Vodafone NZ Vodems and Data Cards

In recent weeks i have spoken with several people and organisations who have purchased Vodafone Vodems and Datacards after receiving advise from the sales people that they reside in the 3G coverage area. Only to find that once they arrive home that in fact they are not in the 3G area. Apparently Vodafone have several black spots in the Christchurch area which produce a little less than dial up speeds.

When Vodafone are contacted about this issue they are initially in denial till they are pushed some more. Then the standard responce is to go back and talk to the retailer. In the several cases i know about the retailer is the same Dick Smith Electronics who do not reply to messages and will tell you to ring Vodafone if on the off chance you get to speak to someone after long periods waiting on hold on the phone.

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