Macrons available in web address

A recent collaboration between GodZone Internet Services a domain name company and myself as the moderator will ensure that Iwi can now register their web addresses and names with macrons within the exclusive address. For example ngā is now a feasible web address.

Despite such technology being available for the past 3 years, this is the first time Iwi can choose to use macrons in their Iwi web addresses when registering an address. With only two New Zealand companies offering the ability to include macrons due to the commercial investment and return it has been a slow and frustrating process seeking support from commercial entities.

The collaboration for to use macrons will also raise the ability that macrons can be used in any domain that ends in .nz, not just or It is also a little known fact that all web addresses are able to be used with and without a macron. Hence by default and www.taiuru.mā are now the same addresses. Some web servers will need to have a slight modification added to them to make the macron work. Likewise, some email applications will not recognise the macron.

It is envisaged that more Iwi and Māori will now utilise the macron in web addresses in conjunction with a non macron web address and we will see more interest with some Iwi to get on-line, and te reo Māori being better utilised in the on-line environment.

Details and moderation policy are available at .


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