
13/06/2014 2:20 NetHui 2014 fellowships launched
15/06/2014 8:13 RT @NetHuiNZ: Want to get to #NetHui? Apply now for a fellowship! We need people from all over NZ to come join the d…
16/06/2014 10:23 FYI: Internet-Mana and comments  #maori
21/06/2014 9:28 Appointment to Māori Economic Development Advisory Board #maori
21/06/2014 10:57 Commercialisation of Iwi and loss of tikanga @RinoTirikatene Couple plan to protest eviction #maori #tetaitonga
22/06/2014 9:06 Kia pai to Matariki kotou! Happy Maori New Years everyone! A time to celebrate and make positive changes. #maori
24/06/2014 14:04 Towards an Indigenous Knowledge Notice #maori #indigenous
4/07/2014 19:22 Join the Creative Commons Aotearoa NZ Advisory Panel
5/07/2014 18:06 New #Maori language bill a shambles says Maori Council #tereo
5/07/2014 18:12 @NanaiaMahuta questions new #maori language bill and how its structure will benefit the language or its users.
8/07/2014 21:07 No suprises here ‘Tech generation wants online voting’
8/07/2014 22:15 “RT @lancewiggs: How do you feel about broadcasting Tangi?
Overdue and here is why   #NetHui”
10/07/2014 20:13 A leading #Maori digital entrepreneur says too much Maori investment is tied up in the primary industries. #maori
10/07/2014 21:27 Good use of free technology by #Maori politicans and ability for all to see news and convos. Where are the rest?
14/07/2014 4:50 Professor Timoti Karetu says Reo reforms misdirected. Tautoko! #maori #tereo
14/07/2014 22:12 RT @IndigenousTweet: Internet Access, Yes, But in my Mother Language!
15/07/2014 20:59 Plea for more digital immersion in kura #maori
16/07/2014 6:21 RT @NewstalkZB: Signs Maori language may be in danger #maori
16/07/2014 6:23 RT @LincolnULibrary: Come and hear @ktaiuru talk about Creative Commons and the Indigenous Knowledge Notice next Monday 2pm:…
17/07/2014 1:48 Great to see a Wahine #Maori nominated for #InternetNZ elections. Sarah will make a great independent addition
20/07/2014 5:47 Kia pai to wiki o te reo #Māori. Māori Language week again. I hope everyone has a great week. #maori #tereo. What is the #wikireo ?
21/07/2014 1:41 At Lincoln University to discuss Indigenous Knowledge Licence with #creativecommons #maori
24/07/2014 23:31 Spam and Virus in emails using #tereo including starting with Kia ora. Be cautious #tereo #maori
27/07/2014 7:05 @MorganGodfery @DoraRoimata @RinoTirikatene Difficult to imagine a rep for TTT thats not NgaiTahu,doesnt live here, or with no socialmedia
27/07/2014 7:36 RT @papanahi: Kiwaha-phrases to help us understand our kura kaupapa kids 🙂 #tekupu #maori
28/07/2014 9:48 @venduco @CSCluster @DoraRoimata @TeUruroaFlavell Why is the Māori Party not there, they are a major influence of ICT $? Or any #maori ?
1/08/2014 5:59 RT @RinoTirikatene: Aunty Whetu Tirikatene-Sullivan dress sense inspiring says Lucy Hammond #tetaitonga #maori Moe m…
4/08/2014 19:26 RT @NZMIS: We welcome Online Voting in New Zealand recommendations as it will increase #maori participation
5/08/2014 5:05 Māori Internet Society Welcome Online Voting Recommendations #maori
5/08/2014 8:24 New World supermarket self checkout said Kia ora to me. #Chur #tereo #maori
6/08/2014 4:41 @reomaori @newworld_thorndon New Word St Martins, Christchurch.
7/08/2014 10:11 All going well I will be with popcorn n soda watching The Dark Horse in CHCH tomorow night @TheDarkHorse_nz But no live tweets #maori
10/08/2014 8:39 What an inspiring and motivational movie @TheDarkHorse_nz Then to hear whanau knew Genesis when he was alive. More NZ films pls #maori
14/08/2014 9:53 My thoughts on Te Mangai Paho and the #maori $30 mil ICT fund #maori #tereo
14/08/2014 10:07 @DigitalMaori Bro, keen to hear your whakaaro on this: My thoughts on Te Mangai Paho and the Maori $30 mil ICT fund
14/08/2014 11:00 @reomaori But this is vitally important for #tereo #maori as well. ICT to normalise, to bring into the home te reo Māori, te mea te mea
15/08/2014 5:27 $30 Million Fund no substitute for spectrum. #maori Not sure anyone ever said it was.
19/08/2014 6:38 RT @SkypeClassroom: #NewZealander classrooms- what do #Maori symbols mean to your students? @annrooney6’s Australian class want to know! ht…
19/08/2014 19:24 @MPHoneHarawira Looking forward to your korero at @LincolnUniNZ on Te Ture Whenua. #maori
21/08/2014 5:52 Whangarei’s KiwiYo frozen yoghurt shop not letting staff say kia ora #maori #tereo
21/08/2014 7:13 @ThisCJ @RenaissanceBeer A delicious drop with an interesting story behind the name too.
21/08/2014 7:30 @ThisCJ @RenaissanceBeer I assume these are authenitc and
21/08/2014 8:41 Ngai Tahu once sucessful #reo revitalisation initiative #maori #tereo #pouri
21/08/2014 19:28 Update: Whangarei’s KiwiYo frozen yoghurt shop not letting staff say kia ora #maori #tereo
21/08/2014 19:30 @GuySmiley11 Yes, that is what the article stated yesterday.
24/08/2014 8:14 ‘Kia ora’ teen wins powerful support via @nzherald
25/08/2014 8:42 #tetaitonga debate on @N8TVAFFAIRSTV if candidates can  not pronounce te tai tonga wth r u doing?
25/08/2014 8:46 Mana party #tetaitonga candidate re digital economy which is ka pai,  where  her digital footprint w/Twitter etc?? #maori @N8TVAFFAIRSTV
25/08/2014 9:04 Ngairi button is there “for them” not “for our community” speaking as a cantabrian in the eastside #tetaitonga #nativeaffairs
25/08/2014 9:07 Chur @DoraRoimata and @RinoTirikatene well done. Look after your own people #tetaitonga esp in christchurch  @N8TVAFFAIRSTV
25/08/2014 9:24 @MaramaDavidson @RinoTirikatene and that is why he supported the marine reserves and anti fracking etc with te tai o maraekura. #ngatkuri
25/08/2014 9:45 Great and humble debate @DoraRoimata and @RinoTirikatene Glad you two were at least clean in ur korero #tetaitonga #maori #NativeAffairs
1/09/2014 6:50 “RT @Te_Taipo: Seems a turnaround from few months back: Georgina Beyer likens Kim Dotcom’s case to Tuhoe raids #maori”
2/09/2014 9:24 Skype used to teach #Maori symbols
3/09/2014 7:11 Digital #koha a first step to e-revoluntionsing #maori culture. But i will remain skeptical. Credit Cards require good credit rating
3/09/2014 7:15 @koreroauaha ekoha equalls digital koha. Giving a koha on the Internet.
3/09/2014 7:18 @koreroauaha Ae! Firstly a credit card, then the trust of your details on the web, and not knowing who or where the money is going.
10/09/2014 8:34 @Mihi_Forbes @NanaiaMahuta @cullenmaori @ManaParty @N8TVAFFAIRSTV Boom baby! And it begins…
10/09/2014 8:42 Digital economy is working at home on a computer. Really? Aue! It is a matter of being global and leaders @N8TVAFFAIRSTV @ManaParty #maori
10/09/2014 8:47 RT @N8TVAFFAIRSTV: Who are YOU backing!? #Kōwhiri14 #HaurakiWaikato
10/09/2014 8:56 As a #digital #maori with a history of e-rangatiratanga y does the #manainternet party candidate not grasp basic e-facts @N8TVAFFAIRSTV
10/09/2014 9:05 @ManaParty @N8TVAFFAIRSTV oh gawd! A digital future.. Working from home or upskilling our people in ICT? Sheesh!
10/09/2014 9:06 @NanaiaMahuta @cullenmaori @ManaParty @N8TVAFFAIRSTV awesome whakapapa wahine toa!
10/09/2014 9:20 @ManaParty @N8TVAFFAIRSTV yes please free tertiary education. I can’t justify cost of finishing my MA and even thinking of a PhD
10/09/2014 9:31 @NanaiaMahuta @cullenmaori @ManaParty @N8TVAFFAIRSTV only indigenous political pArty-Bad pronunciation. InternetP dont see internet as pai?
15/09/2014 8:31 3 sons/taniwha of the North aue! #nativeaffairs ka mau te wehi!
15/09/2014 8:41 RT @revhirini: I don’t want to say it, but Tai Tokerau has really good candidates. #NativeAffairs
15/09/2014 8:44 @maoripanda i missed your point? If a pakeha reporter visited a group of Maori men road workers would it be racist? #nativeaffairs
15/09/2014 8:55 Why does Hone debate on #nativeaffairs  the same night his party reveal mass surveilance on #maori and other nzers? @KimDotcom #urewera
15/09/2014 8:58 Why does Hone debate on #nativeaffairs  the same night his party reveal mass surveilance on #maori and other nzers? @InternetPartyNZ
15/09/2014 9:01 @piki_huia @KimDotcom i have always had full respect 4 Hone on a personal level. I feel it is better to have two seperate events.
29/09/2014 6:26 iPad: Ngā Atua Māori – 1: Te Orokotīmatanga o te Ao/The Beginning of The Universe. #maori #tereo
29/09/2014 8:14 #maori innovation at it’s best. Gas hangi with smoking stones! I want one for my concrete jungle whare. @N8TVAFFAIRSTV
2/10/2014 6:04 E-learning project for Rotorua children: #maori Tomorows future rangatahi!
4/10/2014 20:31 @TV3nz ‘Re-Think’ missed the point of online #Maori protest by interviewing old protesters. Online is successful. Tikanga is the issue
4/10/2014 21:16 @maraetvnz @MPHoneHarawira  recognises the Internet is part of #maori future. Get our Māori ICT leaders in a room and plan it!
4/10/2014 23:10 @MorganGodfery Kia ora, do you have an updated list of Maori MP’s?
8/10/2014 18:59 CHCH Lecturer riled by varsity ‘racism’ I also heard a faculty of students reqired education about #maori
9/10/2014 0:33 ‘Kia ora’ in spam talking about cash and refunds are doing rounds again whanau. The attachment is a virus. #maori #tereo
12/10/2014 5:34 RT @maraetvnz: Don’t forget we’re still looking for nominations for the 2014 Māori of the Year. Drop an email to…
17/10/2014 5:09 “RT @maraetvnz: This week on Marae.
Is Nanaia Mahuta ready to make history?
The people of Opotiki have an ocean of opportunity… http://t…”
18/10/2014 3:12 WWI Maori contingent ‘overlooked’’ #maori. Story needs more details @radionz
19/10/2014 7:04 “RT @TTMobile_nz: Maori is now trending in New Zealand, ranking 9 #maori”
19/10/2014 7:06 Have been waiting to see this tag #gigatowngis for some time. Creative and uniquely #maori You have my support now!
19/10/2014 7:09 RT @BubblesReedy: A digital divide is an economic and social inequality, it exists in #gigatowngis and can be dissolved with UFB #maori
20/10/2014 8:28 RT @TaiTechTrust: Boom! New record tweeters for #gigatowngis – now let’s get the 10+ and 100+ Clubs full tonight for UFB!…
27/10/2014 6:48 #Maori business slow to get online Too many tikanga run biz. Maori biz need to adapt and look at stats.
27/10/2014 6:59 The Deadlands movie now has a mobile device app #maori
28/10/2014 8:15 RT @airnw: @nflcommish  @ESPNNFL #DALvsWAS #ChangeTheMascot  #Redskins @EONMassoc It’s called RESPECT
28/10/2014 8:32 RT @J9Tamati: @PauletteTamati …all going well, hopefully you lot get my special Tāmaki koha of #gigatowndunedin for Kirihimete!
28/10/2014 10:21 Ka pai Uncle Peter and my other whanau at Koukourarata #maori @NgaiTahu
28/10/2014 10:27 If i was a #gigatown god, i would grant you #gigatowngis and #gigatowndunedin your wish so i could see my other tweets. #neutral
30/10/2014 5:58 Rawshark – Is she #Maori or #Pakeha ?
1/11/2014 21:04 TVNZ cuts #maori funding though progammes ar fully funded by Te Mangai Paho #maraetvnz
1/11/2014 21:26 @FoxMarama Good korero on @maraetvnz and poinitng out the issues of governance and management. Nga mihi. #maori
1/11/2014 21:30 @Haansays Amazing how some teachers can not get simple and logical cultural/social issues or even basic science such as DNA. #Maori
1/11/2014 22:00 “@LIVENewsDesk: The Maori All Blacks have thrashed Japan 61-21 in their first international in Kobe #JAPvMaoriABs” #maori
3/11/2014 7:38 @FoxMarama maybe the next #maori Minister of Twitter Affairs?  @N8TVAFFAIRSTV
3/11/2014 8:08 @tauhenare love the korero e hoa #NativeAffairs Only a Matua could get away with that #maori
3/11/2014 8:31 RT @RevChrisHuriwai: 26 MPs of Maori descent, does not mean that there are 26 Maori MPs in the house. #NativeAffairs
3/11/2014 8:32 RT @RevChrisHuriwai: @tauhenare keeping it real and dropping the truth bombs at the BBQ! #WheresHone #NativeAffairs
3/11/2014 8:38 RT @FoxJareth: #ministeroftwitter @Mihi_Forbes dont tempt @FoxMarama she takes some challenges too literally!
