InternetNZ 2008 elections

InternetNZ are currently voting on their new officers for 2008-9/10, 1 new president, 1 vice president and 5 councillors.

Going from the top job there are two highly credible people. Pete Mc Cauly and Steve Heath. Both have had a huge impact on the internet in NZ. I have had the pleasure of working with both men.

Vice president – I have not met Rodney Prescot in person, but i have Frank March. Again, i believe both men have good credentials for the position based on their reputations and what i personally know of Frank.

The councilors – there is a semi good mix of people.

I will state here, that i believe that InternetNZ has been an old boys club for too many years. There is little new blood coming in. Some of the old blood have left and re-joined and make it clear in their statements that there needs to be a change and that the past change has been good – perhaps just not enough.

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