Japan alternative method to domain names

Another example of why i am not certain the domain names will be in such heavy demand in the future. 

According to this article, in Japan advertisers do not advertise thier domain name just the words to search the Internet for. It certainly contradicts the online marketing and branding strategies that we use in the western world. 

If this Japanese trend flows out to the west then organisations can utilise their FaceBook, Twitter or other social media site then simply ask people to search on key words with out the issues of domain name and branding strategies. Email could be replaced with Social Network messages or Instant Messenger. 

Perhaps this is just an innovative short term plan to get around the IDN issue as is suggested. But it is certainly a lot easier than remembering long domain names, which extension they have and the added worry about cyber squatters. Organisations will need to be more aware of thier SEO campaigns though. 

I for one refuse to support any application or hardware that will not recognise non English characters as i find it annoying and blatant ignorance on behalf of the developers, especially when we are talking popular languages such as Japanese and Chinese. 

If large parts of the population felt like i do and already have a mind set of searching key terms and not remembering domain names then i doubt the masses will go back to remembering domain names.


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