3/11/2014 8:43 All the tweets from the live @N8TVAFFAIRSTV this evening, i want to see a widescreen shot of all the guests tweeting #maori
3/11/2014 8:57 Billie Jean for PM. So diplomatic #nativeaffairs #maori
3/11/2014 9:04 Full respect@RiaHallNZ for being toa and representing our #maori broadcast hero n stalwart @julianwilcox who is comming to #ngaitahu
3/11/2014 9:07 @dylanhorrocks @N8TVAFFAIRSTV me too. That’s what makes the program and people real and why i’m a dedicated viewer
10/11/2014 8:31 @TeManuKorihi: #Maori over-represented in abuse stats @TeRauMatatini
16/11/2014 22:27 Whitireia IT students develop #TeReoMāori Learning App . Not in the app store yet. #maori
26/11/2014 5:25 Congrats #gigatowndunedin Time for a new way of life and innovation.
4/12/2014 6:13 Māori Language Advisory Group to provide independent advice to the Minister #maori
4/12/2014 6:36 ATM machine in te reo Maori. Tau ke! #maori #tereo
4/12/2014 9:08 #Indigenous Peoples are trying to make changes in a world that doesn’t want change. At Geneva WIPO talk with @butchulla
4/12/2014 9:22 #indigenous leader mentions land rights, traditional medicine, radio spectrum and domain names in one sentence @butchulla #maori take note
15/12/2014 6:20 Ian Taylor (Ngati Kahungunu) new president of the Institute of IT Professionals wants more Maori using and working in technology #maori
21/12/2014 20:30 Cultural missuse and commercialisation of #Indigenous images #maori are also victims of this.
23/12/2014 23:34 Iwi Connect software to boost tribes #maori #indigenous Not open source to embrace the tapu names etc
23/12/2014 23:40 @redcantab I was just contemplating the same dilmea when i read your tweet. So i will :-). Cheer and Merry xmas!
28/12/2014 21:09 Who is the new Minister of Twitter? The MPs who rule on social media
29/12/2014 1:58 RT @ColinCowell: 31 Things #Indigenous People Are Tired Of Hearing #dontsayit @LukeLPearson @IndigenousX…



1/01/2013 @IndigenousTweet @swyling7 Ngā mihi nui o te tau hau! (Māori) Happy New Year!
8/01/2013 6:36 RT @stuartayeates: Someone should apply for funding to translated parts of the .nz intertubes into te reo Māori (b …
8/01/2013 6:40 RT @InternetNZ: Need funding for an Internet-related project? Then check out our Community Investment Funding Round!
9/01/2013 4:40 RT @TeKarereTVNZ: More Maori finding love online – YouTube
10/01/2013 5:27 First Maori speech technology system unveiled. Good on you Auckland Co-op
16/01/2013 0:32 RT @InternetNZ: Inventor of the Web to deliver public lecture in Wellington – #TBLNZ
17/01/2013 0:15 Iwi in negotiations over radio spectrum claim #maori
17/01/2013 21:32 RT @NZMIS: Are you a New Zealander with a .com web address? Know the legal risks
17/01/2013 22:39 RT @MorganGodfery: From the John Ansell School of Conspiracy Theories and Treaty Politics, I present David Round:
19/01/2013 20:38 Māori language interface available with the new site. Tumeke Kim Dotcom. Take note developers. #maori #indigenous
20/01/2013 10:37 RT @DigitalMaori: Maori News: Online Maori have Internet representative group back #maori #indigenous
20/01/2013 20:10 The geeks are back LOL @waateanews #maori
21/01/2013 1:57 Finished a media interview re my opinion of Kim Dotcom and Mega which is also in te reo #Maori. Very carefully chosen words of support.
24/01/2013 0:42 RT @TeKaraka: Meet Rino Tirikatene – #maori
26/01/2013 5:36 Cyber Tangi and Survery. Is it time to reconsider #Maori culture? #indigenous
26/01/2013 7:33 @maoripanda ae, PayPal Dontation or a simple online transfer. Online hongi… We have online everything else that is intimate 🙂
27/01/2013 23:35 Patents Bill – 3rd Reading Approaches
28/01/2013 20:58 RT @TeKaraka: Tahu Pōtiki Shares his te reo Māori Journey –
29/01/2013 7:53 Inventor of the World Wide Web – Sir Tim Berners-Lee – will deliver a rare public lecture in Wellington Live stream
31/01/2013 9:17 Maori organisations to get chance to invest in 2degrees
4/02/2013 4:30 RT @InternetNZ: Reg Hammond has blogged on the copper pricing sub by #chorus today: #ufb #nzpol
5/02/2013 3:37 Maori wait on radio spectrum decision #maorispectrum #indigenous
5/02/2013 3:38 Today the 4G spectrum, tomorrow the sun #maorispectrum #indigenous
5/02/2013 3:42 Maori claim could delay 4G rollout #maorispectrum #indigenous
5/02/2013 3:43 Maori, govt in talks over digital dividend spectrum – report #maorispectrum #indigenous
5/02/2013 3:49 Waitangi Tribunal 4G Claim #maorispectrum #indigenous
5/02/2013 3:56 Maori wait on radio spectrum decision #maorispectrum #indigenous
5/02/2013 4:13 Māori Deserves More #maorispectrum #indigenous
5/02/2013 4:14 An eye on the world #maorispectrum #indigenous
5/02/2013 20:19 RT @open_spectrum: If New Zealand accepts Maori claim that radio spectrum is a “tribal treasure,” will sunlight be next? – …
6/02/2013 20:38 Cyber Tangi – Grame Everton’s opinion
6/02/2013 22:26 RT @jbowtie: Regarding my #tereo speech synthesis – it reuses the default speaker voice. We need to record some native speakers for prop …
6/02/2013 22:28 RT @jbowtie: Yesterday I pulled together a speech synthesis module for Māori. Here is the initial version:
8/02/2013 1:51 New Maori Spectrum Trustees and 2Degrees Mobile offer an unique opportunity for Māori #maori #spectrum
11/02/2013 2:30 @lawgeeknz @jayeriki @ClaireAmosNZ @kaiako_nz @mrs_hyde @DigitalMaori @AnaruWhite Ka pai #Mega for being a leader in localisation.
11/02/2013 20:26 @DigitalMaori I have asked the trust for you and sugested they make the info public.
11/02/2013 20:51 Maori at odds over spectrum #maorispectrum #indigenous
11/02/2013 20:59 @lawgeeknz @jayeriki @ClaireAmosNZ @kaiako_nz @mrs_hyde @DigitalMaori @AnaruWhite I spoke on Te Karere re Kim Dotcom and Mega 21 January.
12/02/2013 19:14 RT @PeterDunneMP: We know Prosser is just a racist idiot, but the problem is while he remains an MP, the rest of the world may think he  …
12/02/2013 20:13 RT @TeManuKorihi: Spectrum delays affect Maori claimants #maorispectrum #indigenous
12/02/2013 21:44 RT @CC_Aotearoa: Want to teach copyright, Creative Commons and remix? Check out our guide:
14/02/2013 22:50 @DigitalMaori Kia ora bro. Best to flick Daphne as the Chair an email as i am not too sure atm.
16/02/2013 7:12 Ko wai te kaiwhakamāori o #Mega? Kōrero mai (DM). Pirangi au he papakupu mega. Arohamai! #maori
18/02/2013 3:13 RT @Mihi_Forbes: The parole board is satisfied Te Rangikaiwhiria Kemara no longer poses any risk to community. He’ll be released 4th Mar …
18/02/2013 3:14 @RangiKemara Congrats on the parloe board hearing e hoa!
19/02/2013 1:40 Digitising Whakapapa Files in Ngai Tahu and a good example of adapting to technology #maori #indigenous
19/02/2013 22:02 Cybersuatted or reserved #Maori domain names. DM me the address for a project i am working on. #domain
22/02/2013 1:05 RT @NZMIS: The New Zealand Maori Internet Society remain neutral on Maori missing out on Spectrum allocation #maori
22/02/2013 8:34 RT @TeManuKorihi: Maori coalition determined to secure spectrum rights
22/02/2013 8:34 RT @rnz_news: Maori coalition determined to secure spectrum rights
22/02/2013 8:39 RT @DirtyNeedlez: Ok so now #Maori trying 2 claim the radiowaves? I didn’t know they had radios back in the old days!
26/02/2013 1:31 Net Hui 2013 expressions of interest sought.
26/02/2013 9:53 RT @redheaded2: Social Media, Internet Spread Kapa Haka Overseas via @scoopnz
28/02/2013 3:57 RT @hekiaparata: Appointment of independent advisor on kōhanga reo #maori
28/02/2013 18:59 RT @NZMIS: Check out our Chairperson on Radio Waatea at about 8.15am talking about an interesting invesitgation # …
28/02/2013 20:11 RT @waateanews: Cybersquatters grab iwi names #maori #indigenous
28/02/2013 23:25 RT @NZMIS: Radio Waatea News on Maori web name hijacking #maori #indigenous
28/02/2013 23:25 RT @NZMIS: Audio interview about hijacked Iwi web names racist registrations and ICT and spectrum. #maori #indigenous
3/03/2013 6:21 Cyber Squatters in Indigenous Domains;an interview with Radio Waatea and my thoughts #maori #indigenous
3/03/2013 8:00 RT @sueddavidson: #NetHui Thinking of bringing my sons to NetHui – studying at uni and tech – could we possibly have breakouts for young …
3/03/2013 19:08 Why Maori seek share of 4G spectrum #maori #spectrum
4/03/2013 20:14 Census online in te reo Maori and Google Chome thinks it is Malaysion text LOL
4/03/2013 21:20 RT @royalsocietynz: 160 languages spoken in NZ & Auckland one of most culturally diverse cities: we need unified languages policy  h …
5/03/2013 23:53 RT @NetHuiNZ: Calling volunteers for #NetHui 2013 – register your interest here
6/03/2013 0:01 Why all Iwi and Hapu should “only” use web address #maori
6/03/2013 19:59 An excellent primer on why the Treaty of Waitangi applies to ‘modern stuff’ like the radio #spectrum #maori
7/03/2013 22:40 Radio Spectrum – Digital Land in a new era of confiscation #maori #spectrum #indigenous
12/03/2013 0:09 RT @PullarStrecker: Maori Internet Society begins consultations on $30m ICT fund offer (seems odd Amy Adams isn’t assisting with info):  …
12/03/2013 2:18 RT @PullarStrecker: Maori Internet Society begins consultations on $30m ICT fund offer #maori #spectrum
12/03/2013 20:35 @IndigenousTweet: UN News Centre-Protection of minority languages is a human rights obligation #maori
17/03/2013 2:28 RT @NZMIS: Have your say on Spectrum or an ICT fund or learn about what the options are #maori #spectrum
17/03/2013 22:21 “RT @NgaiTahu: On Friday 5 April from 6pm-8pm He Toki are holding an open evening for anyone who is interested in trades training.
http:/ …”
18/03/2013 4:38 RT @TeKaraka: 1,500 Ngāi Tahu whānau have committed to raising their tamariki in bilingual homes.
18/03/2013 21:37 @stuartayeates Looks down to me too 🙂
18/03/2013 21:37 RT @InternetNZ: Cross-party support for Internet seminar series –
19/03/2013 1:34 RT @NZMIS: Treaty Breach or fair deal ? #spectrum #maori
19/03/2013 21:30 RT @CC_Aotearoa: Want to legally share and reuse teaching resources? Adopt a Creative Commons policy. More info here: …
20/03/2013 1:30 RT @metiria: I’m on the hunt for a Youth MP to represent me during Youth Parliament! Applications close on Friday, more info on: http:// …
25/03/2013 20:23 RT @CitizenBomber: If you enjoyed Marama Davidson on Native Affairs – she will appear for a full half hour on Citizen A this Thursday Fa …
26/03/2013 0:02 Māori Television has launched a completely new website and it looks awesome 🙂 #maori #indigenous
26/03/2013 19:43 Social media essential for Maori rangatahi #maori #indigenous
27/03/2013 20:03 RT @NZMIS: Radio Spectrum and Telecommunications Development Claim WAI2224. Panui – 1 March 2013 #maori #spectrum
28/03/2013 3:12 Love it or hate it, The GC returns for second season. #maori
29/03/2013 6:53 Amáyupta yo/ye.  #tweet2learn #Lakȟótiyapi
29/03/2013 6:54 TaÅ‹yáŋ nankáb he?  #tweet2learn #Lakȟótiyapi
30/03/2013 3:50 Ka mau te wehi! @kscanne #tweet2learn #Māori #tereo
30/03/2013 6:29 RT @PullarStrecker: Calls to Eric Hertz’ cellphone going unanswered after his plane crashes at sea. Very concerning obviously.  http://t …
1/04/2013 19:10 RT @NZMIS: 2Degrees chief “got Māori” #maori #spectrum
3/04/2013 5:19 Send this racist home “Council u-turn over spelling of Kapiti” #maori
4/04/2013 8:48 RT @MaramaDavidson: Artistic activism – and this is why. Heart flutter to all the poets who have contributed to the #susanstanddown… h …
5/04/2013 23:35 RT @TeKaraka: “Ka oi Ruaumoko, ka piri a Waitaha – Despite the heaving earth, Cantabrians unite.”
