Getting Creative with Domain Names

The United Arab Emirates went live with their new Top Level Domain-TLD (Internet Name suffix such as .nz) .ae on August 03 2008.

This refreshed my memory of the many opportunities Māori have to be creative when obtaining a web site address. We do not have to stick within the .nz space, not do we have to use a .com, .net or a .org. There are literally hundreds of other suffixes we can use.

In fact amongst all of the exiting Top Level Domains there are many great extensions for Māori depending on what their organsiation is.

An example is all of the Māori radio stations use a variety of different web site addresses and not the .fm. Imagine www.Mai.Fm and www.NgatiPorou.FM ?.

Then there are the others which the world use .mobi, .tv and .biz . All of which would make a business unique.

Then there are the Māori specific examples of : .ao, .pa, .ro, .ru and .ae.

If more Māori used the other names more it would also reduce risks of cyber-squatters.

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