SideWiki could help Indigenous Peoples combat Fraud and ID theft

Finally Indigenous Peoples who have faced identity theft or exploitation on web sites have a new option to voice the illegitimate use of the site by using a new Google tool Side Wiki .

Once installed as part of the Google Toolbar, Side Wiki allows you to post public comments and information about web sites and allows you to offer valuable feedback and insights to the site. Then the comments can be easily spread via social media including Twitter, FaceBook and email. This web site has a comment in the SideWiki.

The Side Wiki comments are only viewable to those browsers that have Google Toolbar installed but it will still be a powerful deterrent to the myriad of false indigenous web sites on the Internet.

Examples of use to combat such sites could include offering references to legitimate sites, correcting information that may appear on the site or perhaps depending on the severity of the sites content naming and shaming the authors of the site.

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