9/04/2013 1:22 In China at the ICANN meeting on Internet issues. Are you interested in decision making of the Internet governance?  #maori
15/04/2013 0:04 Analysis of Rangatahi using social media. First ever Māori social media research. #maori #indigenous
15/04/2013 23:50 Macrons available in web address #maori #indigenous
16/04/2013 1:43 Tweet popular Maori phrases via . DM with other sugestions. #tereo #maori
17/04/2013 23:33 RT @TeKeteAhumara: Want to learn some kupu? Have a look: #maori
18/04/2013 7:54 RT @mrs_tbell: Ngai Tahu boss urges collaboration with iwi
19/04/2013 2:43 Te Reo to Tweet a Te Reo Maori Tweet tool #maori #indigenous
20/04/2013 9:00 The New Zealand Maori Internet Society FB Page #maori
22/04/2013 1:07 Te Reo 2 Tweet (UPDATED) Tweet tool now use as an app #maori #tereo
22/04/2013 4:34 The Constitution Conversation Submission Guide RT @huhana:  $maori #indigenous
22/04/2013 6:58 RT @NatashaLowNZ: #Ignition13 The value of language to express cultural concepts. @kaiako_nz We need 2 develop a context where Te reo is va…
22/04/2013 7:21 RT @kaiako_nz: Lots of teachers keen to learn te reo Māori.  What’s your best advice for them whānau?
24/04/2013 1:32 Te Purapura newsletter by Te Mangai Paho.  #maori
24/04/2013 1:38 RT @waateanews: Urewera Four refused leave to appeal #maori
24/04/2013 3:33 RT @chrishipkins: We finally find a programme that lifts Maori educational achievement and National cuts funding for it. Disgraceful! http:…
24/04/2013 12:29 To all the men and women who have served our country: from all generations to the current generations and their families THANK YOU
25/04/2013 23:30 Lighting a fire for Te Reo Māori #tereo # indigenous
25/04/2013 23:36 RT @creativecommons: Just a few days left to enter @freemusicarchiv’s public domain song contest! #ccmusic
26/04/2013 5:22 RT @InternetNZ: Applications now open in the @lianzaoffice Paul Reynolds Scholarship 2013 –
29/04/2013 6:17 Maoridom loose another Totara tree. Parekura Horomia dead. Moemoe ra e te rangatira. #maori
30/04/2013 0:19 RT @NZMIS: NZMIS remain neutral about Spectrum and ICT Fund #maori
30/04/2013 4:53 RT @PullarStrecker: The money or the spectrum? Maori Internet Society (understandably I think) is in two minds #maori
1/05/2013 5:40 RT @NZMIS: Cash or spectrum? Maori remains undecided #maori #spectrum
1/05/2013 5:40 RT @NZMIS: Maori internet expert backs treaty claim #maori #spectrum
1/05/2013 10:25 Congratulations to Lily Yan re research  #indigenous #domainname #internetnz #icann #nzmis
1/05/2013 10:27 UNCHARTED DOMAINS AND THE NEW LAND RUSH: INDIGENOUS RIGHTS TO TOP-LEVEL DOMAINS Lily Yan #indigenous #domainname #internetnz #icann #nzmis
2/05/2013 22:41 RT @Karere: Livestream Radio Ngati Porou: Tangi for Parekura Horomia: Watch the livestream of the tangi, #maori
2/05/2013 23:43 RT @CC_Aotearoa: I can’t wait to see all the Mix and Mash submissions. One week to go!
3/05/2013 0:52 Microsoft, Maori developer form closer links #maori #indigenous
3/05/2013 1:06 RT @RatuTibble:  flawed argument. it is clear that Maori utilized the airwaves in the statement “a matau maunga kara…
5/05/2013 9:48 RT @1stanwalker: To all my maori people watching #XFactorNZ … Its not a table we were sitting on. Its another stage as a table… Arohama…
5/05/2013 22:03 RT @redheaded2: Local talent promoting Taranaki reo He aha Te Manu by Te Kohikohinga Kohatu on #SoundCloud #maori
6/05/2013 1:27 I like it…. Disability parking battle gets shameful on Facebook
6/05/2013 4:05 RT @etipuereo: Tauranga Moana forums revitalising the reo Māori. “…me haere tonu te whawhai” #maori
7/05/2013 0:46 @RatuTibble I have not heard that before, but will use it apopo in a radio interview.
7/05/2013 23:01 Congrats Te Ranga Ngaku for the Best Team category prize winner at #INNES48 #maori
7/05/2013 23:33 RT @CC_Aotearoa: We’ve now got 30 Creative Commons case studies. Read them here:
7/05/2013 23:44 @MaoriStream Smart Phone or Dumb phone? My whakaaro #maori
7/05/2013 23:48 @MaoriStream Tautoko! We need more likeminded people then do it.
8/05/2013 0:31 RT @MPHoneHarawira: Mana Movement: Song and Video Released to Promote Feed the Kids
8/05/2013 2:25 Ka mau te wehe Ngati Awa. Your web site is the most inovative iwi web site I have seen. Role modle web site #maori
8/05/2013 8:02 TANGI SCAMMER. Scammer targets women with fake tangi story. Kia tupatao. #maori
10/05/2013 0:38 @MaoriStream If you email some of the Maori Party, the auto repy tell you they don’t use email, please phone or post correspondence LOL
10/05/2013 0:41 Join me and Mavis Mullens on Radio NZ SUunday at 6.06pm talking about #spectrum and Internet  #maori
10/05/2013 4:29 Mo tatou, a mo ka uri, a muri ake nei. For us and our children after us. #maori #indigenous #spectrum
10/05/2013 5:16 @MaoriStream @DKNZ1 @roddrury one of many awesome Ngai Tahu traits i think 🙂
10/05/2013 20:57 Te reo reporter Amomai Pihama switching up with run on pop charts. Nga mihi. #maori
13/05/2013 2:03 RT @NZMIS: Podcast of why spectrum is important to Maori and all future generations. #maori #spectrum
13/05/2013 4:40 Have an email addy or web site. Be a part of the worlds first Indigenous research into Internet addresses #maori
14/05/2013 4:26 RT @NgaiTahu: Connect with Ngāi Tahu via ‘Ngā PÅ«kenga – Our new online Talent Database –
14/05/2013 20:48 RT @waateanews: Use of Māori domains studies #maori #indigenous
14/05/2013 22:59 @johnsonwitehira Dissapointing that Maori promote non Maori & Indigenous Intelectual Property abuse. I will buy one when made by #Maori.
15/05/2013 3:24 Te Huarahi Tika Trust Annual General Meeting #maori #spectrum
16/05/2013 0:06 Do you have a Maori web site that doesn’t use but something else such as Take our survery #maori
16/05/2013 7:42 Ariana Tikao – Indigenous Maori Music from the South Island of New Zealand/Aotearoa #maori
16/05/2013 10:23 RT @KeriMihi: @FlyAirNZ Potential stewards were told no visible tattoos-including Maori moko! Ok for koru on outside of the plane-not on th…
17/05/2013 3:52 @catatonichic Hari huri tau ki a koe. I forget my sisters and Mums ones all the time. Just glad they aren’t on Twitter 🙂
18/05/2013 1:32 Maori usage of web and email addresses to be researched #maori #indigenous
19/05/2013 8:22 Team whenua all the way chur bro! #nzidol #keashard
19/05/2013 8:45 RT @Steve_The_MAORI: RT “@ktaiuru: Team whenua all the way chur bro! #keashard” add me to the @WPatuwai #TeamWhenua #XFactorNZ
19/05/2013 8:51 #Dichotomy @maoritv or #xfactornz arghh. Two tvs next to each other in the lounge is the only solution in a hardcorse Maori household
19/05/2013 8:53 @MaoriStream @maoritv ae bro! Please MaoriTV host Xfactornz? It will save all the raruraru here
19/05/2013 9:00 RT @TeArahi_Maipi: This bloke got people choice over @Grace_Ikenasio #please still love you Grace
19/05/2013 9:01 @1stanwalker ae tautoko bro, tautoko hard from me and all the whanau here in CHCH
20/05/2013 21:38 RT @PullarStrecker: 450 Wellington community websites broken for weeks because of… (feel sympathy with all involved on this one): http://…
22/05/2013 4:11 RT @TelecomNZ: ʺNomophobiaʺ: the fear of being out of mobile contact. Yes, it’s a thing! Who has their own nomophobia story?…
23/05/2013 1:53 RT @FirstPeoples: There are 370 million Indigenous people in the world, how many are on Twitter? RT this of you are #Indigenous #Native #Ab…
23/05/2013 1:54 RT @FirstPeoples: Proud To Be Indigenous week continues – haven’t signed up yet? Click here:
23/05/2013 21:22 @maoripanda Good luck and the beautiful cold morning here should help your nerves.
26/05/2013 3:25 Greens select candidate for Ikaroa-Rahwiti #maori
26/05/2013 20:54 @MaramaDavidson broken link on your interview tweet
27/05/2013 4:21 How does our national carrier @FlyAirNZ describe tamoko? You might be dissapointed to hear the answer. #NativeAffairs tonight 8.30. #maori
27/05/2013 5:06 Only 2 of the Iakaroa Rawhiti candidates have public Facebook Pages. Does this mean that only 2 believe in the power of the Web? #maori
27/05/2013 6:11 @mekawhaitiri Welcome to Twitter. Will you have a Public Facebook Page? #maori
27/05/2013 7:04 “RT @N8TVAFFAIRSTV: Air New Zealand under fire over tattoo ban.
@n8tvaffairstv #NativeAffairs #MaoriTV”
27/05/2013 22:16 RT @MaikiSherman: PM John Key doesn’t see a problem with a potential air hostess having a visible tamoko, says it’s part of tourist’s NZ ex…
27/05/2013 22:21 Colonisation of the Internet: Māori Comparative Literature Review. #maori
30/05/2013 2:30 @EmotionalObject You have some more details?
30/05/2013 3:18 Spectrum trust facing cash lack #maori #spectrum
2/06/2013 9:24 A noticeable increase in Maori politicians on Twitter will only equal more transparency. Ka pai.  #maori
3/06/2013 4:38 RT @N8TVAFFAIRSTV: Tonight on Native Affairs an update on the story we brought you last week on Air New Zealand’s treatment of… http://t.…
3/06/2013 21:23 Social media and web usage for the Ikaroa Rāwhiti campaign #maori #ikaroarawhiti
4/06/2013 0:51 RT @maoripanda: #VoteNa – cute hashtag! Looks like the Māori Party’s getting savvier with Twitter #nice #abouttime
5/06/2013 2:43 Sad @PullarStrecker: Funding reduction for Computers in Homes confirmed, Govt defends record on digital literacy:
5/06/2013 8:18 Big discrepancies in the candidates use/interaction in Social Media #ikaroatairawhiti report coming later in week. #maori
5/06/2013 21:04 How Maori are you? #racist #maori
6/06/2013 6:50 @maoripanda With the amount of web savy Maori and this happening, I for one would consider changing to General roll too.#ikaroarawhiti
6/06/2013 7:10 @maoripanda Tautaoko! That is a great a summary that i would also extend to our Iwi leaders.
7/06/2013 0:11 RT @Mihi_Forbes: Air New Zealand’s review of its tattoo policy is complete. It will stay the same. No Tamoko allowed. @N8TVAFFAIRSTV #nativ…
10/06/2013 21:52 Maori will fight in Waitangi Tribunal for #Spectrum #Maori
10/06/2013 23:40 Had your say yet re Maori web addresses? #maori
12/06/2013 4:47 Crown title to spectrum not proven #maori
12/06/2013 5:43 Telecos seen as snubbing Maori broadband #maori
13/06/2013 1:56 Anonymous documentary on Youtube. Over 1.5 hours of awesomeness #anon #hacktivist Also at #NetHui 2013
13/06/2013 4:04 Finally a Maori politican who gets it (i think) – Hostile minister forces spectrum claim #maori #spectrum
13/06/2013 6:24 Have you had your say to help Maori on line? If you want me to ring you and do the questions DM me #maori
13/06/2013 22:39 Do you care about the future of reo Maori? Take our survey re web addresses and help our new future on da web #maori
14/06/2013 4:20 @S0CIAL__JUSTICE @Im_Sassyy @TahuPaki @iulialeilua Use the hashtag and maori. It is all automated with no human interaction.
14/06/2013 4:30 Full respect to this true leader –
14/06/2013 4:43 The Maori Party forgot who they are? Its OK for another treaty breach says Pita.  #maori #spectrum
15/06/2013 23:57 Just been to Google Loon function in CHCH. Amazing stuff.
16/06/2013 1:09 Goolge Loon could solve many Internet access, economic, #spectrum social and cultural issues for #Maori
16/06/2013 3:43 RT @BR3NDA: DIA now filtering .. Google? | Tech Liberty NZ –
16/06/2013 3:45 RT @ThomasDeanne: Please RT my blog, testing my ideas on the world. #maori
16/06/2013 4:25 RT @NZMIS: AGM Wellington Sunday July 07 2013 at 16.30 b4 #NetHui #Maori meet-up . RSVP
17/06/2013 22:04 TwetDeck latest update is very nice, easy navigation for multiple accounts, more space etc. #tweetdeck
18/06/2013 2:25 @davemosk Thanks Dave, InternetNZ will be in good hands regadless of the outcome of this election. So much awesome talent w/ candidates.
