.cym TLD for the Welsh

Earlier this week i read this article from Computer Weekly regarding the proposal to create a TLD .cym for the Welsh people.

To summarise, the Welsh government have voted to support the creation of a new TLD .cym to identify the Welsh population and to create further financial pathways and a safer Internet for its Internet users.

As most of you will know, i am a staunch advocate for the introduction of representative/cultural TLD’s for culture and language based groups. But i am unsure of .cym based on the article.

The issue which occurs when politicians become involved is that they have to do 2 things; 1. Represent the issue and 2. Gain more votes.

In doing the second option, the Welsh parliament have have ignored the fundamental rights and structure of the Internet and are proposing to moderate their TLD so that it is a safe zone for children and for e consumers. While this is great in terms of Internet safety, at what cost to the Internet will this be and will this be the beginning of other countries moderating their TLD’s ?.

My concern is who decides what is morally right or not, or will it be based on what is in legal and what is not ?. Common sense for one person is a crime to another based on religion, culture and up bringing. Moreover, so i would favor a legislation based moderation policy.

A scenario, a group decides that selling adult sex toys or perhaps abortion medicine (both legal but immoral to some) in the .cym TLD is wrong, therefore banned, will result in discrimination against those consumers who want to support Welsh online stores.

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