Reo Māori Txtn?. Kōrero my to kupu

If you are reo txt’a, send thru the kupu or how you create the txt Mri or txt them thru to 027 845 7200 so they can include in the reo txt list below, and in the Papakupu project.

Txtn in te reo Māori is not a new phenomenon and has been developing over the years with Māori speakers who also txt.

Te reo Māori txt’n does appear to only be on mobile phones as opposed to Social Media sites such as Bebo and FaceBook, where it seems common to txt in English then spell out complete Māori words.

Te Kete Ipurangi suggestions for txt’n protocol are below.

  1. Messages may begin with a short greeting, for example ‘Kia ora Māmā’.
  2. Information is written out using appropriate sentence constructions (listed below).
  3. Messages should end with a short farewell, for example ‘Arohanui, (name)’.
  4. The text messages in Māori should follow texting conventions; such as, words being shortened and abbreviated where possible. Messages can include numbers or letters of the alphabet that correspond with the sounds of te reo Māori. For instance; ‘k’ for ‘kei’, ‘Roto2’ for ‘Rotorua’.

Mri Txt

Txt Māori
10a tēnā
2 rua
2 tu
2puna tupuna
2taki tūtaki
4ka whaka
g ng
4karongo whakarongo
4re whare
a2 atu
h6 hono
hyre haere
k kei
kna konā
krka karaka
mri Māori
my mai
pofiri pōwhiri
pori2 Porirua
py pai
rnga runga/ringa
roto2 Rotorua
t te
ya waea
y wai
1 krka one o’clock
2 krka two o’clock
3 krka three o’clock
4 krka four o’clock
5 krka five o’clock
6 krka six o’clock
7 krka seven o’clock
8 krka eight o’clock
9 krka nine o’clock
10 krka ten o’clock
11 krka eleven o’clock
12 krka twelve o’clock
1 tahi
2 rua
3 toru
4 wha
5 rima
6 ono
7 whetu
8 waru
9 iwa
10 tekau
f wh
kmra kūmara

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