.radio gTLD

Yet another new gTLD application .radio is seeking support.
According to their site http://www.dotradio.info – “.Radio is the New Generic Top Level Domain for the On Air – Online Community.
The .radio gTLD will provide an unparalleled branding opportunity worldwide for the Radio, Broadcasting, Streaming, Multimedia, Music and Social Network communities. dotRadio is Built for Sound!”
Personally i see this as a worthwhile gTLD. There is a small conflict with the cc TLDs .Am and .FM. But to date radio stations seem to have shied away from the creative thoughts of using creative domain names such as these. .TV though is the exception.
Within New Zealand i am surprised that radio stations whom offer Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace and various other social media as well as interactive web sites have not registered useful domain names within the .am or .fm name space.
One radio station that comes to mind is “The Edge Radio Station – http://www.theedge.co.nz .  In particular the morning show whom seen to embrace new social media and promote it. Before all the media hype of Twitter The Edge were promoting Twitter and the hosts had their own Twitter accounts. Yet as a technologically savvy radio station whom i consider leaders in effective social media deployment they still stick with the traditional thought of .co.nz as opposed to other innovative and creative domain names.
.radio will also allow radio stations who may have missed an opportunity to register a domain names due to having a common/generic name or cyber squatter to register a meaningful name within the .radio space.  I see the .radio also benefiting large organisations whom have a TV, Radio and print departments.
All in all i am looking forward to the new Domain Name landscape of the Internet with reduced cybersquatting and addresses that are logical.


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