I spent a week at the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand at the Asia Pacifc Network Group conference on a full fellowship.

The APNG camp consisted of 100 young current and upcoming Internet leaders from 25 countires within the AP region. We all presented on various topics ranging from data analysis of packets to using the Internet to find victims of natural disasters.

I gained a lot of valuable experience and knowledge including the fact that some in Vietnam are concerned about the way their language is being changed due to blogging and SMS words by teenagers. I made a comment that i see that language is continually evolving as it is a living thing. Much like Maori with all of our new terminology and unofficial SMS corpus. That if a language is not allowed to grow then the younger people will not speak it as it will not be easily adapted into thier lives. Imagine trying to speak Shakespare type langue

Every computer i looked at during the conference was written in a non English language.

I presented on the need for multilingualism on the Internet and addressed some of the myths and issues that currently surround this. I also promoted participation in Internet governance and the need to review regional representation. I got a lot if support and encouragement for the ideas and hope that Maori can work more with Asia in the future as our social needs are very similar including localisation and language loss.

Many of the participants had no idea who Maori were. In fact when the Fiji representative presented i noticed the group of Chinese representatives in front of me go to Wiki to find out where Fiji was. Needless to say, after a few days at the conference everybody knew about NZ Maori.

I also had the opportunity to meet some of the AP Internet Engineer leaders and researchers including some Thai government researchers. There work into wireless Internet technologies to control traffic was mind bogling..

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