Te Tai Tonga 2017 analysis who is the best person

Te Tai Tonga 2017 analysis who is the best person

A Māori Party and Mana Party alliance to win all of the Māori seats creates the question of who will be the Te Tai Tonga representative?

My analysis of Te Tai Tonga voters will be what each of the parties with the exception of Labour will consider when selecting their candidates. This could potentially be to the detriment of Labour who are riding on the Tirikatene whanau name and voter loyalty, despite the candidates past and present not representing many of the attributes of the typical voter.

The Mana Party have no web site or dedicated social media that looks authoritative and the Maori Party web site lacks a lot of details and information. Often the co leaders social media is more informative.

National Party and the Act Party do not have Māori seat candidates. The Green Party Dora Langsbury (who also descends from the Tirikatene line) is not standing in the next election.

If Mana and Māori Party alliance is successful, this would mean that there will be two key candidates for the Te Tai Taonga seat, a Māori Party/Mana and the incumbent Rino Tirikatene. There are other minor parties who historically run a candidate but their voter turn out is minuscule with less than 0% impact on the election.

To strategically take the Te Tai Tonga seat from the incumbent, the new candidate would need to have a high public profile in Māoridom and especially in the South, be proactive in Ngāi Tahu, charismatic, intelligent, have extensive networks and with good people skills.

My personal opinion is the Māori Party will be (if not already) talking to Tā Mark Solomon since he announced his resignation from Te Runanga o Ngāi Tahu with over 45,000 tribal members. Mark Solomon is a leader who has lead Ngāi Tahu for 18 years without any personal scandal. He is a well respected by Māori, non Māori and within government. He has already proven his ability to lead, his charismatic character and of his intelligence.

The 2011 election occurred just after the Christchurch earthquakes where community leaders emerged and were recognised such as Mark Solomon,  Bob Parker the mayor who was not very popular prior to the quakes, the Eastern MP Lianne Dalziel who became Christchurch Mayor of Christchurch in 2013.

The Māori party candidate Rāhui Katene was a also leading figure post quakes in the Māori communities and in the East. The election results show this with a narrow win by 1475 votes in favor of Labour.

There are other younger leaders in Ngāi Tahu who would represent the Te Tai Tonga voters adequately but they also have young families, mortgages and secure long term jobs and careers so i doubt they would risk a chance in politics.

2014 Candidate results for Te Tai Tonga
Labour Rino Tirikatene 8445
Māori   Rahui Katene 4891
Green Dora Roimata Langsbury 3173
Mana BEYER, Georgina 1996
Legalise Cannabis Emma-Jane Mihaere Kingi 1005
Election results sourced from here

2014 Party vote results for Te Tai Tonga
Labour Party 7,607
Green Party 3,402
National Party 2,977
New Zealand First Party 2,657
Māori Party 2,319
Internet MANA 1,021
Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party 282
Conservative 153
Ban1080 99
ACT New Zealand 35
United Future 18
Democrats for Social Credit 15
The Civilian Party 9
NZ Independent Coalition 8
Focus New Zealand 3
Election results sourced from here

Dora Langsbury from the Greens and Mana Georgina Beyer received less votes than their party received which shows that people did not like the candidate as much as the party. An
important lesson for both the Greens and Mana to consider for the next election.

Based on the 2014 election, the only way for Mana Maori to get the Te Tai Tonga seat would be an agreement with the Greens which would give them a slight majority.

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  1. Ereatara Kokiri says:

    Ta Mark Soloman is the man who has great experience in governance, business, management and knows the wasted timeline in any policy. This position will allow him to confront issues without red tape. The power of public opinion is the new visual process of by passing the governance watch dogs of modern society. Power to the people and their real life issues.

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