18/06/2013 2:32 2degrees to roll out 4G . I look forward to it.
18/06/2013 2:33 BNZ banking head said 2degrees had proved there was room for a third mobile operator and want to be part of it
18/06/2013 6:48 RT @rachnp89: iDecolonize: Indigenous language-learning mobile apps Includes Hika Lite #maori
19/06/2013 7:04 Do you speak Māori and English? Help Google Translate support Māori! #maori
20/06/2013 0:26 RT @NetHuiNZ: We are working on making more tickets available for #NetHui make sure you are on the waitlist for first dibs!!…
20/06/2013 3:25 RT @boilupmafia: Aotearoa needs a ‘boil up’ and hangi takeways chain owned by every different iwi for a different area, and a… http://t.c…
20/06/2013 22:09 Ikaroa Rāwhiti Candidate Social Media effectiveness: Part 2 #ikaroarawhiti #maori
23/06/2013 20:03 RT @paulbrislen: New blog post: Why we have to get the 700 spectrum auction right (hint: cosy duopoly)
23/06/2013 20:06 RT @Mihi_Forbes: #IkaroaRawhiti debate tonight with @MaramaDavidson @mekawhaitiri @tehamua @naraihana live from Gisborne. #maori
24/06/2013 0:27 Poor social media use for Ikaroa-Rawhiti candidates #maori
24/06/2013 0:47 @kiaora4that Original posts I would rate that as poor use. Automated via facebook a thought. More this week.
24/06/2013 4:31 Former police officer researcher condemns racist websites #maori
24/06/2013 7:26 Good Luck @akianz :InternetNZ Council 2013 Elections – Voting 24 June – 6 July (of which I’m nominated) via @scoopnz
24/06/2013 7:28 RT @MaoriStream: @ktaiuru @akianz @ScoopNZ congrats for ur nomination. #Choise! LOl, so many talented peeps. Its in good hands regardless.
25/06/2013 23:16 Maori meet up at NetHui. Free for the day. Register and check it out #maori
26/06/2013 0:08 Maori Meetup at NetHui is for anyone who is interested in the speakers. Registration is free to all #maori
26/06/2013 1:06 RT @NZMIS: AGM date and venue confirmed. Essential to RSVP so we can organise catering and access #nethui
26/06/2013 22:08 @TeKaeaOfficial Of course it is offensive. There is absolutely no reason for it in today’s society with our 2nd official language.
26/06/2013 22:21 @kiaora4that @TeKaeaOfficial if peeps dont say my name right i ignore them. Same with the kids at school. Place names, i say where?
26/06/2013 23:07 Issues Surrounding Cyber-safety for #Indigenous Australians. Lessons for Maori in it. summary
27/06/2013 2:37 RT @NZMIS: Racist domains gifted back to NZMIS after recent exposure. We’ll keep your details anonymous. More welcome. PM for details. #mao…
27/06/2013 4:30 RT @NetHuiNZ: #NetHui 2013 booked solid, extra tickets released –
27/06/2013 9:03 Outrage over Facebook pages depicting fake Māori family #maori
28/06/2013 0:38 RT @CC_Aotearoa: It’s happening again: we’re on the hunt for interns to help with writing, promotion & design Please…
28/06/2013 6:45 Bilingual #Maori Maths app launched today
29/06/2013 2:05 #Maori ICT meet-up at #NetHui Naumai Tautimai
4/07/2013 7:18 @gistaniwha @WebTaniwha Highly recomend a visit. It’s free and the first time so many Maori ICT peeps in one room.
4/07/2013 7:27 #Maori ICT conference is free to attend. Just register online. Media, just curious, non maori you are all welcome.
5/07/2013 7:55 Upcomming experts from te ao #Maori in ICT. Dr’s n candidates speaking #netHui Maori Meetup on Monday. FREE to join
6/07/2013 4:47 Tohunga Ipurangi/Reo all in one place re tereo, spectrum, digital mapping etc. Naumai. He kore utu. #maori
7/07/2013 21:26 Te Hui at #nethui txt bombing whakawhanaungatanga
7/07/2013 22:54 Live streaming of #maori ICt hui at #nethui #tehui nack in 6 mins.
7/07/2013 23:00 Digital Mapping by Moka Apiti #tehui #nethui streaming at #maori
7/07/2013 23:00 RT @NZMIS: I am pleased to announce our new wahine Chair Leona Karauria #maori Naumai, Tautimai e hoa.
7/07/2013 23:11 #Maori ICT experts at spekaing now and straming at
8/07/2013 0:24 social media expert Dee O’Carroll #tehui #nethui
9/07/2013 0:33 RT @waateanews: Leaders need to embrace internet #maori
9/07/2013 22:50 RT @acushla_dee: Resource sought to teach youth webiquette #radionz #maori
11/07/2013 4:10 Intro to why #spectrum is a taonga #maori video link.
11/07/2013 5:48 RT @nzgovtech: Microsoft Surface tablet deal for NZ schools announced, starting at under $300 each + Office Home & Student included! http:/…
12/07/2013 0:22 Govt faces delay on 4G auction as Maori revive Waitangi claim #maori #spectrum
12/07/2013 5:29 Social media and Maori political engagement studied #maori
12/07/2013 7:05 @tepakehaiti Null, nothing, lost  etc., Pea?
15/07/2013 1:11 “RT @waldok: @willuxflavell Would love to hear from teachers who are using te Reo Māori with technology.
15/07/2013 1:13 RT @waldok: In case you missed it, Surface tablets for NZ schools now from under $300 each + Office Home & Student included.…
16/07/2013 4:01 RT @NZMIS: Claimants fight spectrum confiscation #maori #spectrum
16/07/2013 21:46 Social media likely to encourage #Maori to participate in elections
17/07/2013 2:51 Indigenous Issues with new GTLD’s #maori #indigenous
18/07/2013 22:28 Have you taken the NZ Indigenous Domain Name survery? #maori
23/07/2013 0:02 @NgaiTahu Is it online now?
26/07/2013 0:38 RT @nikora75: Social Media. A Māori perspective @ThomasDeanne #akoe2013 #tereo #maori
26/07/2013 3:47 Te reo Māori choice for Windows 8, Office 2013, and the Internet #maori #tereo
26/07/2013 3:51 FREE Māori language packs for Windows and Office #maori #tereo
26/07/2013 3:55 @oiwoods Years of dedication and support from MicrosoftNZ working with Maori language experts. @waldok
26/07/2013 3:58 @oiwoods Google Maori – More community driven but we have something which is great.
29/07/2013 6:56 Authoritive list of domains. Your domain not here, let me know.  #maori
29/07/2013 7:02 Dr Te Taka Keegan talks about Technology and the use of te reo #Māori in this #NetHui video:
31/07/2013 2:20 .nz domain names have 5352 Māori addresses. co, school and org containing the most #tereo #Maori. to be a part it
31/07/2013 2:28 dot and dot only .nz with no #tereo #maori.
31/07/2013 5:54 New Zealand govt asks tribunal to reject #spectrum hearing #maori
31/07/2013 5:54 Crown urges tribunal to refuse radio review #spectrum #maori
5/08/2013 7:28 domain names latest update. Is yours there? DM me if not.
5/08/2013 7:31 domain names latest update. Is yours there? DM me if not. #maori #indigenous
7/08/2013 23:50 East coast iwi and 2degrees join forces / #maori #spectrum
8/08/2013 1:35 Directory of names just published. #maori directory next.
8/08/2013 1:38 @plateaunz thanks for the update 🙂
16/08/2013 6:19 RT @TelecomNZ: Hi guys. Network congestion has lessened but if further aftershocks hit, please text rather than call unless strictly necess…
19/08/2013 10:39 RT @CitizenBomber: Full video of all the speeches will be available for free from tomorrow morning – spread them far…
19/08/2013 11:36 Please, no @Google Some things are best left to real life experiences. Leave mother nature.
26/08/2013 1:36 The Spooks & Maori – a brief history #maori
26/08/2013 23:20 New boss for 2degrees #maori
27/08/2013 3:35 @ColourMeFiji autmatically via Twitter adn hastgs using the
28/08/2013 1:09 RT @NZMIS: Survey on Maori online usage if you have a free email address #maori
1/09/2013 21:26 RT @Karere: Spooks & Maori.Who was spying on #Maori in 2004? They said it was SIS It was a hoax Who was it really
1/09/2013 21:32 RT @NZMIS: Ipurangi Maoritanga – Maori Culture Online Questionnaire #maori
1/09/2013 22:10 Spooks & #Maori: Operation Leaf
2/09/2013 1:48 Ngai Tahu web site launched thier new site this morning. ATAAHUA! #maori
5/09/2013 0:02 RT @NZMIS: Adams must extend 4G spectrum sale timeline #spectrum #maori
5/09/2013 4:52 RT @annetterongotai: The Labour leadership contest has gone “virtual” today. An online hustings meeting will allow the candidates to… htt…
5/09/2013 5:03 Broadband workers due weeks of pay
5/09/2013 6:46 RT @GlenisPB: for a list of tweeps who tweet in te reo māori #arohatiatereo #kaitīhaureomāori #whaihoareomāori
9/09/2013 23:16 RT @Karere: Maori TV board unable to reach unanimous decision: ..
15/09/2013 23:33 RT @CC_Aotearoa: So, if you just happen to be at Lincoln Uni, I’ll be talking about Creative Commons, #openaccess, #OER and #openglam in th…
15/09/2013 23:46 RT @AtaCrump: 2x $5,000 Scholarships available for #Maori school students to study at MIT next year. I have received 0 applications!
18/09/2013 1:53 RT @NZMIS: Rural community negotiates fibre to community from supplier. Well done. #maori #coppertax
18/09/2013 3:52 Maori loose. Government welcomes Waitangi Tribunal decision #spectrum #maori
18/09/2013 3:57 Why are our Maori leaders in this digital world ignoring the latest digital land confiscation? #maori #maoriparty
18/09/2013 4:06 @TeUruroaFlavell He aha o whakaaro? What are your thoughts? #maori #spectrum
18/09/2013 5:23 @waateanews @maoritv @TeKarereTVNZ @TeKaeaOfficial #maori #spectrum
18/09/2013 7:29 Arohamai @ManawatuNZ readers. RT @mathewgrocott: @lukeappleby @ktaiuru by digital land do they mean real estate in Minecraft?
18/09/2013 7:33 Really? @DomPost RT @lukeappleby Wait”digital land”? RT @ktaiuru Why Maori leaders ignoring digital land confiscation
18/09/2013 7:34 RT @TheRobotRomeo: A cool time to start building a Maori ICT Sector. I still think that it should be done in conjunction with maori owning …
23/09/2013 6:06 RT @TeKaeaOfficial: Takiura moves to new premises
23/09/2013 8:14 RT @TWoA_IT: e-learning + indigenous pedagogy = holistic 21st century ako experience! #perfect #nztict2013
23/09/2013 9:10 Glad to see you made it to @N8TVAFFAIRSTV on time @MorganGodfery 🙂
24/09/2013 5:29 RT @NZMIS: KT is discussing Asia Pacific Internet Governance issues with APRALO. Interest in #Indigenous IP and knowledge. #maori
1/10/2013 6:17 @MaataaWaka @NZReuben @MaoriStream @boicamper @reo @maori It is automated on peoples tweets in eng or Mri.
1/10/2013 6:20 RT @TeKaeaOfficial: Mahuta is disappointed a man was refused entry to a restaurant due to his facial moko #maori
6/10/2013 23:01 RT @CC_Aotearoa: Busy week of #creativecommons workshops for NZ teachers: first #tesac and then #ULearn. Check out all CC events here: http…
6/10/2013 23:29 RT @NDFNZ: We’re into out last week for early-bird registrations for #NDF2013. Don’t be shy! #maori
7/10/2013 3:36 RT @NZMIS: Ministry accused of secrecy
7/10/2013 20:31 RT @CC_Aotearoa: Have you seen our fancy website redesign? CC Kiwi front and centre, of course.
13/10/2013 22:02 2degrees, Ngati Porou launch community development fund #maori
14/10/2013 0:03 Online Maori urged to be proactive but cautious with new changes in .nz #maori #indigenous
15/10/2013 22:20 RT @FirstPeoples: How is the government shutdown affecting Native Americans?
17/10/2013 0:22 Radio Waatea 9.45am Fri 2 listen to me talk about proposed changes to .nz web addresses and how they will impact orgs, Iwi and #Maori
20/10/2013 22:18 “Shocking sexism in Google search” Now #Maori discrinination by Google search.  #indigenous
22/10/2013 0:20 Is Google killing our libraries?
23/10/2013 19:01 RT @NZMIS: $100 laptop makes local debut. It still doesn’t address the lack of Internet in NZ.
28/10/2013 3:19 @sallyheroes @deborahfitchett: no language codes for dialects as they are based on the ISO 639-1 list. #maori
28/10/2013 18:30 Genuine NZ websites host net scams
29/10/2013 20:10 Three bidders successful in 700 MHz 4G spectrum auction
29/10/2013 20:20 2degrees still the rural underdog
29/10/2013 20:33 RT @metiria: My blog on #Maori media on Ruminator… We can trust Māori media, esp where they challenge us.
