The demise of

I was not at all surprised when Alan Gourdie, Telecom Retail’s CEO announced the closure of . But i was curious of what my circle of friends, colleagues and family who are not IT savvy and whom use the Internet to purchase various things thought of this.

 Amazingly they all had heard of but none of them had ever used the site. Everyone said they had never considered using and instead used and a long string of various other local and American online stores.

 I now wonder if Ferrit was a victim of being funded by a large wealthy corporate ie Telecom. In New Zealand i am sure we all either fell in love with the funny guy who was the front man for the Ferrit adverts or we loathed the guy. Either way the adverts were effective in ensuring that people knew what Ferrit was, but it was not effective advertising to make people think of when they were shopping online. 

I am struggling to remember seeing any online advertising for Maybe there was some on But surely advertising online amongst all of the major NZ web sites such as news, social networks, xtra would be the best place to advertise. Online advertising after all will target consumers when they are about to purchase products online..

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