Google Maori

Google Māori is still in dire need of translations to complete its user interface in Māori language. The statistics below show that many parts of Google are still 100% English.

Contrary to popular belief, anyone with a Gmail account, can begin translating Google into Māori. You do not have to commit to plethora of translations, one is fine. Other people will edit and ensure consistency later in the community project.

To begin translating Google into Māori:

  1. Login to
  2. Go to My Account
  3. Select Google in Your Language
  4. If you have not already, select Māori as your primary language.
  5. Select relevant terms to translate into Māori.

If you are serious about editing large amounts of Google Māori, I have a database of all the current terms that I can email to you.

Google Māori statistics

Google Search (gws) 59%
Google Map Maker 0%
Google Weather 0%
Groups UI 3%
Knol 0%
User Distributed Search (xlb) 87%
Video and Video Search Front End 9%
Video Disapproval Emails 0%
Video Player – Flash 0%
Video Uploader Front End 0%
Zipit Frontend – displaying user reviews, annotations, ratings. 0%

Google Translate Tool Kit

For anyone who is interested, The Google Translate Toolkit is also 8% in Māori.  This initiative, thanks to dedication and expertise of Dr. Te Taka Keegan of Waikato University is available at .


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