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Popular Social Bookmarking service yesterday announced that it was discontinuing to offer its services but would honour those existing shortened links and redirects till at least December 2009 leaving many organisations with broken links.

This has left many businesses without any method for their customers to reach their blogs, websites and ecommerce pages.

If you are one of these businesses that have used the service we recommend that you immediately perform the following tasks to minimise disruption to your business.

1. Register your own short domain. There are many two letter domain names available including <.ie>, <.im> etc.
2. Create your own short URLs using your domain name and forward as required. If your web host does not offer free url redirection then you should reconsider your hosting arrangements.
3. Do a stock take of all instances you have used a url. This may involve searching your own Blogs and Tweets.
4. Put a notice on all relevant pages from your stocktake giving people the new shortened URL.
5. Get creative with your new URL and promote it with more direct links to your products and services.

Immediate benefits from performing the above is that you are able to create more human memorable names as well as more favourable search engine names.

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