.iwi.nz Proposed moderation policy update

As Iwi are evolving, and taking on new definitions within New Zealand legislation, it has become time to review and modify the .iwi.nz moderation policy , also available at http://dnc.org.nz .

In my role as the .iwi.nz moderator, i am proposing that one extra criterion be included to the existing .iwi.nz policy. The proposed criterion will be read as follows:
Criterion 4. A Mandated Iwi Organisation as described in the Māori Fisheries Act (MIO), pursuant to Criteria 3.

Criteria 3.b will have the following amended to the end of the sentence “…, pursuant to Criterion 4”.

Note: Pursuant to Criterion 3, some non-Māori words such as Trust may be appear.

If you have any comment, disagree or want to discuss this further, please reply to all so that all Iwi.nz contacts are aware of the conversation and can participate. Any responses will need to be made before 5pm July 02 2011.

If there is no dissent, a final public notice will be published in the Domain Name Commissioners monthly newsletter in July 2011.


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