30/10/2013 1:05 Great sugestions 4 remaining spectrum and a win win idea for #Maori and NZ re Hautaki
30/10/2013 18:39 Radio spectrum sold to mobile phone firms inclu #maori telco
31/10/2013 23:50 Spectrum carve up leaves Sharples bitter #maori
3/11/2013 23:28 Extra spectrum would allow speed hike – Vodafone #maori
4/11/2013 23:33 #Maori ‘could lose’ some claims to the word Koha.
6/11/2013 5:53 Koha trademark would breach treaty, says internet group #maori
6/11/2013 6:03 Koha trademark would breach treaty, says internet group –  audio #maori
6/11/2013 9:48 Coders, Hackers do you have what it takes to participate in Mile High CHCH, See you there
6/11/2013 22:41 Maori word trademarked by American company breaches treaty, says internet group –  audio #maori
10/11/2013 6:21 A beginner’s guide to Māori interests in the 4G spectrum. With detailed kōrero from @ktaiuru #maori #indigenous
10/11/2013 7:22 Māori Tube is the place where you will find all the best videos to celebrate anything #Māori from around the world.
10/11/2013 19:58 Maori 4G Spectrum rights and overview video. 3.27 is my QnA via #MaraeInvestig8s. #spectrum #maori #indigenous
10/11/2013 23:27 TPPA. It’s Not Democracy. It’s Not Right.
11/11/2013 3:52 RT @ChrisKeall: Gotta love competition. Telecom 4G launch sees Voda drop $10 surcharge, open 4G to prepay
17/11/2013 20:37 Te Huarahi Tika Trust 2013 Annual General Meeting #maori @spectrum
18/11/2013 22:28 Te Huarahi Tika Trust 2013 AGM. Millennium Hotel, 243 Lake Terrace, Waipahihi, Taupo at 2pm. All welcome. #maori
19/11/2013 4:21 Māori will not get remaining spectrum #maori #spectrum
19/11/2013 8:59 RT @TeManuKorihi: Govt to auction leftover #spectrum blocks Very dissapointed at the ignorance of the govt. #maori
20/11/2013 0:54 RT @NZMIS: Labour to write to Commerce Commission on spectrum sale #maori #spectrum
20/11/2013 8:39 #Maori disappointed over 4G spectrum snub #spectrum
20/11/2013 21:46 Trialing out the #tereo #maori smartphone from @2degreesmobile. More info
21/11/2013 1:48 @jbowtie Are you able to do it with this?  Or how can i assist?
21/11/2013 3:06 @jbowtie Please do. I have some ideas.
22/11/2013 1:59 RT @NZMIS: Spectrum auction shows ‘major disregard for the Treaty’ #spectrum #maori
24/11/2013 20:44 The Internet in New Zealand 2013.”statistics based on Māori with my commentary. Is there a #digitaldivide #maori
25/11/2013 0:40 Likely our mokopuna will be left this battle. We win some, we loose some. #maori #indigenous
25/11/2013 21:44 Schools can sell broadband to communities. Fantastic initiative and here is hoping it all the best of successes
27/11/2013 2:46 Indigenous Domain Names presentation is online at #ndfnz #maori #indigenous
27/11/2013 3:08 Only 1 govt entity use thier bilinugal domain name and they are the only 1 to use a macron in #maori
28/11/2013 8:31 RT @MatthewHootonNZ: If I lived in Selwyn, I’d deliver leaflets 4 @amyadamsMP cos I’m a good @NZNationalParty supporter, but seriosuly … ht…
29/11/2013 22:48 Hautaki and Te Huarahi Tika Trust AGM in windy Palmerston North #maori # spectrum
2/12/2013 0:33 Mullins decries shabby treatment over spectrum #maori #spectrum
2/12/2013 2:58 Spectrum trust struggling to pay for shares #maori #spectrum
2/12/2013 18:56 Chrous initiates High Court Action against copper discount
3/12/2013 0:07 2degrees fights to block 4G sale to Vodafone, Telecom #maori #spectrum
3/12/2013 1:30 RT @BreakfastonOne: The internet is about to get an overhaul! Today the new domain name “dot kiwi” is being launched. Find out why we need …
3/12/2013 21:34 Does 2degrees have a point about spectrum and mobile competition? #spectrum #maori
3/12/2013 21:36 RT @IrenaSmithTVNZ: Te Ururoa Flavell says people who weren’t part of Op 8 were spied on by police. He has a police records #maori TVNZ 4pm.
3/12/2013 21:53 RT @MaikiSherman: The file obtained by Māori Party incls detailed surveillance of people not associated with Operation 8 and spans years af…
4/12/2013 10:14 Operation 8 answers sought. @TeUruroaFlavell #maori #privacy
4/12/2013 10:14 RT @TeUruroaFlavell: “We should be quite rightly be concerned … that individual New Zealanders who are going about their general… http:…
4/12/2013 19:01 Operation 8 answers sought #maori
4/12/2013 19:08 Telco silence despite offer of financial backing for price campaign and says internet won’t cost less `any time soon
4/12/2013 19:50 RT @pdengatethrush: All 4letter .com names taken. Just as well new gTLDs coming along to provide competition and consumer choice http://t.c…
4/12/2013 20:27 RT @NZMIS: Adams takes swipe at Vodafone stance #copper
4/12/2013 20:27 RT @NZMIS: Update on independent assessment of Chorus’ financial position
5/12/2013 21:47 RT @ABC: LIVE: Coverage of the passing of Nelson Mandela:
5/12/2013 22:59 RT @Putatara: Operation 8: Commissioner Marshall at the Select Committee. Jones challenge to Flavell to put up or shut up…
8/12/2013 2:49 Nga mihi nui @raukawa8 for being chossen to stand for Te Tai Hauauru for #Maori Party. Good to see he uses Social Media too.
8/12/2013 5:23 Updated names list 86 Iwi domains  ka mau te wehi! #maori #indigenous
8/12/2013 5:35 580 registrations list. Current and expired. PM if your name is not here #maori
9/12/2013 4:53 The Urewera 17: Weekend Warriors or Tearaway Terrorists? #maori
9/12/2013 20:22 AoL, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Twitter and Yahoo call for global reform of Govt Surveillance activities
9/12/2013 20:53 RT @CC_Aotearoa: OK, don’t panic, but there’s just under two & a half hours till applications for our internship programme close: http://t.…
9/12/2013 21:53 I drive past this park everyday n saw them at the park table this morn. So much for iwi settlements.  #maori
11/12/2013 20:03 Koha Trademark case won by NZ. #maori @ranginui Keen to read report 🙂
11/12/2013 23:40 RT @TeManuKorihi: Review of ruling against use of te reo at Tribunal #maori
12/12/2013 20:11 Google Translate words for English to #Maori OMG. Help rate the system here #indigenous
12/12/2013 20:35 RT @ThomasDeanne: Kua puta a Google Whakamāori ki te reo Māori: Google Translate now in Māori
17/12/2013 0:30 Congrats to the NZ Creative Commons Mentors
18/12/2013 0:05 Kua puta a Google Whakamāori ki te reo Māori #maori
22/12/2013 1:14 RT @h_yd_n: How is it that in 2013 we’re still stubbornly refusing to pronounce Māori properly? #maori
22/12/2013 22:14 RT @Putatara: The #Maori Worldview & Maori Policy: There is no definitive and shared Maori worldview
26/12/2013 20:20 RT @waateanews: Reo strategy a leap into past
26/12/2013 20:21 Reo strategy a leap into past #maori We need to make it a living and normal language.



20/12/2011 22:48 RT @TeKaraka: Meet Rino Tirikatene – Continuing the whānau political legacy –  #maori
31/01/2012 23:26 statistics with comparison of Dec 2010 #maori
2/02/2012 21:16 RT @TeKaraka: The Ngāi  Tahu iwi is the only one that can so positively identify its people as a result.
2/02/2012 21:16 RT @TeKaraka: Only someone who can trace their whakapapa back to an 1848 Gov. census of every Ngāi Tahu kaumātua alive then, can call th …
14/02/2012 21:32 Google Translate Toolkit to translate Twitter interface into Maori is simple and quick. #maori #tereo
23/02/2012 22:39 Maori to present at Future Broadband Conference today with video conference  at 1pm. Details here
26/02/2012 9:40 If anyone is interested in wide coverage of Operation 8 a.k.a Tuhoe raids, then follow @karere
14/03/2012 22:06 Website up and registrations open for NetHui 2012, July, Auckland- release: site: #NetHui
18/03/2012 4:46 Maori Mobile Blog well worth a read.
21/03/2012 1:01 RT @misstahi: “The young, educated Maori who walk between Maori and Pakeha worlds are the revolutionaries of today” Rawiri Taonui #urewera
11/04/2012 22:37 New Zealand’s top tech tweeters accorinf to ComputerWorld
16/04/2012 3:17 Maori Date app for Android
6/05/2012 21:34 RT @TeKaraka: We are searching for art work by Ngāi Tahu artists to use for  front cover of Te Pānui RÅ«naka. Submit to tpr@ngaitahu.iwi. …
7/05/2012 8:14 RT @Karere: Maori News: Urewera 4 Case Back in Court This Week
8/05/2012 20:58 RT @dotKiwiTLD: Will #DotKiwi support macrons for Maori domain names? Find out answers to this and more at #ICANN # …
8/05/2012 21:06 @reomahi I used german ones.Days of using all sorts of domains will be over soon as .kiwi is offering its system bilingually with macrons.
9/05/2012 5:00 National Library is keen to find out about the ‘digital knowledge’ needs of organisations and businesses. Details
15/05/2012 23:51 Maori Language and the Internet is the theme for my 30 min presentation to a Basque conference. I think i could talk for 30 hours.
16/05/2012 1:24 RT @dotKiwiTLD: NZ Māori Internet Society to #DotKiwi “Your org is a role model for all other TLD operators” See why: …
17/05/2012 0:20 Bilingual Web for Maori  The first domain in the world that considers the Indigenous Peoples. #maori #indigenous
19/05/2012 3:24 Stop the racial slur against Maori at The Urban Dictionary sign petition and details here #maori #indigenous
19/05/2012 4:35 RT @iulialeilua: Hmm…must be a week for unveiling racism……Maori angered by dictionary slurs
22/05/2012 0:11 RT @waatea603am: Waatea News: Slang dictionary slow to respond to slurs
29/05/2012 23:35 My submission against to protect Iwi and Hapu interests on the web #maori
30/05/2012 0:48 Iwi implications of #maori
30/05/2012 1:18 New web domains in NZ: Will they help or hinder Māori and Iwi? #maori
5/06/2012 22:36 RT @IndigenousTweet: How Math Can Help Save a Dying Language
19/06/2012 7:01 Hui and korero at #NetHui for Maori Internet Society and stakeholders. DM or email for details.
21/06/2012 0:24 Being interviewd on my opinion of Broadband benefits to Maori. Where to start and stop, hope interviewer has a long time to listen.
22/06/2012 0:27 2degrees announces Maori scholarship winners
25/06/2012 2:57 Indigenous Language Institute Collaborates with Google on the Endangered Languages Project
27/06/2012 21:35 IDN community reacts to Verisign’s .com transliteration selections
29/06/2012 4:53 260 new registrations in April. Interesting! #maori
4/07/2012 7:07 Accepted place on panel “The revolution of digital in the South Pacific” w/ @iulialeilua + Kalafi Moala #maori
8/07/2012 3:08 Maori Culture 2.0 – The evolutionary change caused by Ultra Fast Broadband. #maori #indigenous
9/07/2012 1:19 Hui at #nethui thurs night will have reps from Nga Pu Waea, Te Huaraki Tika Maori Spectrum Trust,, Google Ambassador, MIS. naumai!
11/07/2012 2:22 @DigitalMaori since we have and a bilingual .kiwi I dont see the need for .maori But a more global indigenous name beta #nethui
11/07/2012 4:01 World Internet Project show older Maori use Internet for entertainment. Old news. Hence the digital divide in NZ was so large #nethui
11/07/2012 21:59 Please speakers would you pronounce Maori words correctly – it hurts my ears. #nethui
11/07/2012 22:34 Good korero by @digitalmaori about localisation. Huge turn out too #nethui
11/07/2012 23:09 Maori is being pronounced correctly at the Maori localisation hui 🙂 #nethui
12/07/2012 1:38 Maori speech app hui and korero now taking palce thanks to #nethui Look out Welsh here we come.
12/07/2012 7:08 42 Maori practioners at our hui. tumeke! #nethui
13/07/2012 3:36 @redheaded2 I will get some notes together for you and add you to the mailing list
15/07/2012 1:26 RT @Maori_Activist: Protested since 1842 and yet we continue to do so.
17/07/2012 23:42 Te RÅ«nanga o Makaawhio has first paperless exec hui. Congrats! – RT @TeKaraka
18/07/2012 1:09 @TeKaraka what happened to the macrons in Kā Kupu Tari ? 🙂
18/07/2012 2:07 @TeKaraka I am seeing umlauts instead of macrons and
21/07/2012 23:32 A comprehensive list of Maori Languae links to assist celebrating Maori Language week
22/07/2012 8:50 Great to see primary schools using technology for Maori Language week
22/07/2012 9:06 What hashtags will you use for Maori Language week ?. #Wikireo #Maori_Language #tereo ???
22/07/2012 9:21 @BubblesReedy LOL, looks like #TeReoMaori is a popular tag so far for Maori Language Week. Kia pai to wiki!
