Spectrum rights for Maori and the future

I read this in an email signature this morning. It struck me of the technological age we live in now and what our future generations technology will be like in 100 years time. It also raises the important issue of that Māori are now facing over spectrum rights and what the future issues and opportunities of it may be if we do not act now and act in unity.

Tēnei kua kitea tētahi taonga hou, arā he waea nei, ko tēnei waea kawe kōrero nei, kāore i pēnei me ā tātou tarikarāwhe nei, ko tēnei mā te hā e kawe te kōrero ki tētahi wāhi, na ka maha ngā mahi whakamīharo ka kitea i roto i tēnei whakatupuranga.

Reports have arrived of a new invention, a new kind of wire, this wire communication is not the same as the telegraph we are used to, in this case the sound of the voice carries words from one place to another; so many amazing inventions discovered in this generation.

Te Tiupiri (Jubilee) Māori Newspaper, Vol 2, No 54, 1899

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