Regional allocations

As the recently appointed Chairman of the ICANN APRALO i have the opportunity to lead an organisation during a time of much public consultation and change.

One of the exciting consultations is the geographic regions policy. It seems to me that for years we have debated about having the AP region and its value. Two of the more popular suggestions have been to propose – South Asia/East Asia/Pacific/Oceania or Asia and Pacific

The Pacific Islands for example have young Internet infrastructure if any at all in some places, while Japan has the worlds fastest Internet and many global partners that utilise their Internet infrastructure. Yet they are both in the regional allocation for resources with ICANN and many other Internet organisations.

Contemplating regional issues raises another long time issue of the UN country codes and the way that countries are assigned TLD’s. There is currently no consideration for countries that may be bi cultural and bilingual.
Which ever culture/language speakers are more technically and economically advanced will more than likely govern the Internet in their country. Then depending on the situation the minority or the other culture/language speakers have little or no consideration.

IDN implementation will give a solution to address TLD issues as will the new process of obtaining new GTLD’s next year.


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