22/07/2012 10:53 @TeachingConsult @kaupapamaori I will add those to my watch list as well 🙂 #tewikiotereo #tereo #tereoMaori #ArohatiaTeReo
22/07/2012 10:57 @ChrisHuriwai kapai, will also add #Arohatia for Maori Language week
22/07/2012 10:59 @lekukom offer free learning #arohatia #tereoMaori #tereo #tewikiotereo #arohatiamaori
23/07/2012 0:15 Free te reo Maori iphone app from @vodafonenz Wish you would offer predictive txt #tereo
23/07/2012 1:42 In case you missed it last year The free Māori language packs for Windows and Office #tereo
24/07/2012 1:49 [Te Reo] Maori must be ‘sexy’
24/07/2012 21:05 Perhaps the most common sence article about te reo Maori i have ever read #maoriwiki
25/07/2012 21:08 Maori ICT practioners who want to be on a mail list of like minded peeps,DM me. We have a large list already.
26/07/2012 2:22 Macron app for Android Mobile users #maori #wikireo
27/07/2012 7:01 @TV3nz loved the weather tonight! So natural and truely representative of Aotearoa New Zealand. #maori #tereo
27/07/2012 11:39 @mikehall you were absolutley marvelous on Te Kaea with the weather and a role model to all NZ’ers speaking Maori in public #tekaea  @TV3nz
28/07/2012 1:11 RT @Karere: Ngati Awa launches Facebook application #maori
29/07/2012 22:45 registration page has been updated but home page with updates is still at #maori #iwi
30/07/2012 2:07 Te Reo Maori cell phones seem to be avaialbale now at My commentary from last year here #maori
1/08/2012 1:28 Supported flatening .nz with protection for #Maori and #Indegenous Rights and IP for NZers.
1/08/2012 6:05 RT @rikki_owen: Tweeting i Te Reo Māori? Start the trend #TeReoMaori Ko ōku nei whakaaro noa iho.Tautoko to whakaaro! #maori @DigitalMaori
6/08/2012 4:49 Have your say about .nz domains and lack of Maori thought Ready my thoughts here
9/08/2012 2:01 .maori as a new Internet address – Feasibility report (pdf)
10/08/2012 1:45 From Internet governance stream – .maori as a new Internet address – Feasibility report (pdf) #nethui
13/08/2012 22:33 @MaxDCoyle @DigitalMaori @__laserface Maybe translating Freedom Rights Warriors or similar into Mri? Pirate has only negative words.
16/08/2012 2:54 @__laserface @DigitalMaori @MaxDCoyle You may not have permission to view this post. 🙂
21/08/2012 2:24 Cultural and society GTLD objections will help protect Maori online
22/08/2012 4:29 RT @TheProjectNZ: Woop! Finally fill up our Digital in the Pacific panel. @JDuvalSmith chairing a session with Iulia Leilua, Kalifi Moal …
22/08/2012 4:38 @TheProjectNZ @JDuvalSmith Typo 🙂 Karaitiana Taiuru
22/08/2012 5:24 THE REVOLUTION OF DIGITAL IN THE SOUTH PACIFIC w/ Iulia Leilua, Kalifi Moala & Karaitiana Taiuru
24/08/2012 3:26 New Zealand will have a new extension
27/08/2012 23:01 WARL! It takes a lot to impress me to talk about a haka but the Army Haka at Burnham – speechless #maori
31/08/2012 0:00 RT @vodafoneNZ: A quick reminder,if you’re being bullied or receiving unwanted txts the Vodafone Blacklist tool can help you …
31/08/2012 1:59 Te Reo Maori facebook. If you have Google Chrome and want to test Facebook in te reo Māori let me know. #maori
10/09/2012 23:15 dot kiwi nz launches with new Maori cybersquatting occuring in first ten minutes.
12/09/2012 0:41 RT @davidmorrisonnz: registrations have now passed 5,000 in the first 24 hours.  This has exceeded most expectations I think! # …
12/09/2012 1:05 RT @etipuereo: Language revival: Sleeping beauties awake: (with a focus on te reo Māori) University of Waikato. He is a nice man. http:/ …
13/09/2012 5:30 Looking forward to talking #digitaldivide issues tomorrow with @Best_Amanda
13/09/2012 22:09 Facebook in the Maori Language Spread the word whanau #maori #indigenous
13/09/2012 22:24 RT @Flow09B: Maori is such a sexy language.
15/09/2012 0:22 Kupuhou etc for Facebook Maori #maori #indigenous
17/09/2012 11:32 @Ashleighmuir look forward to talking to you tomorrow re facebook maori
18/09/2012 3:54 Maori Water Rights discussion and rebuttal #wai
18/09/2012 8:02 Facebook translated into Maori via @TeKarereTVNZ #maori
19/09/2012 6:34 AUT journalist student No5 interview comming up re Facebook #Maori. Only common question so far is what is your Iwi. Very impressive.
20/09/2012 22:57 Group asks senator to oppose Google, Amazon gTLD purchases | Computerworld New Zealand via @ComputerworldNZ
22/09/2012 21:46 RT @NetHuiNZ: Teaser: #NetHui is coming to Dunedin in its 1st regional incarnation. We’re working on dates & venue now.
24/09/2012 8:39 Computers in Homes graduation tonight with @amyadamsMP and @ruthdysonmp at a decile 2 school was fantastic. So many proud graduates.
24/09/2012 21:39 Maori Rights to Spectrum
25/09/2012 2:13 @TeKaraka Kai MÅ«hanitanga = Spammer. Though it should be upoko kohua or similar 🙂
25/09/2012 19:49 NZ company SilverStripe releases CMS software in te reo Maori
26/09/2012 23:20 The Waitangi deception
27/09/2012 1:58 Inspector-General’s report about Kim DotCom released by PM. Just read it and wonder how it happened and why. Good luck @KimDotcom
27/09/2012 7:27 RT @RNLDorg: Radio New Zealand: Digital ‘app’ in running for Maori language award:
27/09/2012 7:30 RT @KimDotcom: @JohnKeyPM, I accept your apology. Show your sincerity by supporting a full, transparent & independent inquiry into t …
2/10/2012 2:57 Creative Commons seeking new Panel advisory members #maori
3/10/2012 5:20 @hekiaparata I agree that teachers who can’t pronounce names contribute to a lack of learning. Good ole CHCH teachers here are the worst.
3/10/2012 21:13 Social media helps close digital divide #twn RT @Best_Amanda: RT @twnonline
3/10/2012 21:15 Maori allocation could delay 4G roll-out of allocating hundreds of millions of dollars-worth of radio spectrum
4/10/2012 4:05 RT @misstahi: have to agree with @hekiaparata – teachers please pronounce my child’s name correctly – it’s not that difficult, it’s poli …
4/10/2012 4:06 RT @ngahupotaka: I’m not a @hekiaparata fan but she is speaking the truth when she says getting a kids name right is crucial to their se …
4/10/2012 22:14 RT @PullarStrecker: Amy Adams’ office notes March 31 date for allocating ‘digital dividend’ is a target rather than a promise: http://t. …
7/10/2012 7:02 #Maori Social media helps to close the digital divide
8/10/2012 0:59 NetHuiNZ Registrations are now open from for #NetHui South! Tautimai!
8/10/2012 1:23 RT @TeKaraka: Ngāi Tahu’s Hui-ā-Iwi at Lincoln Events Centre, Nov.23-25 will celebrate Kāi Tahutaka w/ big emphasis on the visual arts too.
8/10/2012 1:36 RT @netsafeNZ: NetSafe Conference 2012 – Our community, Our challenge
9/10/2012 6:20 Ta Moko Kauae w/ thier faces and stories. Beautiful my whanauka!
14/10/2012 22:17 Unofficial te reo words getting ‘out of control’ Or is it promoting te reo #maori ?
17/10/2012 0:52 Technology Apprenticeships up for grabs with Vodafone!
17/10/2012 2:27 Hacktivists out Amanda Todd’s tormenter
18/10/2012 23:42 RT @techliberty: RIANZ withdraws one of first cases to go to Copyright Tribunal under the unjust/unfairCopyrightAct:
22/10/2012 22:08 Great collection of essays on open access landscape byNZ thought leaders. #oa #oaweek RT @creativecommons @CC_Aotearoa
23/10/2012 0:49 Free lunchtime presentation on Internet stats from local & intl experts. Wellington 6th Nov. Details/Register
25/10/2012 20:17 RT @TeKaraka: Did You Know: There have been 18 Ngāi Tahu All Blacks.
30/10/2012 20:53 #Maori words out of control or an under resourced org? #tereo
31/10/2012 1:51 RT @IndigenousTweet: I found 20 more people tweeting in #TeReoMaori, now 72 in all. You can add more here
31/10/2012 4:58 RT @InternetNZ: RT @NZPrivacy: Are you going to NetHui South? Dunedin, 23 + 24 November
1/11/2012 0:36 @MorganGodfery @publicaddress While true, we did have it removed with the assistance of Maori Internet Society and NetSafe
1/11/2012 2:54 I am Ngai Tahu ebook #maori Awesome !
1/11/2012 8:19 Racially abusive Facebook page shut down Don’t feed the trolls talk to Net Safe, NZMIS and HumanRightsCom
1/11/2012 8:29 Māori IT expert says more than 50 new Māori terms invented as nothing else exists. The comission not happy #moari
1/11/2012 8:32 @catatonichic only egos. Reo has to evolve or it will die, and it can not be controled by a small team it has to be community driven.
1/11/2012 9:23 Te Karere on FaceBook i te reo #Maori
2/11/2012 1:55 Facebook ‘the virtual marae’ for #Maori expats @acushla_dee
2/11/2012 3:17 Facebook and YouTube self-regulation fails in response to racially offensive posts #maori
4/11/2012 21:13 Over 5 #Maori Racisit FaceBook pages pulled down in a week thnx to NetSafe and NZMIS for panui
5/11/2012 9:32 @catatonichic Yes exactly and they ignore all advice of international language revitalisation experts. LOL, kia ora 🙂
5/11/2012 9:51 @catatonichic Exactly. No other minority language would ever act like this. Elitism is the begining of the end for our taonga.
6/11/2012 3:29 Online Māori dictionary gets award nod #maori
6/11/2012 21:34 #Maori seek ‘urgent hearing’ on ‘4G’ digital dividend spectrum after  large partnership hui:
6/11/2012 22:29 RT @CC_Aotearoa: Want to join the #creativecommons Aotearoa NZ community? Join our open discussion list:
7/11/2012 19:05 Te reo #Maori on rise across Tasman
7/11/2012 20:17 Whatarangi Winiata says it will be the Govt’s fault if reactivated spectrum claim delays deployment of 4G #maori
11/11/2012 23:22 NetHui South is unique 2day conference focused on economic,social &cultural opportunities the Internet provides NZ
12/11/2012 3:25 RT @n8tvaffairs: kia ora koutou, please follow our awesome news bulletin @TeKaeaOfficial. Best news bulletin in Aotearoa!
12/11/2012 5:09 Congrats #TeKaea #MaoriTV for raising Cyber bullying the new disease in our communities and Maori. Contact NetSafe or NZMIS for help.
13/11/2012 5:27 #Maori online representation The New Zealand Maori Internet Society (NZMIS) 2000 members strong come and join us.
14/11/2012 21:51 Open Sourcing And Maori Consultation great comparison of #Maori and Open Source. Tau ke @ranginui
15/11/2012 1:46 #TeReoMaori gate keepers for the future or for the cemetery
16/11/2012 3:00 2degrees and its co founder to make up? #maori
18/11/2012 20:36 NZPolice logo used by online scammers
19/11/2012 4:57 RT @ABCthedrum: Digital technology is the great hope for preserving Indigenous languages and the secrets they hold, writes Ben Collins h …
19/11/2012 22:57 5 hours till registratiosn close for #NetHui South. Get in quick peeps!
20/11/2012 3:42 Radio Spectrum in plain English #maori #spectrum
22/11/2012 0:30 RT @NetHuiNZ: Live stream of #NetHui South tomorrow from 1 pm start will be at
24/11/2012 11:05 I dont like to see my coleauges beg, but this is a great initiative that benefits us all #creativecommons #maori
24/11/2012 21:07 #Maori and Rural Digital Divide notes from Leona Karauria at #NetHui .
25/11/2012 21:11 Revitalising Te Reo Māori – a language activist reflects on how far we have come
25/11/2012 21:16 RT @CC_Aotearoa: We want to make some awesome new Creative Commons resources to share with the world, but we need your help: https://t.c …
25/11/2012 21:26 RT @Pikiora: The Art of Programming Free course! 😀 Gamification at its best 😀 #WIN!! #theregoessummer
26/11/2012 7:56 Korero about ICT and #maori culture and digital divide issues
26/11/2012 8:19 2Degrees and Tex Edwards issues settled.
26/11/2012 21:50 RT @IndigenousTweet: “What are young #Māori doing? The same as other digital natives using Twitter, Facebook&Youtube”
27/11/2012 0:43 RT @CC_Aotearoa: To celebrate #creativecommons turning ten, we’re screening RIP: A Remix Manifesto at the NZ Film Archive: …
27/11/2012 11:20 RT @NetHuiNZ: Reminder: #NetHui 2013 is in Wellington, 8th-10th July 2013. And, we’ve already got the bestest international keynote spea …
27/11/2012 20:40 RT @CC_Aotearoa: With UNESCO, Wikieducator & others, we’re sponsoring a Creative Commons workshop for Educators, from December 3 htt …
28/11/2012 0:26 How #Anonymous (Hacker Group) helped prevent a teen’s suicide by cyber bullying.
