Tribal and Membership databases – avoiding the dreaded GNA

Out of date membership details can cost organisations hundreds of thousands of dollars per annum. Despite the fact society has dramatically changed the way it communicates, database structures appear relatively un modified.

Statistically Māori are high end users of Pre Pay phones, move residents regularly, use free email and frequent libraries and other faculties to use the Internet. This trend causes a fundamental issue for many Māori and Iwi organisations.

The real issue is that organisations have not accounted for the well known and long established statistical facts. One immediate solution is to modify the information requested from members to include at least the following:

  • Instant Messenger details
  • Cell phone numbers (allow for multiple numbers as it is common to have at least 2 different telco networks phones)
  • Social Media links
  • Email addresses (allow for multiple addresses)
  • Web Site address

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