Creative use of CC TLD’s

The article below irks me.

The hoi pol-loi of the Internet have no idea which country a CC TLD is associated with, in fact even what a CC TLD is.

The use of .tv is a great and efficient marketing ploy.
By Jo Bennett Auckland & Wellington | Monday, 7 April, 2008

Yours from NZ — in Tuvalu
It’s surely odd that, charged with promoting New Zealand’s “national identity”, that government-financed Freeview should operate from a Tuvaluan domain.

The domain is the property of Freeview New Zealand, but it prefers to direct searchers to

Ah well, mused our e-taler, maybe Freeview thinks it’s promoting NZ’s environmentally responsible image by doing its bit to save Tuvalu from sinking beneath the waves.

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