Macrons in Domain Names

Writing a macron in a domain name is possible in several existing domain names including .com . An example is one of my own domain names www.mā . Yes, the macron is supposed to be there.
Currently it is not possible in .nz .

Domains that allow a non English character to be used are referred to as “International Domain Name (IDN).

18 months ago i wrote a proposal to InternetNZ asking that they investigate and implement the ability to write macrons in domain names in .nz .

Recently the Domain Name Commissioner organised a meeting of several stakeholders including myself and Te Taura Whiri to meet this month to discuss how best to implement macrons in .nz domain names.

I shall keep you informed as to the progress.

My initial thoughts of IDN implementation in .nz is as follows:
– should be available with both a macron and without. Let the registrant choose either or both.

– once a domain name has been registered with a macron then no other names ought to be available with the same spelling. This will prevent widespread cyber squatting. An example the word Māori can be spelt 720 different ways by moving the vowels and adding macrons to vowels.

– Second Level domain names be allocated use of a macron without registering a new domain.

– The DNC Disputes Process is reviewed and a Māori Language mediator appointed.

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