40 hour famine from technology

As many of my New Zealand Readers will remember, as children we were often invited to participate in the 40 Hour famine – to raise money for the starving people in Africa. I am sure most of us done it at least once. Schools would have competitions as to who could raise the most money.
Today i was informed that as opposed to the old days when we starved ourselves for 40 hours, these days there are several options as to which necessity to go with out.
I was pleasantly surprised to see that technology was an option. A child going without PS2, PSP, XBox, Internet,Computer, Txtn etc for 40 hours is an alternative to not eating for 40 hours.
It is great to see organisations taking the initiative and accepting that society has changed and then use those changes to their advantage.


One response to “40 hour famine from technology”

  1. Potaua says:

    Kia ora e te Rangatira. That’s an awesome initiative – what’s the digital equivalent to Barley Sugar lollies and orange juice? Be lots of sponsorship potential in this one, with parents overjoyed that the kids are putting down their controllers and logging out for 40 hours. p~

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