Te Ngutu Kura Mac OSX

Te Ngutu Kura Mac OSX

Te Ngutu Kura Macintosh download has been updated with relevant information to OSX. While Te Ngutu Kura does not directly offer the software, there is a link to the Hawai’i keyboard with creates macrons.

Considering the small market for Māori language software and the fact that Hawai’i also use macrons. I felt that it was more appropriate to support our Polynesian cousins who have invested much time and effort into creating Hawai’i language products. Much the same way as most Māori language software, Hawai’i language software is also free.

If any developer has a Māori Language macron keyboard for Mac OSX that they would like to distribute, i am happy to add. If you would like your software to be re-branded with Te Ngutu Kura, please contact me.

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