29/11/2012 4:57 Good presentaion this alvo to 2020 Trust about @NZMIS and what they do for the online community. #maori
3/12/2012 22:36 Spectrum vital to Maori economic success – missing major stakeholders in interview but hei aha #maori
3/12/2012 22:48 Spectrum rights for Maori and the future
4/12/2012 23:26 RT @CC_Aotearoa: Who wants to celebrate the 10th birthday of Creative Commons? Film screening 7pm Wed $8 NZ Film Ar …
9/12/2012 20:11 Maori culture highly valued by @vodafoneNZ I will be switching back
9/12/2012 21:04 Te Ngutu Kura free #Maori Spell Checker for #LibreOffice
10/12/2012 22:49 LOL RT @ellenstrickland: Lengthy ADSL outages, Google services interrupted: isnt the 2012 apocalypse starting a bit early?
11/12/2012 0:01 The TPP Agreement will affect you. Do you know how?
11/12/2012 21:53 Telecom Media and PR Manager has a 021 phone number. Is it just me or is that bad PR? 🙂 #vodafoneNZ #telecomnz
12/12/2012 23:30 RT @BreakingNZ: ALERT — TVNZ has announced the closure of their Teletext service on April 2 next year, after nearly 30 years in operation.
16/12/2012 20:29 RT @CC_Aotearoa: Need proof that Creative Commons is a global movement? Here you go: #CC10 in Antarctica!
16/12/2012 20:41 RT @tameiti: Check out the cover that I painted for NZ Geographic and 40 page feature on Tuhoe – via @scoopnz
18/12/2012 1:41 PLease help support Creative Commons NZ, so they can pay their lovely interns. 7 days to go! 5 bucks. @CC_Aotearoa
18/12/2012 18:56 RT @YourAnonNews: .@Instagram says it now has the right to sell your photos | | How to Delete your Account:  http:/ …
20/12/2012 0:55 RT @CC_Aotearoa: The smartest piece yet on whether Instagram should adopt Creative Commons licensing, from Elliot Harmon …
21/12/2012 2:48 RT @creativecommons: Help @CC_Aotearoa make resources for schools and get a postcard, DVD, playlist & more: #cc10
26/12/2012 23:30 RT @Karere: Taiwhenua leads truancy battle | Hawke’s Bay Today
27/12/2012 23:44 Mega will be available in as many languages as possible. Volunteer translators please email to help Mega.
29/12/2012 19:31 Maori culture adapting to presence in online media


13/01/2011 23:41 DNC now includes alternate IDN information in their .nz whois
25/01/2011 9:57 Writing about IPv6 exhaustion. Also looking at the IPv4 Exhaustion Counter over at the task NZ Force web site 1 week…
17/02/2011 7:34 Announcing the development of the single biggest achievement for Māori language and a template for any minority langua…
3/04/2011 1:50 Why do we need a new Māori Dictionary via @AddToAny
3/04/2011 1:50 Is it only the rich who can afford to learn Māori? via @AddToAny
18/04/2011 4:49 RT @DigitalMaori: Miromoda 2011 – looking for Maori models > plz email
19/04/2011 1:35 Kia ora, anyone suggest any unique Māori txtn language ? I am compiling  a list, any assistance welcome. #reo #maori
29/04/2011 7:09 stats – 600 registrations with 100 renewals this month, 76 registrations with 12 renweals this month
29/04/2011 8:12 Maori txtn glossary
8/05/2011 1:37 A week in the states and first plane back to CHCH a staff member welcomes us in Eng and Maori. Reinforces my loyalty to @airnz
29/05/2011 22:13 Macrons can be used in domain names.
30/05/2011 7:41 @reomahi ae, it is a seperate registration from the likes of FreeParking or visit for a list of IDN friendly  in NZ
14/06/2011 6:22 Registering a domain name with a macron
15/06/2011 21:48 Interesting selection of Maori advisers to the Rural Broadband Initiative  Comments on page worth reading
15/06/2011 21:54 RT @papakupu: Maori Dictionary now has an official count of 135,000 unique headwords  with another 20k words in negotiation. #papakupu
19/06/2011 23:49 Google Maori statistics and advice to potential translators. Lets get all of it in Maori.
20/06/2011 0:18 Thanks for the radio interview Radio Watea @waatea603am , discussing the Google Māori translations #maori
23/06/2011 1:04 Proposed moderation policy consultation #iwi #maori
23/06/2011 9:16 RT @NZWaikato: Ka mau te wehi, tamariki ma. We’re an official linked site for Maori Language Week 2011
23/06/2011 9:22 Google Māori – why not use it for Māori Language Week or even sign up to help with some whakamāori ?. #maori
3/07/2011 23:47 Looks like Māori language week has some hashtags. Ka pai koutou! #tewiki #tereo #maori
4/07/2011 0:02 Correct spelling of Maori is Māori. It would be great to see it spelt correctly for Māori Language Week #tewiki #tereo #maori
4/07/2011 0:24 Try inviting true representation from Māori Internet users, not a few elitist who represent themselves. #maori #nz #internet
4/07/2011 0:35 Māori Language Week in Twitter – Initial thoughts #maori #tewiki #tereo
4/07/2011 3:55 Latest New Zealand trends today include: tereo, maori and wiki ka mau te wehi whānau twitter
4/07/2011 21:19 Māori keyboard by Microsoft NZ to create macrons – it’s free and easy to use #maori #tewiki #tereo
5/07/2011 4:20 RT @sammulgrew: I say keep Te Reo on signs after Maori Language Week.
5/07/2011 23:52 Māori Dictionary of  Computer Terms – 1000’s of kupu. Free download #tereo #tewiki #maori
7/07/2011 21:34 Microsoft Māori Language Packs for Windows 7 and Office 2010 and #maori #tereo
11/07/2011 2:23 Adding final touches to Te Ngutu Kura free Maori Spell Checker  v3 due for release this week. #maori #reo
20/07/2011 2:25 add your twitter to tracks indigenous or minority languages in twitter. Can only be good for #reo  #maori .
20/07/2011 8:10 Māori language web site for learners – absolutely awesome #maori #reo
21/07/2011 1:36 Any Mac users who want to test a new Māori spell checker – Te Ngutu Kura v3, DM me or email #maori
27/07/2011 1:08 Māori macron urban myths and free macron software #maori #macron #reo
27/07/2011 4:01 @stuartayeates try this and thanks for letting me know. I will retweet with update 🙂
27/07/2011 4:02 updated – Māori macron urban myths and free macron software #maori #macron #reo
31/07/2011 2:49 Māori date in iGoogle gadget  #maori #reo
1/08/2011 1:26 Submissions on updated dot-iwi-nz domain policy . Registered Iwi domain holders have no major issues to date.
1/08/2011 1:31 Māori .nz registered domain name stats .maori  646  iwi 77 . It will be interesting to see how many utilise the macron in
15/08/2011 10:26 Web 2.0 and Localisation – . Maori language is not at this stage today: but we will be in a few years
16/08/2011 1:19 RT @livingblacksbs: @CaseyDonovan We’re interested in hearing from Indigenous people who’ve experienced bullying. Spread the word for us?
23/08/2011 2:00 Free Maori Spell Checker download for WIndows, Mac, Linux, FaceBook etc  #reo #maori
23/08/2011 9:36 @EdNZ let me know if there is anything i can assist with the install of
29/08/2011 0:52 Māori Spell Checker updated help files for Mac Tiger, support topics at
29/08/2011 0:55 Māori Spell Checker has its own FaceBook Page
29/08/2011 11:12 I want to share my knowledge with any minority languages who require editing tools and dictionary help. DM or email me #indigenous
29/08/2011 20:57 Google Translate API is Back… For a Fee  Biggest loser – minority cultures #indigenous
30/08/2011 21:29 moderation policy has been updated to include Mandated Iwi Organisations and macrons in domain names
30/08/2011 23:46 August 2011 .nz Māori Domain name summary #maori
30/08/2011 23:47 A decade of free Māori Language software #Maori
7/09/2011 0:39 Moodle Māori spell checker now available as well as minor bug fixes for users of Microsoft Māori keyboard
7/09/2011 1:35 RT @orotau: Ngā mihi nui to all of my readers interested in Te Reo Māori Visit for a good time 🙂
13/09/2011 2:21 policy updates from this month at
13/09/2011 6:47 Māori Spell Checker update for 64 bit Windows systems now available Te Ngutu Kura #maori
13/09/2011 20:51 August 2011 .nz Māori Domain name summary is the 5th most registered domain in .nz
13/09/2011 21:20 Polynesian Keyboard for free at works for Māori
13/09/2011 23:58 @HURIMOZ physically there is no GR key on modern keyboards.
15/09/2011 0:13 @HURIMOZ correct, two Alt keys 🙂
30/09/2011 0:00 maori-nz and iwi-nz domain statistics and comentary #maori
3/10/2011 22:08 Iwi create their own online TV channel. Fantastic work guys and hope others follow. Ngai Te Rangi
13/10/2011 2:22 Accepted to be one of the practitioners in Using Citizen Media Tools to Promote Under-Represented Languages at
13/10/2011 22:14 Using Citizen Media Tools to Promote Under-Represented Languages #indigenous
14/10/2011 3:18 New Zealand National Anthem with Māori words and link to the full anthem and commentary at
19/10/2011 7:34 Maori Party launches a n ICT policy I hope someone will write a decent review – any takers ?? #maori
26/10/2011 22:18 A recommendation for an updated New Zealand and Maori Predictive TXT database.
26/10/2011 22:44 @2degreesmobile FYI – A recommendation for an updated New Zealand and Māori Predictive TXT database
27/10/2011 1:00 @TelstraClearNZ A recommendation for an updated New Zealand and Māori Predictive TXT database
29/10/2011 7:20 RT @etipuereo: Indigenous culture & language revitalisation is a global phenomena. Pedagogy & learning is central to their success. Maor …
30/10/2011 19:55 Standing up for Maori interests in ICT with Antony Royal Hautaki Trust
30/10/2011 20:40 @TeKaraka no subscription option to your blog feed  only options to share articles #blogtip. Congrats on the blog btw
30/10/2011 22:23 September 2011 Māori and Iwi domain names summary
30/10/2011 23:30 @vodafonenz FYI A recommendation for an updated New Zealand and Māori Predictive TXT database
31/10/2011 20:39 Part 2 Standing up for Maori interests in ICT with Antony Royal Hautaki Trust #maori #spectrum
1/11/2011 23:46 4 out of 4 for  in the Google mobile compatibility test for websites using GoMo
2/11/2011 2:22 2degrees introduces Maori mennus in smartphone #maori
2/11/2011 23:30 Program launches to boost Maori telco careers: 2degrees and its founding shareholder, the Hautaki Trust
3/11/2011 22:23 Vodafone promotes Maori graduates . NZ telcos are being proactive with Maori. ka pai koutou #maori
4/11/2011 0:35 Maori initiatives and developments by New Zealand telcos and associated parties  – A summary #maori #indigenous
6/11/2011 20:42 RT @IGPAlert: Milestone for civil society representation in ICANN Congrats on the appointments.
8/11/2011 19:57 RT @IndigenousTweet: Our MotherTongues site now up! Nice to see focus on indigenous langs as living part of co… (cont)
10/11/2011 5:31 RT @IndigenousTweet: Racing to Save a Native American Language –
15/11/2011 1:17 RT @NgaiTahu: Taiaha Wananga – Rehua Marae 19/20 November 2011.
16/11/2011 1:20 Using Citizen Media Tools to Promote Under Represented Languages now open. I’m a practitioner to answer questions
22/11/2011 19:22 Maori word  ‘Koha’ Trademarked by an American company #maori #indigenous
30/11/2011 3:46 RT @IndigenousTweet: Call for Submissions on Indigenous Peoples Languages and Cultures
10/12/2011 22:52 RT @DigitalMaori: Maori News: Moteatea app launched on iTunes (review) #maori
12/12/2011 4:02 RT @TeKaraka: The Internet is changing the way Ngāi Tahu operates –
12/12/2011 22:33 Treaty claimant on radio spectrum speaks out. Good one Graeme!
14/12/2011 3:29 RT @DigitalMaori: Maori News: Want some Xmas pressies for your tamariki! #maori #indigenous
15/12/2011 3:43 @circleid New GTLD’s can’t help endangered languages but run a risk of further commercialization and IP abuse #indigenous
15/12/2011 20:06 RT @dotcymru: No .cymru for the Welsh people!  Read article on  @CymruCulture:


26/01/2010 Māori online content providers should take notice of this archive project .
29/01/2010 e engage your community – A conference about the web for voluntary and not-for-profit organisations
31/01/2010 Māori online content to be archived without permission or consultation: The National Library is archiving New Zeal…
31/01/2010 New Blog- Māori online content to be archived without permission or consultation: The National Library is archivin…
1/02/2010 New Blog- Part II – Māori online content to be archived without permission or consultation: There has been so much…
1/02/2010 Part II – Māori online content to be archived without permission or consultation: There has been so much feedback …
2/02/2010 Preparing a presentation on Skype for the E-engage Your Community Conference April 2010.
17/02/2010 Celebrate or Protest Waitangi day online: With Waitangi day this Saturday I can only assume we will see the same f…
17/02/2010 New Blog- Celebrate or Protest Waitangi day online: With Waitangi day this Saturday I can only assume we will see …
8/03/2010 National Library Archive – Te Karere coverage: Sadly the biggest updates to the story occurred after the interview…
8/03/2010 New Blog- National Library Archive – Te Karere coverage: Sadly the biggest updates to the story occurred after the…
10/03/2010 Dealing with “hate” based – FaceBook groups: Some content may offend. Just today was made aware of a New Zealand …
11/03/2010 Reading Use of Broadcasting and e-Media, Maori Language and culture. Hard  and ecopies avail from TPK. WIll blog thoughts later.
31/03/2010 .TEL domain   IDN domains in 16 languages on June 15th. Registrations on a first come, first served basis . Awesome!
6/04/2010 .co domain name to be released: A new domain name is to be  released in April 26 2010 – .co the Colombian TLD. It …
6/04/2010 IDN implementation in .nz for Māori language – about time too 🙂
30/05/2010 Macrons in .nz domains – International Domain Names in .nz: The ability to register macrons in .nz domain names st…
30/05/2010 New Blog- Macrons in .nz domains – International Domain Names in .nz: The ability to register macrons in .nz domai…
6/09/2010 Introduction to using IDN domain names in .nz
6/09/2010 Writing a guide to introduce IDN domain names in .nz
12/09/2010 Free e-book on Net safety by Microsoft . Written for teens but applicable to anyone who used the web
14/09/2010 RT @ComputerworldNZ: InternetNZ is boring, male and ageing: members
15/09/2010 Sad to see the many txts about giving back land and blankets to Ngai Tahu due to “faulty” land i.e earthquakes #idiots #racists
4/10/2010 Released a new site layout and IDN address for my personal web site
9/10/2010 New Zealand IPV 6 Readiness results . Looks better than i had expected.
19/10/2010 Just implemented the new LinkedIn custom fields Publications and Languages. Skills next.
25/10/2010 Te reo speaker in running for Milkybar Kid role
26/10/2010 Announcing a major new project that will revolutionise Māori Language Dictionaries both online and paper.
26/10/2010 Domain Name Commissioner is seeking submissions on its Policy Development Process Review. Details at
26/10/2010 Good sign Māori r using Socila Media. RT @Karere: Te Karere Ipurangi’s Facebook page maxed out  Congrats !
1/11/2010 Great audio interview about the creation of new words for Hawaiian language  @keoladonaghy
1/11/2010 Te Ngutu Kura Māori Spell Checker is now incorporated into my personal web site and version 3 is  in the making.
5/11/2010 Official criteria. Note the use of macrons are now possible.
8/11/2010 Translating the last of Skype into Māori after finding my beginning efforts in an old backup. #localisation
12/11/2010 RT @MichaelTaiapa: Mā te aha te reo Māori e ora ai?
31/12/2010 Mark Laws – Whakatane Maori academic drowns via @nzherald moemoea e hoa



4/02/2009 Recently appointed leader at Dot Indigi for a new gTLD for indigenous people. Site update and groups on way soon.
4/02/2009 Working on a presentation for ICANN meeting in Mexico on IDN’s and using Web 2.0 to promote and encourage membership.
6/02/2009 Just sent 3 nominations for consideration to the IGF MAG on behalf of APRALO and one on behalf of NZMIS.
9/02/2009 ICANN announced they will make public in Mexico the revisions of the gTLD guide. Hopefully not American eccentric and NFP focused.
9/02/2009 Thinking about an APNG Fellowship for 2009. I highly recommend APNG Camp .
10/02/2009 ISOC nominees announced An obvious issue is the lack of Pacific Island representation under the guise of Oceania
11/02/2009 Sent one last and late nomination to the IGF MAG on behalf of APRALO. I now hope we will have some PI representation in the IGF.
12/02/2009 @keoladonaghy  that is a good start.  I will test Twhirl for Asian characters, but TweetDeck has a blank for Asian characters.
12/02/2009 International Characters are available in TweetDeck by changing Settings Fonts to International.  Not sure why macrons worked in norm font.
12/02/2009 Oh no!, TwitterDeck does not recognise non English characters i.e Japanese, Thai and Chineese . Is it all UTF-8 characters ? āā“ā«ÅÅ«?
12/02/2009 Using TweetDeck as the main client for Tweeting after trialling out several other clients.  Twhirl is my 2nd fav.
13/02/2009 Japan alternative method to domain names: Another example of why i am not certain the domain names will be in su..
14/02/2009 Māori language and Web 2.0: Although I am no longer involved with promotion of the Māori language via technology..
14/02/2009 Not sure i like to be called an Internet activist
15/02/2009 Singapore uses play on Māori word kia ora: Singapore telecommunications company name their peer to peer mobile s..
16/02/2009 Joined the New Zealand Internet blackout protest against insane copyright law section 92A and C. RIP Internet freedom in NZ.
16/02/2009 Oh, blacking out does not mean I am an activist! I am still a passionate advocate of Internet rights.
18/02/2009 #Blackout taken my profile pic off my web site in protest. Not in Wellington tomorrow. Is there any activity in CHCH ?
18/02/2009 The power of passive online activism: After wide spread protest over FaceBook’s new Terms of Use claiming perpe..
19/02/2009 ICANN geographic review is long over due Needs of China are not the same as Niue. Time for fair representation in AP
21/02/2009 Domain name stats and speculation of introduction to IDN: At the end of 2008, there were 177 million registered ..
27/02/2009 In Mexico at the ICANN meeting. If anyone wants to catch up DT me. Will tweet updates from APRALO and ICANN meetings from Sat 9am UTC 5.
27/02/2009 Split my role as Chair of NZMIS into 2 roles with Teanau Tuiono as a co-chair. My role international and governance.
28/02/2009 #ICANN Chat for the ALAC Summit at Anyone can participate. Chat is on the main projector.
28/02/2009 At the opening of the #ICANN #APRALO summit.  Opening speech is in Spanish as he wants to show cultural diversity. Great at the time of IDN.
1/03/2009 RT @DotIndigi: Discussion about new gtld’s is occurring now and available for public participation via ph
1/03/2009 Talking policy about new gTLD application booklet with some ICANN staff participation. #ICANN There is some good discussions. Room 3.
2/03/2009 Great site to check availability of user names in social media sites .
3/03/2009 1/3 of the new gTLD Working Group are from the Asia Pacific region. #imx
3/03/2009 Just approved 2 domain names for creation – domain name for Otaihape Maori Komiti Inc and for Ngati Kuri.
9/03/2009 Good brief article on the issues faced with new gTLD’s
9/03/2009 RT @icann_en: Are there any issues to using the hash-tag #icann as the main funnel for future ICANN conferences? I say this is a logical tag
10/03/2009 MaoriTV Native Affairs want to talk to me about Social Media and how Maori can utilise it more.
10/03/2009 Writing an article on .tel domains – their potential usage and how organisations can reduce costs. RT TEL domain @iwmn from Mar 24th
11/03/2009 What about your online life when you pass on?.: I have had the fortunate experience of not knowing anyone with a..
12/03/2009 Heading to Wellington to discuss IDN implementation within the .nz with the Domain Name Commissioner
12/03/2009 In an APRALO exec meeting discussing an implementation plan for multilingualism
13/03/2009 International Domain Names IDNs namely the 5 Māori macrons ā ā“ ā« ō Å« will be implemented in the .nz space for Māori language week 2010.
16/03/2009 Just approved the new domain name for Ngati Kahu – .
16/03/2009 NZ court papers can be served via Facebook, judge rules
16/03/2009 Private FaceBook photos used for online commercials without owners permission. Nothing illegal as it is in the TOS
17/03/2009 APNG fellowships extended to March 31 . A must 4 any Internet leader under the age of 35 in the AP region. I personally recomnd
17/03/2009 Being interviewed by Māori TV Native Affairs on the future of the Internet.
25/03/2009 CommunityNet Aotearoa Advisory group are seeking new members Happy to tell you about my time there is you are keen.
25/03/2009 Great anti Bullying web site . Relevant for many countries.
27/03/2009 IntertnetNZ executive board resignations . Here is for a better IntertnetNZ society i hope.
30/03/2009 535 and 65 registrations to date.
3/04/2009 .ORG Representative: Yesteraday i was officially elected to join to .ORG Advisory Council as an Asia Pacific rep..
6/04/2009 Been evaluating fellowship applications all day. Why don’t people use web based systems to save time and money and to be more efficient?
8/04/2009 .ORG Ambassador . Only 1 week left.
12/04/2009 40 hour famine from technology: As many of my New Zealand Readers will remember, as children we were often invit..
15/04/2009 On my way to ORG Advisory Council Summit and look forward to meeting @angelasiefer @orgbuzz @clynnpete . Have i missed anyone ?
19/04/2009 Customs officer in Istanbul said goodbye to me in Maori (Ka kite). Surprised the life out of me but how awesome!.
21/04/2009 Fijian Language Pack version 3.0.7 for Firefox
21/04/2009 MSN hacked name servers hacked
21/04/2009 New Zealand Prime Minister joins the Twitter Revolution @johnkeypm . This in addition to his FaceBook page
22/04/2009 iPhone 3.0 OS Guide: Everything You Need to Know
22/04/2009 macrons on iPhone: I am investigating how to create macrons the iPhone.  I must admit to feeling like i have gon..
27/04/2009 has 544 registrations. 10 new registrations last month- has 67 registrations with 2 applications being accepted last month
27/04/2009 Macrons on the iPhone: To create macrons on the iPhone simply add the Latvian Keyboard to your default keyboard…
4/05/2009 The Future of Internet Governance: Towards an Accountable ICANN. Good introduction of ICANN as well. .
10/05/2009 ISOC Board elections announced .
18/05/2009 @vodafoneNZ i hav a detailed list of Maori words if you wish to acomodate us that use Vodafone phones No charge
18/05/2009 Maori words in Cell Phones: Telecom NZ announced in Twitter that it is to include Māori words in their cell phon..
26/05/2009 ICANN Seoul Fellowships open
28/05/2009 IDN consultation for the sunrise registration policy
23/06/2009 FaceBook allows macrons and non English Characters in names: Many Māori and Pacific Peoples use alternative name..
24/06/2009 Macron support for iPhone and iPodTouch: As a follow on to my previous post about using macrons on the iPhone.Ke..
5/07/2009 ISOC Fellowship to IETF 76/77 closes July 31
27/07/2009 .nz Additional Search Functionality – Consultation. Expanding the whois search
27/07/2009 Blog Post: Maori Macrons for domain names in .com etc released today
27/07/2009 RT @DigitalNZ: DigitalNZ search interface available in Te Reo Māori. Includes customised searches:
28/07/2009 IDN’s and Māori macrons in domain names are finally here – well in the non .nz space
28/07/2009 Just finished being interviewed by RNZ for their Māori focus segment tonight regarding Māori IDN’s
31/07/2009 RT @circleid: More Than Half Top-Level Domains Not Really on Top of IPv6
3/08/2009 Indigenous Peoples use Twitter to showcase sacred sites
5/08/2009 Māori Flag submission at
7/08/2009 Issues for Māori Language with IDN implementation including phishing attacks and Intellectual Property abuse
10/08/2009 Google Chrome 2.0 * does not appear to be compatible with IDN
12/08/2009 Spectrum consultation  by MED
8/09/2009 New Blog- Multilingual web site tip – Don’t forget the Search Engines.: It is not uncommon for web site..
15/09/2009 Participated in 2 government spectrum consultation meetings in Wellington. The future sounds exciting.
26/09/2009 stats 565 and 69
1/10/2009 New Blog- Te reo Māori FaceBook anyone ?: FaceBook is currently available in over 65 languages and cur..
1/10/2009 Te Reo Māori FaceBook anyone
5/10/2009 New Blog- SideWiki could help Indigenous Peoples combat Fraud and ID theft: Finally Indigenous Peoples..
7/10/2009 New Blog- 10 Suggestions to assist the process to have FaceBook Translated into Māori: For many years ..
9/10/2009 New Blog- in te reo Māori profiles.: A number of months ago the professional networking s..
9/10/2009 New Blog- Twitter in Te Reo Māori ?: Twitter today announced that it would offer Twitter interface in ..
12/10/2009 New Blog- World Wide Web in Māori language: Māori as with any other minority languages struggle to hav..
16/10/2009 New Blog- Google Translate Toolkit Translates into Māori language: Google announced today. It was made ..
19/10/2009 Māori Television profiling Māori volunteers
19/10/2009 New Blog- Google Aotearoa in Your Local Domain: The latest Google Doodle competition that recently anno..
21/10/2009 Google Aotearoa in Your Local Domain: The latest Google Doodle competition that recently announced the finalist..
21/10/2009 Google Translate Toolkit Translates into Māori language: Google announced today. It was made possible by Dr Te ..
21/10/2009 in te reo Māori profiles.: A number of months ago the professional networking site LinkedIn announ..
21/10/2009 Twitter in Te Reo Māori ?: Twitter today announced that it would offer Twitter interface in multiple languages ..
21/10/2009 World Wide Web in Māori language: Māori as with any other minority languages struggle to have web sites and app..
28/10/2009 569 registrations and 69 registrations.
28/10/2009 IDN for .name comming soon
8/11/2009 Consultation on .nz Second Level Domains Policy Review –
8/11/2009 RT @mneylon: IDN Keyboard – ROFL #icann #domains
22/11/2009 IDN stats in the GTLD’s
22/12/2009 Will Google, YouTube and Fabook URL shorteners threaten the new GTLD process  i wonder.